Reader’s letters - Monday 17 February 2014

The day a muck spreader hit ITV's Emmerdale but as one reader notes they are no fun
The day a muck spreader hit ITV's Emmerdale but as one reader notes they are no fun
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Health care test anguish

I have been reading reports about vulnerable elderly people being wrongly made to pay care fees. I felt the need to write to you as this is at present happening to my mum.

A week ago we had a third assessment on mum to see if she qualified for continuing healthcare and yet again its was declin ed. I felt so angry and let down that I have written to David Cameron. Mum is in a nursing home for a very good reason, she could no longer be looked after at home and needs 24 hour care which we, as a family, were unable to provide, if we could have she would definitely not be where she is now.

She will be 87 years old this month, totally immobile needing hoisting even for repositioning, cannot communicate by any means, needs feeding and is doubly incontinent. The law states that if a person’s primary need is for health care then this should be funded in full by the NHS.

Mum should qualify for continuing health care but the government has found a way of interpreting a person’s needs by manipulating the wording detailed in the “decision making tool” to repeatedly decline funding.

If the NHS really cannot afford to fully fund elderly health care then a solution should be found, although they are able to fund these countless unnecessary “assessments” being carried out numerous times on a daily basis up and down the country.

Miss Glynis Castle, Fulwood

Frack firm not giving answers

I am a local resident and business owner who was amazed by the level of propaganda being used at the local meeting with Cuadrilla. Cuadrilla were claiming to be experts at fracking citing the Elswick site as an example. In actual fact they have never used ‘slick’ or ‘high volume fracturing’ here as used in America and other countries.

They expect to use less chemicals but they do not have the benefit of years of experience to back up these claims and we wont know the true composition until they progress from exploration to fracturing. They also fail to mention the number of toxic chemicals brought up from the ground in the ‘frack fluid’

When I asked about bore wall integrity they couldn’t confirm what would happen in 60 years time after they had plugged the well and left. Concrete and steel will be subject to pressure, erosion and natural subsidence. To enable ground water to stay safe there must be a guarantee that wall integrity will never fail and this is impossible.

There was also no mention of methane release which is a massive contributor to global warming and puts fracking on par with burning coal. It is my belief fracking has replaced green energy on the government’s agenda as they have slashed green subsidies while handing the fracking industry massive funding.

This is as much a fight for the environment as it is for local concerns. We were scraping the bottom of the barrel with deep sea oil drilling and we are now desperate enough to industrialise our countryside and pump chemicals into the earth.

Michael Smith, Blackpool

Shame of the mucky farmer

I trust the farmer who was spraying manure from Black Lane between Nateby and Cogie Hill on February 10 from the road into the field is happy with his work. I am certainly not.

He stopped spraying while cars passed then started again straight away. This might not sound too aggravating but when you’re on a bicycle it isn’t much fun being sprayed with slurry/manure. To ride home smelling like a pile of manure wasn’t the greatest of rides. I just wish he could have been a bit more polite and waited for me to pass as he definitely saw me coming.

Alan H Tyler, via e-mail

Looking for an old movie book

Wanted the film buff who bought the book, I’m hoping to find. My interest in old black and white films of the 1930s and 1940s began when I was eight or nine.

At the Saturday morning Gaumont and afternoons at the Plaza, Guild, Star and Rialto.

I have always believed the stars of the 1930s and 1940s were bolstered in their careers by the brilliant character actors of that period.

Now to my quest! Approximately 13 or 14 years ago in aterstones I saw a book on the shelf but at the time I did not have enough money on me.

A couple of weeks later – guess what? – it was gone, but I had not taken a note of the author. So, could the lucky person who managed to obtain it, please supply me with the author and correct title. I think its one of these: United States Character Actors 30s and 40s; US Character Actors 30s and 40s or American Character Actors 30s and 40s.

I would be extremely grateful. One thing that puzzles me, why don’t they show more of these old films today (and the British films of the same period), but instead films from such places as Korea, Japan, China etc (all with sub-titles). These television stations don’t seem interested.

Stan Loftus, Penwortham

How can smoke ban be policed?

Looks like a good idea, but like the 20mph limit its something that’s almost impossible to police, I’m referring to the new proposal to ban smoking in cars, where children are present.

I think you will find that if adults are insensitive enough to smoke with kids in their cars, the same people will no doubt smoke in their homes with children also present. I don’t think you can make it work, but if you want to ban something noxious from cars may I suggest Jeremy Clarkson and his two idiotic friends.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Duchess lucky to have holiday

The Duchess of Cambridge can spend what she likes on a holiday but please don’t tell me she is “hard working” (letters January 14). She lives a life of privilege far removed from the reality of hard work as millions of people know it.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood