Reader’s letters - Monday June 2, 2014

Alan Symons and his partner Amanda Thompson deserve their lottery win, says one reader - see letter
Alan Symons and his partner Amanda Thompson deserve their lottery win, says one reader - see letter
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Parties are in fear of UKIP

Since the recent seismic shift in politics instigated by UKIP in gaining seats in many of our country’s local authority councils and greatly increased their MEP representatives in Europe, it has been interesting to watch the gyrations of the other political parties and MPs, many now in genuine fear for the future of their own political careers at the next general election.

All have been forced to acknowledge that they underestimated the electorate’s frequently expressed concern about the open borders EU policy of free movement of people into our country threatening jobs and housing provision.

They didn’t listen and this has proved a ‘wake-up call’ to the Westminster village who for too long have sneered at the electorate ‘who don’t really understand,that we know best what is best for you and the country’.

Unfortunately the only two parties appearing to presently have sufficient Parliamentary seats to mount a challenge to UKIP’s stated General Election campaign, do not appear too attractive to most voters unless more drastic policy revisions are introduced, before 2015.

The Labour Party still do not appear to want to change their policies to acknowledge what the voters have said they really want – freedom from EU’s open borders policy – to the introduction of a points appointed policy determining the demand for the country’s need of qualified immigrant workers.

Cameron’s party although offering an ‘In Out’ EU Referendum in 2017 (provided he is re-elected) then hopes to negotiate some special deal from Europe which because he is a convinced European, will then make the Referendum unnecessary.

Something like the ‘Cast Iron guaranteed EU Referendum’ he previously promised to voters, prior to the 2010 election.

Many previous PMs have promised a negotiated EU reformation of our membership and even the redoubtable Maggie never properly succeeded, so why should we believe Cameron can?

UKIP will need to concentrate their efforts with some convincing policies, in the 2015 General Election on the few areas where they have already done well, in order to gain some small UK Parliamentary representation that they so desperately need, and eventually obtain their and the electorate’s wish to free us from Europe’s governance.

Europe needs us (and our money) more than we need them. We can trade with them from outside the EU in the same manner as do Norway and Switzerland whilst still searching for new markets together with our previous Commonwealth partners (who we never should have abandoned).

EJ Tilley, via email

Rubbish shows lack of respect

I live in Deepdale, Preston, and I feel very strongly in regards to the mess of the Preston area in general, rubbish all over the streets, dog dirt all over, clothes left by the side of clothes bins , mattresses , rubbish bags down the back of alleys ... need I go on.

I feel that something needs to be done or said to the people of Preston. Why don’t they respect their area? I have an eight-month-old son and I personally don’t want him being bought up in such a disgusting area. Why do people show no respect to the road, streets were they live?

Please help me with this , we all need to respect are area, neighbours and parks etc.

Lynne Baker, Deepdale

Lottery winner the nicest man

Re: dad-of-two scooping more than £700,00 on the Lottery – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congratulations.

Marree, via

Grand ideas for our city centre

Here are some ideas to throw into the pot about Preston city centre:

A. Bus Station – 1. Paint each tier a different colour. Colouring competition to find a good combination. Pastel colours and we’d have a building that would fit into Barcelona J

2. Flags on top. English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Pakistani, Polish….. If we have say 100+ people living in Preston who were born in another country, then we’d put that country’s flag up. Celebrate the great diversity of people in our proud city!

3. Another National Lottery grant to install a low maintenance, open-air National Buildings and Bridges Museum on the top. There is not as yet a buildings/bridges museum anywhere in Britain. I cannot imagine a better place for one than on the top of our splendid bus station. Maybe a life-sized T-Rex and Brontosaurus (or bus!) to greet visitors, then scaled-down versions next to scale models of buildings/bridges to put their size into perspective. Steal other ideas from other countries buildings/bridges museums. Closed out of hours to keep out the vandals.

4. Maybe also on top: Café; gift shop; bandstand; playground; demonstration solar panel display with facts and figures; binoculars for the great views… And the height also means we have a ‘fear-factor’ J

5. Preston’s biggest eye-sore inside and out … St John’s Centre – knock it down. And the car-park-building next to it. Replace them with a park! Decadence in hard times.

6. No tall trees to obstruct the view. Will ‘connect’ bus station and markets. Show them both off magnificently! Maybe the Town Hall and Guild Hall too!!

(Compared to other towns and cities, Preston has a very low percentage of green space per head of populationby the way.)

And I hope the park has a pond in it to give it a bit of life J

7. Guild Hall – Encourage10 different charities to open specialist book shops in there. The Oxfam bookshop on the Flag Market is doing very well – it has just negotiated a new lease. If a specialist bookshop works for them then it may well work for other charities.

Add a few specialist book fairs upstairs in the Guild Hall each year and we could make Preston “The Book Capital of the North”.

Would make a nice little cultural cluster: Guild Hall/Museum/Library (the old Post Office?)

Brett Lund, via email