Reader’s letters - Monday February 16, 2015

The controversial new junction of Golden Way and Liverpool Road (see letter)
The controversial new junction of Golden Way and Liverpool Road (see letter)
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Guild Wheel under threat

Although not an active cyclist, I have been involved with the Guild Wheel for many years. I am very proud of it.

However, the section which passes through my ward is recognised as being flawed simply because it has to share D’Urton Lane with vehicles (the majority of which are simply using it as a rat run) and pedestrians without, for the most part, a separate footpath.

It is dangerous but we have accepted this in the knowledge that planned road schemes would remove this flaw.

D’Urton Lane is narrow and, for the most part, without footpaths. Local resident Nicola Goodwill is spot on when she highlights the dangers of Persimmon Home’s proposals to introduce construction traffic and additional residential vehicle movements at probably the narrowest point (letters February 12).

She is right, also, to point out how ineffective further traffic calming would be. What Persimmon (choose to) ignore is that the city council’s North West Masterplan – currently being finalised – does provide a solution which will allow development (which really should be more sympathetic to the surroundings) but will be coupled with road schemes which will take away all unnecessary traffic, leaving D’Urton Lane for residents, pedestrians and Guild Wheel users.

To allow this proposal to go ahead would throw away all the hard work and extensive consultations that has been put into the masterplan. Common sense must prevail; Persimmon should withdraw their application.

Coun Neil Cartwright , Rural East

Gunfire harms country idyll

I was walking around Longridge a few weeks ago, hoping to enjoy its beautiful rural surrounds. However, the noise of gunfire from several directions ensured the countryside wasn’t a peaceful place.

It seems that a few people’s enjoyment of killing and maiming innocent wildlife takes precedence over the public’s enjoyment of the countryside for its own sake.

Most worringly, as I approached the bird sanctuary off Preston Road, a flock of wild geese took to the sky, accompanied by a frenzied increase in the intensity of shooting.

The geese were clearly frightened and stressed by this. I hope none were hit. Is it appropriate for shooting on this scale to take place near public footpaths and a wildlife reserve?

I hope our local authorities will take note of this.

Name and address withheld

Drivers at fault not junction

I do not think where Liverpool Road meets Golden Way is a dangerous junction at all, I think it is the drivers who do not know how to use it.

There are give way lines where Golden Way meets Liverpool Road, but do drivers give way or just drive straight out on to Liverpool Road? It has happened to me a lot, drivers think they can just drive out at speed forcing those on the main road to take avoiding action which is why crashes happen.

This road should be monitored by the police and then action taken against drivers who do not use it properly.

RT Barrett, Ribbleton

What makes a football team?

Please tell me when is a team not a team – when it is PNE. How many players are in the same team each match – not many!

There are new members each match, is Simon Grayson clutching at straws?

To me a “team” is something that plays and trains together.

Mrs V Ormerod, Longridge

Question mark over massacre

The article by Barry Freeman regarding “Bloody Sunday” condemns British soldiers as murderers (LEP February 2).

He might like to know the pathologists who examined the bodies of those killed gave evidence in Londonderry under oath that six of those killed had firearm powder discharge on their hands, proving they had fired shots as well.

Dr Tom Marshall and Professor Keith Simpson worked on many famous cases and were highly regarded. They would certainly not have given false evidence. Mr Freeman talks of “whitewash”. The only whitewash was the omitting of their findings, that six of the dead were not innocent civilians.

Mr J B Dootson, Chorley

Fracking worry over water

I strongly believe whoever is in power following the General Election will use their mandate to impose fracking should they consider it politically expedient and economically viable, irrespective of local planning decisions.

However, it’s unlikely that a government-backed decision would be imposed until after May 2015 as it could cost a lot of votes.

My main concern would be the use of our fresh water during the fracturing process.

Sea water makes up 97.5 per cent of the world’s water, so why not insist that the fracking companies must be contracted to the desalination of sea water, leaving our reservoirs free for the general public.

Desalination plants now produce drinking water in several countries and this water should be adequate for the clean water that fracking engineers say is critical for their formulas.

Our dependency on clean water remains crucial to our, and future generation’s health.

Michael A Marlow, Staining

Searching for a long lost uncle

Good people of Morecambe, please help my wife and I find the whereabouts of her uncle, Valentine Healey.

We emigrated to Canada in 1999 and sadly have lost contact. The last known address we have for him was 50 Beaufort Road, Morecambe.We can be reached at

We thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

Wayne and Shirley Smith, via e-mail