Reader’s letters - Monday April 13, 2015

An artist's impression of the proposed Trampower project for Preston city centre (see letter)
An artist's impression of the proposed Trampower project for Preston city centre (see letter)
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Short-sighted on transport

I can’t describe how disappointed I am once again in our city planners who have thrown out the latest tramway application.

If Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council showed as much interest in our future transport needs as it does in granting permission for supermarkets and the building of more and more roads, we would be looking at how the tramway should connect the bus station to Deepdale, West View Leisure Centre, Deepdale Retail Park, Brookfield, the Millennium and Red Scar employment sites, Grimsargh and through to Longridge.

The latest excuse sounds like a lack of desire and vision and will make us a laughing stock as a city stuck in the past. I understand the pressure provincial towns and cities are under, but we cannot look to central government to solve our problems as they haven’t shown any interest in us for over two decades and will not in the future.

Therefore it is up to us as citizens, councillors and planners to develop our future and that has to start with a fully integrated transport infrastructure that is not car and tarmac dependant.

So let’s use the bus station as a transport hub of the future and not waste its potential on short term cost savings of the Youth Zone that could be easily sited elsewhere in the city.

We need to start now before the house building in the north west of Preston is in full swing and before we are finally encircled by needless supermarkets because, if not, your very own April fools spoof ‘Cars set for the Guild Wheel’ will be our future.

Michael at the Carbuncle, via e-mail

Sadness of the unnamed dead

It would be interesting to solve the horrible mystery of the foot in a shoe, washed up on one of our beaches here in 1987, with another foot also in a shoe, remaining on the sands at Middleton (LEP March 6).

If I remember rightly there were body parts (in a bag) found at Pilling too. Who was this poor unfortunate woman who must have been murdered?

Surely someone, a relative or friend, wondered where she was. Was it someone who just went out for a walk with obviously a violent lover or boyfriend?

A very great pity there are also many men who have not been identified yet. Everyone moves about more, from place to place, from county to county, looking for either work or a new life. We all wore metal identity bracelets during the war and carried identity cards which was a really good idea then.

Photographs with school and health centre records should be made important and legal. We should worry more about missing relatives or friends. We sometimes do not know even the name of a neighbour nowadays.

Mrs S Morley, address supplied

Impact of Scots vote in England

Do the people of this country realise the full extent of the constitutional crisis that may be lurking just round the corner?

That is the position of Scottish MPs of any party still being allowed to vote in Parliament at Westminster on matters that appertain only to England and Wales on areas of governance previously devolved to the Scottish Parliament!

The vital dimension of ‘democracy’ was never considered or settled by ‘New’ Labour and Tony Blair when devolution was under consideration, and has meant tuition fees, NHS prescription charges, hospital parking costs, care of the elderly etc now, thanks to those Scottish votes, must all be paid for in full by England, when the very same services are free in Scotland.

Now Alex Salmond threatens to wreck the next Conservative government if they win enough seats at Westminster to hold the balance of power, as it were.

DS Boyes, address supplied

Encourage the young to vote

What a good idea lowering the voting age to 16 - why not lower it further I say - try 14.

Problem is, voting at present is very much an act of either loyalty or disappointment and loyalty aside, if not adequately incensed, upset and peeved by the past performance of ones MP or party voting may turn out to be a rather tame affair with little or no sense of payback.

I don’t personally see much in present-day politics to attract the young although I’ve been surprised before and can only hope that the young do take up the gauntlet with a fair and determined sense of right and wrong and hopefully help turn Westminster into a powerhouse of fresh ideas and dynamic prospect unlike much that has gone before.

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Action needed at black spot

I have just returned home, frozen, after helping at yet another road accident at the Inglewhite Road and Halfpenny Lane junction. The elderly couple involved are lucky to be alive.

Over the past decade there have been many such incidents with as many near misses, probably unreported.

The problem as I see it is the excessive speed of traffic on Inglewhite Road either leaving or entering Longridge and the restricted visibility of traffic leaving Halfpenny Lane, at the moment exacerbated by parked vehicles from the ongoing building projects on the old Ryans sites.

The Highway Authorities and police seem ambivalent to this serious problem. What concerns me more is the proposed development within this area. Already there are two housing developments on the Ryans sites going ahead which introduce yet more traffic onto poor junctions on Inglewhite Road.

There is a dubious planning application which would involve increased traffic from the Belmont access road. There are plans for hundreds of houses on Halfpenny Lane and Chipping road.

Has anybody in responsibility given any serious thought to the traffic implications on Inglewhite Road and its junctions with Halfpenny Lane and Chipping Road? Or do we have to wait for that fatal accident?

John Proud, via e-mail