Reader’s letters - Monday, July 27

The Government needs a strong opposition says a correspondent. See letter
The Government needs a strong opposition says a correspondent. See letter
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Why I am backing Cuadrilla

I own an IT services company which has its administrative officers in the Fylde.

Had the council granted Cuadrilla planning permission last month, I would have hired two new networking engineering members of staff, who would have been based in Lancashire and would have monitored and supported Cuadrilla’s infrastructure.

Due to the decision taken by members of Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee, I am now unable to grow my business by providing two extra jobs for local people.

The Office for National Statistics announced last week that unemployment in the North West has increased by more than 1,000 in the last three months.

And while Cuadrilla can’t solve this problem alone, if they had been granted planning permission, it would have led to the creation and support of, not just Lancashire-based oil and gas specialist jobs, but local jobs with transferable skills throughout the supply chain.

It would have helped qualified local residents build careers in the local area. And Cuadrilla staff would have used local hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, newsagents et cetera, giving all local business a boost.

It’s for these reasons I’m backing Cuadrilla’s decision to appeal, our area is in need of an economic boost and I believe shale gas exploration on the Fylde could benefit us all.

Sean Lord, Director of Network Box Technology (UK) Ltd, Lancashire

Grassroots starts here

Regarding The Final Frontier, (LEP July 10), I write with some disgust as to what went on with this year’s Preston Schools Finals being played at Myerscough College.

My grandson was playing in one of those finals.

I understand they could not go ahead on the PNE pitch at Deepdale because of the play-offs.

Now the dust is settled and PNE have gone up into the Championship.

Can someone explain to me, and many other parents, as to why PNE tried to charge the Preston Schools FA over £2,000 to stage the finals?

Surely it would be courtesy for the finals to be played at Deepdale. It would be a child’s ambition to play at Deepdale. Surely PNE, this is a total embarrassment when the junior school footballers are the future ‘pros’ of tomorrow, and support their ‘city team’, both home and away.

I know the costs are required for stewarding and so on.

The schools were informed at a meeting to find a sponsor, this they did, but to no avail, PNE were in the play-offs.

So the ‘embarrassment’ of this high charge saved their blushes.

Come on Mr Hemmings, give us a more decent chance of future finals being held at Deepdale.

Remember your future footballers come from local schools, starting at academy levels, eventually going on to what we are all keen to see as the pros of tomorrow.

Grassroots football starts here.

Mrs T Baxter, Walton le Dale

Danger of weak opposition

Having watched the hustings interviews of the four contenders for the next leader of Labour Party, it occurred to me that not one of the four interviewees was capable of being elevated to the rank of Prime Minister.

Additionally, I doubt if any of them could emulate Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister?

What a parlous state the modern Labour Party has arrived at, they appear to be doomed to political oblivion?

In theory, good news for the Conservative Party, but a weak opposition could lead the Conservatives into thinking it does not matter what they do, they will win. History is littered with this mistaken attitude over several centuries.

Alan Chapman via email

Inherited right to rule is absurd

Regarding the Woes of Windsor (LEP Letters June 25), at last someone with a modicum of common sense.

Can I state in this letter, I absolutely wish no harm or ill upon the monarchy, but for the life of me, I just don’t get this country’s so-called celebrity/ media besotted infatuation with the institution. The absurdity of an inherited right to rule at the best amuses me and, at the worst, I regard as morally repulsive.

Still, I suppose by keeping them, it keeps toadies and tacky newspapers and magazines in business. The very right of inheritance and right to rule for me sets a very dangerous social concept and a good case for a decline in moral standards.

Steve, Deepdale

Nation needs to leave Europe

That Britain needs to find secondary school places for an extra 547,000 pupils in the next ten years will certainly dismay millions of British families.

Responsible parents expect the state to help them provide top quality education for their children, but they are currently hampered from doing so by an irresponsible government which allows uncontrolled immigration into the country, thus squeezing secondary school place availability.

UKIP is the only major party that has raised this issue repeatedly in recent years and believes the current unsustainable levels of migration will cause ongoing problems in the future, not just in education but in areas such as the healthcare, housing and transport.

I believe the answer lies with Britain becoming a sovereign nation, outside the European Union’s political union, with the ability to control the numbers and quality of the people who come here.

Paul Nuttall, UKIP North West MEP

A big thank you to Ward 21 staff

A big thank you to Ward 21 Stroke Unit.

After being admitted on July 13, I was looked after excellently well.

Also a big thank you to the ambulance, A&E, nurses, doctors and staff at Royal Preston Hospital.

They were all brilliant.

Jack Barnish, Much Hoole