Reader’s letters - Monday December 15, 2014

PNE manager Simon Grayson unveiling the Sir Tom Finney mosaic at Deepdale (see letter)
PNE manager Simon Grayson unveiling the Sir Tom Finney mosaic at Deepdale (see letter)
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Phase role out police role

Police and Crime Commisioners were introduced to replace police authorities. They can only be ousted at the ballot box every four years, unless convicted of a criminal offence. This was kept hidden from the public at the time of their election.

After the Rotherham scandal broke, leading to the initial refusal of police commissioner Shaun Wright to stand down, the Home Secretary said she was considering the introduction of recall powers for PCCs who were failing.

The APCC is also considering the proposal. PCCs were elected on a derisory turnout of around 11 per cent. The election cost millions. They earn around £85000 per year. Many, like Clive Grunshaw appointed assistants, at salaries of around £30,000. He has just dispensed with his.

The police watchdog, IPCC, has released statistics that show over a half of the PCCs have been investigated by them in the past two years because of allegations of wrongdoing.

At a time of austerity, and given the evidence above, it is time commissioners were abolished.

They were deeply flawed from the outset. Labour has pledged to scrap the posts, if elected. Nick Clegg wants them to go.

What is needed in their place is increased local accountability, and higher standards. The savings can then be put into enhancing frontline policing. The current system is one that encourages waste.

Dr Barry Clayton, via email

Putting art in the picture

Referring to the article ‘Mosaic tribute to legend Sir Tom’ (LEP December 9).

The article states that the new mosaic of Sir Tom Finney, which now hangs in the Sir Tom Finney stand reception, was put together by Spanish artisan craftsmen using a new type of ‘invisible’ grout. Far from me to cast aspersions on the credibility of the aforementioned Spanish artisan craftsmen but surely the whole idea of a mosaic is that the grout is ‘visible’. If it was ‘invisible’ would it not just be a painting.

If i was to use the same technique in my job I’d soon be out of work!

Block Pavin Billy, via e-mail

Just too many festive trees

At what cost has Chorley acquired their own forestry as I have never seen as many Christmas trees in the town?It’s like a mini forest and at what cost? Chapel Street alone has 100 trees on the building and lights and brackets.

Have we got money to burn as most buildings have got two to each building, yet I always thought you couldn’t drill into someone else’s property.

And please don’t use the excuse it brings more people into Chorley. Then you have Cleveland Street, Fazakerley Street, Market Street... the list goes, along with the running costs.

But then you come to the little pathetic tree outside the town hall which should bring people in? Could you please print the cost of this venture as most rate payers are struggling to buy one Christmas tree per household?

Mr Green, via email

Thank lord for Health Service

I have reached “Three Score and Ten” and beyond, due in no small part to the services of the NHS, ranging from GP care, routine check-ups, vaccinations, blood tests, hospialisation, joint replacement surgery, accident and emergency treatment, dental and opthalmic care and let’s not forget my monthly “Pill Bill.”

I would suggest that individuals wishing to denigrate the service should “Opt Out” and try a country or system that does not have an NHS. My last comment “Thank The Lord For The NHS.”

Bob Whittaker, Rimington

Postal dates for festive season

As Christmas approaches, Royal Mail research suggests over 20 per cent of us leave it until Dec-ember before getting started on our online Christmas shopping.

Here are some tips for readers to help them plan for the last minute rush to be ready for Christmas.

Order early, post early and use the postcode. Ordering early means that you have time to return Christmas presents if they are not quite right and order new ones.

Posting early for Christmas will enable people to enjoy their Christmas cards for longer and helps Royal Mail spread the workload at its busiest time.

Royal Mail’s postcode finder can help you locate address

details for long lost cousins.

Using the postcode also helps Royal Mail sort the cards and letters by machine rather than by hand.

Don’t forget latest recommended posting dates - see www.royalmail.com/Christmas2014 for full details.

December 18 – Second Class

December 20 – First Class

December 23 – Special Delivery Guaranteed,

Amazon is offering its online customers access to Royal Mail’s Local Collect ‘click and collect’ network. Online shoppers can now choose to get their parcels delivered to over 10,500 Post Office branches throughout the UK

Don’t forget that Royal Mail delivery offices all over the UK are open longer throughout

December. Details will be on the Something for You card you

receive if you are not at home when we try to deliver an item that requires a signature or is too large to go through the letterbox.

When sending fragile items, make sure you pack them carefully, providing adequate protection for your important items.

Geoff Braden, operations director,

Royal Mail Wales and West Midlands

What is wrong with planners?

I would just like to let you know why I think Preston lags behind the rest of the country when it comes to looking to the future of this sad city.

It is because I think the powers that be are only concerned with the older generation. I feel they only have a village attitude to life and are scared to death of change and growth. That’s why they drag their feet all the time. They love traffic lights though.

Richard Eccles, via e-mail