Reader’s letters - Monday November 17, 2014

Children in Need fun but one reader is unhappy with the appeal's organisers
Children in Need fun but one reader is unhappy with the appeal's organisers
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Country needs champions

Where have the champions of the Ribble Valley gone?

The political champions who are prepared to take on gold diggers of development.

These champions should be the elected leaders of our community, our local Member of Parliament and the Mayor of the Ribble Valley.

These two people are the elected leaders of our community. The elected guardians of the Ribble Valley whose collective wisdom can have dramatic effects on the future of the Valley.

Their allegiance is first to the people of the Ribble Valley, not to any political party. And above all, do they care about the electorate they represent?

They have never expressed their views about the haphazard building developments and all the problems it causes in the Ribble Valley.

We, therefore, can presume one thing; that due to their silence in this subject, it must be that they fully support the massive building developments?

This development plan we naturally presume they fully support, would be better suited for the Calder Valley or Blackpool areas of Lancashire.

Since the Calder Valley does contain a motorway which is connected to all the motorways in Lancashire, along with a very good local road network.

The Calder Valley has also a railway line which connects most of the towns of north west Lancashire with the towns of Yorkshire.

Unlike the Ribble Valley on the other hand, which has a narrow road and bridge network designed for horse and carts and pack horses.

In the case of Blackpool, this too has its own motorway and railway. It also has its own transit system and a recently closed airport which could be reopened.

These two regions can be rejuvenated using our present knowledge in science and technology, together with a little imagination into garden cities fit for the 20th Century.

These two garden cities could provide accommodation and work for a population many times greater than their current levels of population.

Taking this scenario into consideration, the regions of the Ribble Valley should be preserved and allowed to become a National Park which would become the jewel of Lancashire.

Our two honourable and most noble knights, the political champions of Ribble Valley, have retreated from the field of battle.

Their battle standards captured by the enemy. As they no longer carry the favours of the electorate, the only one honourable thing left for them to do is to resign.

That would be the greatest gift they could give to the people of the Ribble Valley.

James Barry Turner, Clitheroe

In need of much better service

I am writing regarding Children in Need fundraising.

I am disappointed and disgusted by the response I received from them this year.

In May I wrote to them requesting a fundraising pack for 2014. I was told that they are sent out in September and that my name and address would be added to their mailing list for one. A 2013 pack was sent to me at that time.

By October 8 I still had not received a 2014 pack and when I emailed them I was told they would send me one immediately and it would take seven to 10 working days to reach me.

On October 30 I had to contact them yet again as the Pack had still not arrived. They said one had been posted to me on October 17 but they would send me another one. It is now November 1 and a pack still has not arrived.

My club has raised money for “Pudsey” for several years now and after this fiasco I feel we should give the money to another charity.

What do your readers think ?

Mary MacMillan, Preston

Rustling up false rumours

I am co-founder of Bangla Fusion in Much Hoole on the A59. We have been operating since 2002 and have been listed in Which? Good Food guide, shortlisted for best spice restaurant on several occasions by British Curry Awards and have built a very high reputation throughout the local community as well as the north west.

Our premises was formerly known as The Rose and Crown of which Albert Pierrepoint, the last hangman in Britain, was landlord. Over the past three years our premises was purchased by a local family within the community from Punch Tavern. Since then, rumours have been spreading throughout local villages like a hot vindaloo that our building is going to be knocked down and turned into a housing estate. One Sunday I remember we were busier than normal and I thought it was a bit strange then I realised all our customers were sad because someone had spread rumours it was our last day before closing.

Three years on we are still operating and still here, may I say. Over the past two months rumours have started again but this time that a Premier Inn is being built here and we are closing at the end of November.

It is totally false. I’m very sad people can spread such false rumours. I don’t know who is spreading them but we can tell them we have got a very long

period left on our lease still and we can renew it every 10 years so we are not going anywhere and no housing estate or Premier Inn is being built here.

It will stay as Bangla Fusion for many years to come with

support from our customers.

Tops Monshur, via e-mail

Family’s proud link to the past

Regarding the photograph of William Beckett on Remembrance Day (looking back November 10), after recent research into my mother’s family line, my mother’s name being Frances Beckett, I discovered Uncle William Beckett.

The picture of William laying the wreath was even more poignant considering William’s older brother Albert Beckett 2nd Border Reg (Lance Corporal) was sadly killed in action on October 26 1914 at the 1st Battle of Ypres which commenced October 21. Albert was 21 years old.

Lost but not forgotten.

Name and address supplied