Reader’s letters - Monday 30 December 2013

Business and residents in New Hall Lane, Preston, are letting down the city, according to one reader
Business and residents in New Hall Lane, Preston, are letting down the city, according to one reader
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Game shoots not a danger

Seeing the recent letters concerning shooting, I think some explanation is needed. The countryside is not a public park. Woods and fields are just as much private land as a suburban back garden is. Shooting rights are economically valuable rights over land and must be owned or rented by those shooting.

Most of the farmland in North Lancashire is shot over. Sometimes it is the farmer or landowner shooting with family and friends, sometimes it is let out to syndicates (groups of individuals who shoot together, sharing the cost) and sometimes shoots are commercial operations (a day’s pheasant shooting might typically be sold for about £10,000).

Shooting generates quite a bit of employment in rural areas either directly (eg gamekeepers, loaders, beaters, pickers-up, lunch ladies, gun shops, game farms) or indirectly (eg hotels and pubs where visiting “guns” are staying or dining).

It is also responsible for an enormous amount of conservation and for keeping the countryside looking the way we love it: 80 per cent of small woodlands are planted for shooting.

The shot birds are sold to game dealers and provide a source of sustainable, healthy food (and, again, employment).

Public footpaths are defined routes across private land, usually traditional routes from one farm or settlement to another.

They do not confer a legal right to picnic or play or allow dogs to run around. But if you stick to the path, and merely walk along it, you cannot be sued for trespass nor ordered off the land by the occupier. The occupier must not physically block the route. That is all. The walker must look out for his own safety and also bear in mind the farmer might be spreading slurry, or a bull might be grazing, or shooting might be in progress.

It is entirely up to him whether he wants to walk along that particular path at a time when any given activity is taking place along the route. The “shooters” weren’t too close to “A Garstang Resident’s” walk; rather, “A Garstang Resident” was walking across someone else’s shoot.

Finally, people who shoot can tell the difference between a walker and her dog on the one hand and a pheasant or partridge on the other, and take safety very seriously.

Dr Richard Austen-Baker, Abbeystead

Town walk of fame great idea

I read the letter from Graham Archer (letters December 19) which suggested the idea of a Walk of Fame on Market Street, in Chorley. I think this is a brilliant idea – along with the regenerated area, this could be the jewel in the crown.

I think some kind of petition or campaign should be organised in order to get public support and opinions on the idea.

People like Sir Henry Tate and Charles Lightholler are people from this town who deserve to be honoured in this way by the town they came from.

And it could be a good attraction and nice earner too. I would love to read other people’s views on this.

Karl Atkinson , Chorley

Gateway into city a disgrace

New Hall Lane is a disgrace and don’t blame the council. From Skeffington Road to Acregate Lane, as well as Maitland Street, every bin had bags and bags of rubbish dumped beside them.

It is also bad at the top of Scothforth Road. These people are a disgrace.

They’re all too lazy to recycle any of their rubbish.

None of them must recycle to have rubbish like this. I recycle and my bin is only half full.

This happens every week and cameras need to be put in these places and they need to be fined.

What must people think coming through New Hall Lane.

It’s a disgrace. I was brought up in this area.

Name and address provided

How to tackle the fame game

Apparently, TV comedy actress Miranda Hart, says she’s struggled with the pressures of TV fame during the last year.

I expect a fat pay packet has gone some way of easing this pressure somewhat! But there’s nothing stopping you from leaving TV and giving us the viewers some much needed peace? After all, if you are struggling with the pressures of TV fame just think how we the viewers feel every time you appear on TV?

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Will the bypass ever be built

I totally agree with the letter about Broughton Bypass (letters December 19) as I think the scheme that we are going to have wait for is not going to happen until the builders have sold enough houses.

They are going to install the northern section but will have to wait for the southern section and that could be 10 years before its ready.

Name and address, supplied

Putting out logs not a priority

The small minded bureaucrats who are trying to stop log burning in the Black Horse pub should be named and shamed then we know who to vote for at the next local elections.

If they’re hiding behind smokeless zone laws they must do something about November 5 more smoke is emitted on one night than the Black Horse could emit in 1,000 years.

Ken Hayes via e-mail

Time someone took charge

After the recent traffic snarl-ups throughout Lancaster I am prompted to ask whose responsibility it is to keep traffic flowing?

It’s been many years since I saw a police constable on point duty (readers aged under 30 may have to ask their parents what this entails), so presumably this task has been delegated to some other authority. But who?

Is it the individual motorist, perhaps? The Highways Agency? The local council? Or (God forbid) the county council? Perhaps they each think it’s the other’s responsibility.

Gordon Arkwright, Torrisholme