Reader’s letters - Monday November 24, 2014

Reader Fred Sibbert spotted these footprints in Bangkok and wondered if Deepdale Duck had been on his holidays
Reader Fred Sibbert spotted these footprints in Bangkok and wondered if Deepdale Duck had been on his holidays
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Wrong track for shoppers

I much prefer to do our shopping in Chorley, especially on the market. However, at this time of year with the build up to Christmas, we sometimes have to venture further afield. Today it was a trip to Preston.

I’m never keen but needs must. At times like this my wife uses an electric scooter to get around but today we found our way across the top of Cannon Street, via the drop kerbs, was blocked, not by one but three ‘A’ boards!

Now I know these businesses need to advertise and sometimes I get quite fascinated with the messages being portrayed. For instance, those outside the Market Tavern in Chorley often include a degree of cheeky humour, which I will go out of my way to read, just to check the latest addition.

Indeed, friends from outside the area having seen them, will often ask me what the latest message is! Anyway, back to the ‘A’ boards in Preston and the problems caused by them blocking our passage. I do hope the businesses concerned will take note and try to position them with a little more thought for those requiring access via the drop kerbs, etc. After all, if they found their passage was blocked with an ‘A’ board, they would not be sitting so comfortably!

Graham Archer Chorley

Help put phone pests on hold

Help! Is anyone else at the end of their tether due to unwelcome phone calls? “Dear householder...” “accident helpline...” “have you had an accident, etc...”, and unnecessary information re: offers for boilers, etc. I could go on forever. These calls are an intrusion into one’s private life. It seems wrong that to avoid these calls one has to go to the expense of installing a special phone/receiver to display “caller”. The Telephone Preference Service doesn’t seem to stop these calls, so what is the solution?


Playing politics with health

I was astonished to see yet more scaremongering on the NHS by South Ribble Labour candidate Veronica Bennett and now even Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham is jumping on the bandwagon. As someone who actually works for the NHS I am sick of the Labour Party using our health service as a political football and I am sick of all the lies and scaremongering about “privatisation”.

The NHS is not being privatised and I do wish Labour would stop peddling these lies. Andy Burnham is being completely hypocritical also as it was him who first allowed private providers to run NHS services.

Ms Bennett also claims thousands of nursing posts have been cut, this is nonsense. Local hospitals in Blackpool, Preston and Blackburn have constantly been recruiting new nurses.

Labour have done so much damage to the NHS and they need to stop this dogmatic view that they “own” it. It is the NATIONAL health service, not Labour health service.

Name and address supplied

Treasured trip to war grave

I am writing to tell you about my father Flight Sergeant James Staley Easham. He was in Lancaster bombers and with his crew is buried in a lovely churchyard in France. Two Lancasters collided coming out of clouds July 15 1944. I was two at the time so never knew him. But my daughter and her husband said we have got a surprise for you and dad on October 26.

We have arranged everything to take you to France so I was able to put a cross of poppies on his grave at last, it was something I will always treasure thanks to my wonderful daughter.

Mrs C Meadowcroft, Leyland

Service offers a new experience

I am writing to tell your readers about something lovely I took part in, in Lancaster the Sunday assembly.

I had read about this ‘atheist church’ in national press and was delighted to hear that there was a branch so near me.

There were interesting talks, singing, readings (including a special reading for the children) and then tea and cake afterwards while we all got to know each other and chat.

Mark Rotherham gave a wonderful talk about the creation of the universe and a member of the ‘congregation’ gave a talk about the art Andy Goldsworthy made with natural objects he found.

I was made to feel very welcome and involved in this growing community. Meetings are held in the Gregson Centre on the third Sunday of every month at 11am and the next meeting is going to be on the theme of ‘giving’ to celebrate Christmas - I’ve been assured that it will involve lots of singing of Christmas songs!

I’m so delighted to have found an ‘atheist’ community, especially one that is so very welcoming and inclusive, I’ll definitely be going back for the December meeting

Lucy Dobson , via e-mail

Thanks to all Poppy helpers

The mammoth task of delivering collecting, selling, counting and banking has just been completed and I must give a big thank you to our team of volunteers who have all pulled together to achieve the magnificent total of £ 10,900. Of course, this amount is achieved by the generosity of the people of Longridge, Chipping, Thornley, Ribchester, Goosnargh and Grimsargh.

I must not forget to thank both the primary and secondary schools for a great effort, and all our local churches.

Thanks also to Liz Procter for all her time and effort, and we were helped along the way by our vicar, the Rev David Anderson, all the shopkeepers, the supermarkets, the people who sat patiently in the stores - especially our older members - the Army cadets and the ATC, and the ladies at Lloyds Bank who have the patience of saints when dealing with us.

I thank you all for such a wonderful effort.

Bill Houghton, Poppy Appeal organiser, Longridge