Reader’s letters - Monday 27 January 2014

Work on the �3.4m improvements for Fishergate, in Preston
Work on the �3.4m improvements for Fishergate, in Preston
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Works recipe for road rage

What on earth is going through the collective minds of Lancashire County and Preston City Councils?

This work on Fishergate is a disaster waiting to happen and someone is going to get seriously hurt. Vehicles and pedestrians need to be separated for safety reasons - Blackpool had this system on the Prom but is now putting it back as it was because it’s too dangerous.

Vehicles also need traffic lights and other guidance, especially now since the death of common courtesy and common sense.

At least traffic lights ensure everyone ‘gets a go’ whereas the new system will rely upon drivers being courteous to each other and being sensible in giving way and letting others out.

Maybe 20 years ago, yes, but in modern times where everyone is stressed out, wound up, in a rush, and road-rage incidents happen at the drop of a hat? No chance - the area will become a road-rage hotspot.

And what’s the reasoning behind the new road markings at the Adelphi Roundabout on the Corporation Street/Fylde Road side? They’ve taken away one lane and made it into the widest cycle area I’ve ever seen, but strangely enough, I’ve hardly ever see any cycles going around there.

The entire town centre will become gridlocked with their meddling. Oh but wait - they can then introduce a congestion charge can’t they? Not that I’m cynical or anything!

John A Hewitt, via e-mail

Smoking laws must be policed

I am writing about the law banning smoking in an enclosed environment, or rather the existence of two laws as it does not seem to apply to everybody equally.

Recently I visited two shisha cafes in Preston. Both times people were smoking shisha pipes quite openly. The premises were entirely closed on all four sides and from floor to ceiling.

I informed Preston Council about this about one and a half months ago but as yet nothing appears to have been done. Is this a case of double standards?

In my opinion if a pub was allowing smoking like this I think the council and the police would have acted by now and am curious about why they are letting them get away with for so long.

As one cafe has already been prosecuted for this, I can only assume they think this law only applies to others and not to them.

I think this may be due to political correctness on the part of the council and police.

Gravis Mushnick, Ashton

Funding cuts hit users hard

I am writing to express our sorry and regret at the council’s decision not to afford any more funding to the Stroke Society as from March 2014, which will probably mean that it will have to close.

My husband had stroke two and a half years ago and it has been our lifeline. We only meet once a month but there is always someone at the end of a phone to help and answer your questions.

Considering the number of people, many of them quite young, who suffer strokes and the absence of any encouragement with other patients to interact and have some sort of social life, I think it very sad that the council has taken this decision.

Mrs Janet Markham, Fulwood

Living off a ‘stable’ diet

It was during the horse meat scandal that I went to see my doctor and I was advised to watch what I eat in the future. So, I took their medical advice... I ‘galloped’ off to Aintree!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

A victim’s life after abuse

Much media coverage is given to those in the dock for child abuse. Little is mentioned of their

victims and just because they are “found innocent” does not mean that they didn’t do it.

This is for us...

Paedophiles do not stand out, wear “beast” across their brow;

And if one passed, you’d never gasp, “There goes a monster now.”

So many guises mask their need to rob a child of grace...

Without a thought of how they’ll cope as flash-backs they re-trace.

But older do these get to realise with shame,

That something happened long ago, and think they are to blame.

Each child abused is hostage to the secret of their past

Seeing sin through adult eyes and to this they hold fast.

Self-harm, self-doubt, not brave to shout, they battle


To face the trauma day-to day

Of what long passed,


One day I hope to realise and fully reconcile

That life’s about so many things

Not just that PAEDOPHILE.

Connie, Preston

Tin openers are a welcome gift

Referring to Ann Bromilow’s letter (letters January 11), who with her husband had attended Chester Cathedral on Christmas Day.

They had stopped to speak to two homeless men carrying bags of donated tin food, sadly no tin opener.

Coincidentally having read above, my daughter rang me, I repeated same to her as she is closely involved with the cathedral. Apparently people have been requested to donate tin openers. Many now received.

Mrs J E Hardcastle, Fulwood

Carols support was brilliant

Thank you to all the people who supported Lost and Found and St Anthony’s Singers when we sang Christmas carols and Christmas songs outside One Stop on Black Bull Lane on

December 21.

This was a big success and we raised £209.17 for the Philippines typhoon disaster.

Angie Strickland, Fulwood