Reader’s letters - Monday January 12, 2015

St Ignatius Church, in Preston, in the 1970s  with the war memorial to fallen parishioners in front (see letter)
St Ignatius Church, in Preston, in the 1970s with the war memorial to fallen parishioners in front (see letter)
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Community which cares

I intended to send this letter when we heard about our beloved St Igs closing, but with all the publicity I decided enough was being said, until I read recently that a lady thinks that St Igs is just a building.

St Igs were truly brothers and sisters in Christ. If you were ill, someone would be at your door with custard tarts, if you were in hospital, you would be visited, if you had hospital appointments you would be taken, you would be given lifts to the airport, you would be helped with paperwork, you would receive birthday cards, and sometimes a cake.

The bereft would be visited and comforted and the children would be taught the liturgy, during Sunday mass. We have our own war memorial, paid for by long dead parishioners who lost members of their families and loved ones in the great war.

Also, the ashes of many dead parishioners (many of them who have fought for their country) have been scattered in the beautiful gardens surrounding the church.

We have the names of our dead heroes displayed on the altar every memorial day. These also carry the names of the brave men and woman who gave their lives in the Second World War.

The scattering of ashes continues to this day, in private, personal, ceremonies. Now we must stop. Must the dedication of so many lives be ignored?

This magnificent building has been maintained by dedicated parishioners who have given their own time and love to our beloved St Ignatius, and we hoped to be able to worship there for many years to come.

Barbara Gray, via e-mail

Party does not oppose shale

I’m sure Labour candidate Ben Whittington is concerned about fracking (letters, January 6), aren’t we all? But the Green Party is the place to oppose fracking. The General Election will mark the seventh anniversary of Labour offering companies licenses to frack in this country, and nothing much has changed since then.

Only last month, energy spokesman Bryony Worthington made Labour’s intentions clear in the House of Lords: “We do not wish to stop fracking”, without a murmur of discontent being voiced.

Could this be because she is also the Party’s Whip, charged with keeping order among her Parliamentary colleagues?

And last year, Lancashire Labour leader Jennifer Mein co-signed a letter with Mr Whittington’s Tory opponent Ben Wallace, calling on David Cameron to pay incentives for fracking support.

Perhaps we’ll have a better response from Labour MPs to an amendment of the Government’s Infrastructure Bill, proposed by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, to overturn a proposal that will allow companies to frack under properties without the owners’ consents?

Despite a 99 per cent opposition response to allowing it, once again Labour policy has been on the side of fracking. Good luck to all Labour supporters who hope to change their party from within, but after seven years, isn’t 
it time to look elsewhere?

Philip Mitchell, Blackpool and Fylde Green Party

Health service still first class

On Christmas Day I was involved in an incident on the motorway which resulted in the Emergency Services attending. I can confidently say I could not have been treated better if I was the Queen herself.

The paramedics were quick to attend, thorough, reassuring and kind. The police and the highways department were helpful and the staff at Bolton General Hospital were kind and efficient. In these days we only seem to read about shortcomings in the health service and I feel I must give credit where it is due.

Margaret McManus, Preston

Help Woodland Trust planning

As you may know, the Woodland Trust owns and cares for Midgery Wood, off Williams Lane in Fulwood, Preston. We hope you already know the wood and enjoy using it.

It’s a great time of year to get out and enjoy a walk in your local woods and to make this more appealing and easier for local people we aim to apply for funding this March to make some improvements at Midgery Wood.

Our initial ideas include enhancing the main entrance, by replacing the gate and adding signage, and re-surfacing sections of path that are often very wet and muddy.

We’d love to get your feedback on this and it would really help our funding bid to know how people use the wood and feel about it, and that our plans are supported.

Please take a few moments to email your comments to or call 08452 935 782. Thank you so much for your time.

Colin Riley, site manager Woodland Trust

Plea for aid for cat sanctuary

We struggle every day of the week to feed our cats and kittens no one wants: left abandoned; given away at the door while the car engine was running; a mother found with four babies huddled together in the snow – their stories go on.

If each animal, or ‘guest’ as we call them, which arrives at our Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary could talk, they would tell you a sad tale of their lives. What we try to do is give food and shelter and lots of TLC and cuddles.

People are kind to us with blankets and wet and dry food. It’s not the food the animals always like but beggars like us cannot be choosers. It is used in our wider street cat feeding programme and given to other cat charities.

We were very shocked and saddened this week to be told our wood burner, when we most need it, will have to be replaced with new chimney lining and safety plate. Our cats love what we call the fire room. There are free blankets and free firewood people have donated to us over the past 10 years.

If you could find it in your heart to send us a donation this winter, we and the cats and kittens would be grateful.

Fr Anthony, Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary, Blackpool