Reader’s letters - Monday February 23, 2015

Mourners lining both sides of Deepdale Road for Sir Tom Finney's funeral last year (see letter)
Mourners lining both sides of Deepdale Road for Sir Tom Finney's funeral last year (see letter)
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Tax dodgers cheat all of us

The HSBC tax-dodging scandal, and the lack of prosecutions, is intolerable when the rest of the country is being forced to cope with crude budget restrictions and reduced capacity affecting fire services, our hospital and much more beyond.

The freedom of the wealthiest to make use of lawyers and accountants to avoid the taxation that’s inevitable for the rest of us needs to end.

The scandal reminds us as well of the problem of multinational companies being able to dodge taxes, cheating societies out of billions of pounds of lost revenue.

A study by a coalition of British charities estimates that at least £3.6bn a year additional revenue would be gained from effective tax-dodging legislation.

That’s the equivalent of £600 for every household living below the poverty line.

Not to mention billions of pounds a year for developing countries which could be spent fighting poverty.

The Tax Dodging Bill campaign, involving Action Aid, Christian Aid, the Equality Trust, NUS and Oxfam, is saying enough is enough, and calling on all political parties to pledge to introduce legislation to tackle corporate tax dodging in the UK and beyond.

Maybe if this becomes a reality, we’ll start to see more accountability, more equality, and fairer policies being applied to local government so we can see a renewal of the local services we’re rightly proud of.

Samantha McGarry, Lancaster

Happy memory of time gone by

As I write, it is the anniversary of Sir Tom’s death and as a Prestonian by birth I will continue to celebrate his life.

I first met him when signing his book “Football round the World” at a bookshop on Fishergate (Mount Street corner). I was two years old when North End won the cup but attending matches began in 1946!

In 1952, Guild Year, my souvenir 3d programme welcome Servette FC (Geneva) and the half-time music was by Brindle Subscription Prize Band, Musical Director R Rigby esq.

Before kick off they played the North End supporters mascot tunes “TheEnd of the Road” and “Margie” arranged by J Bidgood. I remember the time we whistled but not the words!

Being outside Deepdale for the funeral cortege passing and inside to join in the coverage of the service was very moving and emotional. So many memories arose.

Keith Scranage, Edenfield, Bury

Junction makes sense to me

I agree with R T Barrett regarding Golden Way and A59 junction (letters February 16).

The slip road leading off Liverpool Road and joining the man A59 is just that, a small minor slip road. So minor that it is not even highlighted in blue on Google maps.

The previous road junction was definitely dangerous. Here you had a situation where a small number of vehicles speeding on to a left lane suddenly appearing on the busy A59.

This created a very dangerous situation for vehicles on the A59 which were trying to get into the left lane for docklands access . Quite a number of speeding motorists would not let you in.

Common sense has prevailed The junction has now been re-designed correctly.

How two local Penwortham councillors can justify otherwise beggars belief.

Whatever further redesigns take place here, the Golden Way must always have priority over this minor A59 slip road access.

The realtively small number of drivers must drive sensibly and give way.

As R T Barrett correctly wrote, drivers are to blame for the accidents.

Dave King,Leyland

Stores should note Halal food

It has been interesting to note those writing to the Evening Post in recent weeks ‘concerned’ over Islam in Lancashire have switched their focus on to Halal meat when pressed on how the customs of Muslims actually effect their own day-to-day lives.

There are many people who will find the slaughter of animals under Halal practice difficult to accept but are those pointing to this as evidence of our lives being taken over by Islam comfortable with all other methods of modern day farming and how animals are treated?

It would helpful to all - Muslim and non-Muslim alike - to have food marked as Halal but this should seen as a positive not a stick with which to beat others.

Name and address supplied

Van is an own goal for Labour

Labour snubs Britain’s only van maker in favour of a foreign made van. Yes the new pink women’s only van that is to driven around the country by the divisive Harriet Harman is a New Ford Transit, these vans have been made in Turkey since the UK factory closed with the loss of 1,200 jobs in September 2013.

They could have bought a Vauxhall Vivaro van which are made in Luton, so much for Labour’s promise to support UK jobs if they get elected.

This type thing just confirms how out of touch Ed Miliband and the Labour party are, they can’t even be bothered to support the ordinary rank and file Labour union members who work at the Luton van plant.

Mr I S Houghton, Much Hoole

Remembering Guild of 1952

Regarding the photograph (Looking Back February 18), I am able to identify two of the young ladies.

My sister-in-law Lavinia Johnson (nee Lee) is on the right hand side at the front of the group and the person next to her is Nora Trainer.

Unfortunately my sister-in-law is not able to remember the names of the other two.

They were pupils of Frenchwood Secondary School at the time and were indeed rehearsing to take part in the dancing at the Schools’ Pageant held on Avenham Park at the 1952 Guild and the dresses they are wearing were lemon.

L Silver, Penwortham