Reader’s letters - Monday March 09, 2015

Bulldozers have flattened the old Bambers furniture store to make way for shops and student flats (see letter)
Bulldozers have flattened the old Bambers furniture store to make way for shops and student flats (see letter)
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University taking city over

It saddened me to see the gap on the area of Friargate where Bambers furniture shop and Elsies Pantry used to be. Both businesses served Prestonians well and for over many decades. Times move on and old things sometimes have to be sacrificed in the interests of progress.

Then I got annoyed when I read (LEP March 4) that yet another student facility for the site was being mooted. The University of Central Lancashire seems intent in turning the whole of north central Preston into a university campus, rather than a city with a university.

If an ordinary Prestonian were to ask for planning permission for a structure on their land, there would always be the possibility that it could be refused.

This worry never seems to trouble any multi-million pound ambition by UCLan. Indeed, if they propose to pedestrianise a huge area which involves wholesale road alterations including bus routes, they seem to know that the council planning people would just nod it through.

The individual council members should remember that they have been elected by all the people of the city to look after the interests of those people and not solely the university and the pubs and clubs the students frequent. The council should stop behaving as if they are in thrall to UCLan.

The student numbers have been increasing year after year but car parking spaces seem not to have kept up. UCLan has obviously been rolling in cash over the past few years and currently, as witnessed by their new buildings and expensive plans, but as far as I know, seem to have been paupers when addressing the parking problems in residential areas.

Please city fathers, can you please ensure that the residents of this city keep what they have, rather than allow a slow takeover by a land grabbing city within a city ?

Jim Walker. Preston

MPs no need to have side jobs

Every constituent has the right to expect their MP to devote all of their time to the needs of his/her constituents.

That is what they were elected to do. With a salary of £65,000, plus more thousands in perks, there should be no need to undertake additional paid work.

However, a study in 2012 estimated that over 78 per cent of our members of Parliament do paid work on a regular basis.

Clearly the work of a backbencher is nothing like as onerous as they claim. After the disgraceful expenses scandal that shocked the country, the reputation of MPs, never high in the first place, fell even further.

New allegations of impropriety will cause their standing to plummet even more. They have only themselves to blame.

Dr Barry Clayton, via email

Menace of cars on pavements

Cars that are parked irresponsibly on pavements can cause a potentially dangerous obstruction for pedestrians as it can force them on to the road and into the path of vehicles. Newly released research by YouGov has shown that three quarters (74 per cent) of people are affected by vehicles parked on the pavement.

Some groups – including people living with sight loss, older people or those with buggies are at greater risk.

Ninety-one per cent of respondents living with sight loss who responded to a Guide Dogs survey said that parked cars on the pavement regularly obstruct them.

You can see how dangerous pavement parking can be in real life video footage, filmed from a guide dog’s view, of a guide dog and its owner having to go out into the road to get around a car at Guide Dog Cam – Pavement Parking. I am urging the public to ensure they don’t park on the pavement.

Steve Griffiths, Lancaster

Hospital staff so thoughtful

May I use your letters page to counteract negative comments regarding the NHS and praise Royal Preston Hospital and Chorley Hospital.

I suffer from a rather obscure complaint that had baffled too many consultants, happy now solved. During an 18 month recovery period, the desire to help me was uppermost in their minds and I was totally astounded at the depth of their medical knowledge and their ability to pool this information to my favour. Nothing was too much trouble. And my progress was monitored very carefully throughout.

I had a short stay in RPH and even stayed in longer than I needed in order to eat the Sunday lunch I had ordered previously, of roast pork with all the trimmings. It was served to me hot and was most enjoyable. Need I say more except to wish that everyone could share my happy experience.

Peter Young, Leyland

Remember gas debate at polls

There are many hundreds and thousands of people who have signed the various petitions objecting to fracking and the untold damage it will do to our quality of life. Pro-frackers talk about thousands of new jobs being created... doing what?

They are unable to say. Fracking is safe... How do we know?

It has been banned in so many parts of the US because it has been proven to be unsafe. Despite all this, the coalition Government seems hell bent on forcing fracking on the good people of Fylde. Well, we are just dumb northerners. Our local MPs and county councillors were voted into office on the premise they would look after the interests of us, their constituents.

If they now cow-tow to the jackboot of Cameron and his gang at Westminster, they are not fit for purpose and totally unfit to represent us locally or in Parliament. The answer is simple, if fracking gets the go-ahead, despite all our protests, come the May elections, vote them all into political oblivion.

They will have proven they are not looking after our interests, only those of central government. I’m going for Greenpeace because of their backing of renewable sources of energy.

Shale evangelists take note, I am very much not alone.

David Nicholls, Warton