Reader’s letters - Monday May 18, 2015

Chancellor George Osborne delivers a speech on devolved powers in Trafford last week (see letter)
Chancellor George Osborne delivers a speech on devolved powers in Trafford last week (see letter)
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Ticket misery for disabled

My son is a disabled season ticket holder at North End and following the information printed in the Evening Post that disabled season ticket holders could collect their tickets on Wednesday we shot off early.

After queuing to buy our tickets we were informed that only disabled wheelchair users could buy tickets today and we had to use the online service. The online service could not book disabled tickets so we had to ring the ticket agency.

After holding for 20 minutes at 10p per minute we were cut off and had to start again. We tried on and off for more than three hours and eventually got through to customer services and got our seats.

We are still going to go and shout until the final whistle as we have done each time we have been to Cardiff and hope for all the fans and players that this time we can do it.

TC, a North End fan, via e-mail

Devolution not north’s answer

Cities devolution bill? Manchester to be a blueprint for other large cities? And here we go again in another round of seeking to avoid a head-on clash over English independence. The ‘old model’ of running everything from London is broken and has unbalanced the economy says George Osborne. So why perpetuate it?

Even the term English independence has been engineered to conjure up something dark and unseemly yet conversely when the joyous prospect of independence is viewed from an Irish, Welsh or Scottish perspective it suddenly becomes a perfectly reasonable rose petalled right and a matter entirely for the Irish, the Welsh and the Scots.

I wonder where the pressure to resist equality comes from. Personally, I’m not inclined to fall for a shower of baubles and a few fatty scraps from London.

Would it be too cynical of me to suggest another cunning plan engineered this time as a diversionary tactic to steer future blame away from George Osborne and the Conservatives?

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Make royal date extra special

Regarding the proposed visit to Lancaster by the Queen, the Duke of Lancaster. Over the long weekend I walked around Castle Square armed with my trusty Pentax K100 and came across a very interesting piece of history associated with the Duke of Lancaster and the City of Lancaster, in that, if the truth be known, people have been totally unaware of for years

The Royal Family visited Lancaster in October 1851, and I believe this was the one and only visit made to Lancaster by the Duke of Lancaster and the complete Royal Family.

May I suggest, in order to commemorate the Duke of Lancaster’s visit to Lancaster, Her Majesty be kindly requested to plant an oak tree, near the one her great, great grandmother planted – and a suitable plaque be placed below the one of 1851.

Norman Tomlinson, Lancaster

Time to ensure fracking works

It seems to me when anything new appears on the horizon in this country, ie when coal was discovered, building canals or new roads, a small minority of people always shout the loudest, complain some catastrophe or other will take place. Fracking is the next way forward for this country, we must take up this opportunity to help our economy and take away the threat of being held to ransom by foreign suppliers I know some people are concerned, but providing as many safeguards as possible are put in place we have to go with it and shout down these objectors.

Cliff Fazackerley, via e-mail

Nuisance calls are a menace

I have been signed up to the Telephone Reference Service for many years and since 2013 I have kept a note of all ‘pesky’ telephone calls (letters May 8).

To my landline I have had 18 calls (two gas companies, solar power, writing off debt, industrial injuries and music).

Likewise I have been careful who has had my mobile number but have had 42 telephone calls and text messages (13 which were PPI , I can claim for relations whio have died, unlock your pension, gas companies etc.), and one call on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, since I am off work today and ill in bed I have something to do.

Telephone them and waste their time.

Name and address withheld

Clampdown on the phone pests

There is still a problem re: unwelcome phone calls. For instance, I was called yesterday by a “firm” who said that national records showed that I had worked in a factory environment for five years. As I have been retired for many years and never worked in such an environment, I would like to know where these people get their incorrect information from. Surely some action should be taken to prevent this sort of calls?

Annoyed Retiree, via e-mail

Thanks from councillors

We would like to express our grateful thanks and appreciation to the residents of the Longton and Hutton Ward for giving their support to our re-election to South Ribble Borough Council, with much increased majorities.

We would also like to thank all our leaflet delivery supporters, who were kind enough to give up their spare time during the election campaign. We will do our utmost to ensure the pledges that we made in our election leaflets are properly addressed and fulfilled, as matters of priority, during the next four years.

Longton and Hutton are delightful and enjoyable places to live, with very good services and attractive features, and we will continue to listen to the views and opinions of all our residents to make sure that they are heard, and acted upon, to maintain and improve both villages.

Couns Colin J Clark, Colin Coulton, Jon Hesketh, Longton and Hutton West Ward