Reader’s letters - Monday May 11, 2015

Cycle lane running against the traffic flow in Marsh Lane, Preston (see letter)
Cycle lane running against the traffic flow in Marsh Lane, Preston (see letter)
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Hospitals deserve support

My wife and I are both patients currently attending NHS hospitals. Recently, on one of our frequent visits, we passed a long, long banner stating (red letters on a yellow ground ) “Save our NHS” and continuing (yellow on red) “Vote Labour”.

It matters little which party was campaigning. The point is that the banner was an insult to all the good people we have encountered in the NHS hospital service since last summer.

My wife is continuing to have treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. We have encountered nothing but a high level of skill, treatment, care and good humour from all levels of staff in the oncology, x-ray and pathology departments and the breast care clinic and the Macmillan Unit.

I am myself attending the plastic surgery unit and associated clinics at Royal Preston Hospital where I have been equally well treated and received.

We are fed up with politicians treating the NHS hospitals as a political football. It is not a case of the NHS would be better or worse under this or that government or coalition.

The fact is that these two NHS hospitals, in our experience, are splendid and we think we should say so. As it happens all the associated caring and transporting has so far been carried out by a loving family and loyal friends, at considerable cost and inconvenience to them but at no cost to the state.

I have no doubt that had we not been so fortunate in this respect we would have been assisted by carers and ambulances at public expense.

There is no denying that this treatment, care and attention is very expensive and the costs of this, like all public services, public servants and their consequent pensions must all come out of current taxation. Until politicians grapple with the problems of an ageing population the costs of the NHS will be exponentially high.

The nation does not save up for this vast expense: it has to find it annually from the current tax take and it is not rocket science to see that it can only be sustained by a strong economy and the proper application of taxation.

Judging by some political broadcasts one might think the funding either tumbles from the moon or that mountains of it are in the hands of greedy tax dodgers.

By all means catch the dodgers but for heaven’s sake do not scare off the wealth creators, large and small, or the hardworking earners, private and public, who pay their whack.

Without their brilliant enterprise and the hard work that follows we would be in irretrievable deficit in no time. The last deficit is still a drag.

The NHS is a great institution and deserves all the support we can give it.

Maybe the hospitals could have some of that support at weekends from a revision of general practice.

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Concern at new bicycle route

I refer to article “Does this cycle path go against grain” (LEP April 13).

I agree with Simon Halliwell’s comments about the contraflow cycle lane on Marsh Lane, Preston.

It does look dangerous and I can’t believe “local cycling groups” would have wanted that route as Lancashire County Council’s spokesman said.

The only way a contraflow cycle lane would be safe against one way traffic would be a shared raised foot path - not possible there.

I note double yellow lines along this road, but when I passed on April 14 I saw a taxi parked outside the International Hotel, obstructing the cycle path - I imagine this a common occurrence.

If something doesn’t look right on the eye - it probably isn’t right!

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How to tackle pothole menace

Some 40 years ago, then newly married, my wife and I went for a camping holiday in our mini van to Switzerland.

We had parked on the side of the road on one of the winding roads for refreshments when we were overtaken by a uniformed man on a bicycle pulling a small two wheeled trailer.

Just ahead of us he stopped, got off his bike, securing his bike and trailer. Strapped to the trailer was a spade, a long brush and what we later learned was a “tamper”.

A tamper being a thick heavy square of iron attached to a suitably strong rod. He opened his box and with his spade removed a portion of cold macadam placing it into a pothole. With his tamper he compressed the Tarmac finishing with his stiff brush. I said to my wife “Why can’t we do that?”

James Hargreaves,via email

Gallipoli must be remembered

We have just remembered the 100th anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli Campaign during the First World War.

There must be many families who are remembering the loss of a loved one, including that of Harry Bennett, who lived in Leyland and who was in the 6th Battalion the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

He was killed in action and his name is on the Helles Memorial in Turkey. I feel we should properly remember these men who gave their lives for this country.

D Kazer, via email

Thanks getting behind walk

I achieved something I never thought I would on April 19. I walked to Blackpool Tower from Preston Docks to raise money for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation. The point of this letter is to thank everyone who sponsored me.

I raised a massive £1,200. Thanks must also go to Barbara Amos, Beth Coxhead, Nick Coxhead and Amy Critchley for supporting/walking with me.

Last but not least thankfully this was to help a good friend of ours Nichola Jackson raise enough funds for her to compete in the Great Wall of China walk this year.

She was an inspiration on our walk and am sure will achieve all she wishes.

Linda Coxhead, Penwortham