Reader’s letters - Monday March 23, 2015

HOMELESS: Reader Mrs Hardcastle is shocked at the sight of beggars on Preston's streets
HOMELESS: Reader Mrs Hardcastle is shocked at the sight of beggars on Preston's streets
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The friendly hospital staff

I was a patient at the Preston Royal Infirmary in 1964, I was treated as a special case because I had my appendix removed when I was three months pregnant with my first baby.

I remember being in a ward were all the beds faced toward the windows looking out onto Deepdale Road, at about 5.30am.

We were woken up with a cup of tea, we saw dawn break over the town, the milk man and the paper boy on their rounds and people walking to work, some on (sit up and beg) bicycles.

The night staff came round to straighten the beds, all the head rests, pillows and bed linen had to be placed in a straight line and the ward neat and tidy before the day staff and Matron came in. All the staff were friendly and helpful.

I was there for a week then had another week at The Willows convalescence hospital.

P Walton, address supplied

Shop staff must smarten up

While I was in a B&M Bargains store at Blackpool, I saw a guy walking round the store with his shirt hanging out - I decided to have a quiet word with him about his informal appearance.

I said: “Excuse me, sir. Are you the manager of this particular shop?” He said: “I am.” I replied: “Well, can you please tuck your shirt in and set an example to other members of staff on how to look more smart and a lot more “professional”?”

’ In the end - the guy tucked his shirt in. I replied; “There? That didn’t hurt, did it?”

And I very calmly walked out of the store without buying anything. I went next door to the Poundworld - they really were a lot cheaper. Well, I do have to shop around!

But, I must admit - all this “soul-destroying” shopping is fast turning me into Victor Meldrew...I don’t believe it!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Farage wants to drag us back

Nigel Farage of UKIP from his recent comments about scrapping anti-discrimination laws is clearly looking for racist votes in the General Election and to stoke up racism by scapegoating migrants.

Farage as a former commodity trader is one those has contributed to the banking crisis that has led to austerity but is now trying to put the blame on migrants.

It is clear there is still great inequality in society – witness the higher rate of unemployment of young black people with the same qualifications and the fact that women still get less pay than men.

Farage wants to take us backwards to the days when ‘No blacks, no dogs, no Irish’ signs were displayed. We therefore have to protect the progress we have made.

The issue of racism will be important in the General Election. We should be cautious of those who have an interest in scaremongering. Wages are historically low because of government policy over many years – this is not the fault of migrants.

All workers are victims of these global market forces – the solution is stronger collective bargaining and unionisation.

As an important next step UNISON and the other Trade Unions are supporting the major demonstration against racism London on Saturday 21st March 2015 for United Nations anti-racism day.

This needs to be as big a demonstration as we can make it.

Tony Wilson, UNISON National Executive Council member (North West Region), Manchester

Shame of the city beggars

I do so agree with Arthur Wilkinson’s Lancashire Evening Post letter (March 19) alluding to beggars in Preston.

This week walking from the bus terminal forecourt I was stopped by one, requesting “change for the homeless”.

Needless to say I walked on, feeling quite shocked.

Not a pleasant welcome for visitors to Preston is it?


Mrs J E Hardcastle, Fulwood

I love my local newspaper

I will buy the LEP till the day I die . Because in my working life I knew nothing else, and if anyone knows any way of keeping Ann quiet for most of the evening , I am willing to listen!

Newspapers are not the “in thing “ these days , and many people say “there is nothing in it worth reading”. Sorry , but I think there is .

Alright, newswise it can’t keep up with technology , but it’s the local stuff that’s priceless .

Other people tell me how skinny it is . Well , not true! For instance, today’s Post was 88 pages.

I am not dead sure , and no doubt the current staff can check, but when we printed in Fishergate, I don’t think we could do better than 32 pages , and 16 page papers were quite common. Well whatever,I enjoyed every minute, especially at 127 Fishergate!

Allan Fazackerley, by email

Will Cameron be new editor?

I am writing this on Saturday, 14 March having just seen the headline on the edition of LEP (March 12): ‘PM Cameron writes for the Evening Post’!

Editor, watch out he will want your job!

Bernadette Hughes