Reader’s letters - Monday October 13, 2014

Coun Christine Abram is concerned about the Fishergate improvement works (see letter)
Coun Christine Abram is concerned about the Fishergate improvement works (see letter)
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History of troubled region

Regarding the letter sent by Betty Stringers (letters October 6), she states that she was educated in Preston at the Park School. It’s obvious she knew little about geography.

Especially the geography of Palestine and states that the council flew the terrorist flag.

Well I will tell her a few home truths she does not know about. That being Palestine was a country for the Palestinian people.

Like Britain is for the British. But it was being overrun by illegal Jewish immigrants and members of the British armed forces where there to stop them entering the country so what did the Jews do?

They formed two terror groups, the SternGang and the Irgun and between them they killed some 785 British service men and women not to mention the deaths of 226 members of the British section of the Palestine Police. How do I know this? I was stationed in Jaffa for four years during my time in the army and saw what they did.

I was there when Jewish terrorist blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 26 1946, killing 91 innocent people.

I was there when they captured two British Army Sergeants Martin and Paice and hung them in the orange groves and when their comrades went to collect the suspended bodies, they found that the ground underneath them was mined.

I was there when they murdered Lord Moyne. So Betty Stringer, get your facts right before putting pen to paper. Palestine has been stolen off its rightful owners. Might I suggest she goes to her local library and reads the book Forgotten Conscripts, written by Palestine vteran Eric Lowe

Name and address supplied

Concerns need listening to

Today I was in conversation with County Councillor John Fillis on Radio Lancashire.

This was the first time we had spoken about the concerns raised by Preston citizens about Fishergate as my emails are usually ignored.

County Coun Fillis brought up the subject of pedestrians being injured and was surprised they had contacted me rather than Lancashire County Council.

He added that there were plenty of solicitors in Preston who would pursue litigation on their behalf and he hadn’t heard from any.

I was astounded at this irresponsible comment, does he suggest I encourage these same people to sue Lancashire County Council, if so please provide the relevant contact details for litigation.

Coun Christine Abram, Cottam and Lea

City centre self button destruct

I am amazed that there are any businesses left in Preston city centre .

First there was the “bypass “ which cut the (then ) town in half .

Then there was the Tithebarn (lack of) development which has left half the town / (later) city suffering from planning blight and, after many years of ridiculous stories and fanciful architects’ drawings appearing in the Evening Post, not a single brick laid.

Now the latest plan seems to be to ensure that the city centre grinds to a complete halt thanks to never ending road works in the Corporation Street / Fishergate area.

It seems the long term plan (if there is one ) is to force all independent business out of the city centre, leaving various public sector offices and University of central Lancashire as the only substantial undertakings in the prime sites .

I think it is long overdue for local government to treat independent business with a bit of respect .

After all they do pay for it .

Mike Harrison M J Harrison Accountancy Services, Penwortham

Virgin Trains station pledge

We would like to thank your reader, Neil Inkley, for highlighting the problems he faced boarding one of our trains from London Euston station (letters October 6).

We want all our customers to have a smooth and stress-free experience and it sounds like we have missed the mark on this occasion.

We are currently reviewing our procedures for boarding services at Euston with the aim of removing exactly the kind of issues that Mr Inkley experienced and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these changes with him to ensure we are getting it right for all our customers.

Gary Iddon, Virgin Trains, general manager Anglo-Scot route

History of a lost city landmark

I am a theatre maker/artist and I am working on a project in Preston. I am exploring the history of Preston, a city I have lived in for less than three years. Specifically focusing on the Town Hall which was built in 1862 and tragically burned down in 1947.

I plan to investigate the architecture of the building and develop a knowledge of the Town Hall. Once the building was demolished in 1962 planning began for the Crystal House office block which has no desire to be remembered in history.

I want to get in touch with the public and ask the people who knew of the Town Hall, if they have any memories or stories which they could share with me.

Charlotte Berry, Tel: 07867306062

Parking saga to rumble on

So the saga of resurfacing the Flat Iron car park continues.

If this project has been engineered by Chorley Council, it does not augur well for them to become a unitary authority.

If, on the other hand, it is down to Lancashire County Council, that becomes a different matter. With the manner in which this job has dragged on and on, I do hope it is on a fixed price contract and not being charged for on an hourly basis.

After all, it is us, as rate payers, who foot the final bill.

Interestingly, the last area to be completed will be the first part to be built on and covered up, if the planned extension to Market Walks gets the go ahead. How daft is that?

Graham Archer, Chorley