Reader’s letters - Monday 13 January 2014

One reader believes Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair are to blame for the state of Britain
One reader believes Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair are to blame for the state of Britain
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Where it all went wrong

Yes Jim, I can tell you where it all went wrong (letters January 7), and what’s more it’s still going wrong and it’s going to get worse unless there’s major changes.

We have declined from Number One nation to third rate also-ran in 100 years.

The reason at the heart of all our decline is because our productive capacity, ingenuity, and superior technology has been declining relative to our competitors since 1900.

We overflow with ‘artists’ of one kind or another, plus accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, conniving fraudster bankers, and worst of all, the next to worthless economists etc. Not one of them actually producing anything.

Those of us and our children who graduate from university, do so in “arts” subjects.

Science and engineering subjects are a bit too close to “actual work” for comfort plus they are “hard” subjects in which one just much face the truth i.e. Will this new type plane actually fly or not?.

In this world of lotus eating there’s no place for skilled technicians aspiring to make perfection and/or improve things.

It’s up to the rest of the world (especially Germany, Japan, China) to send us everything we need to continue our gormless relaxed existence.

We must subsidise all science, maths and engineering degrees, giving a serious bonus for first class results and make it clear to all, as it is in Germany, Italy, even France etc. that an engineer is not a repairman nor a technician (desirable and very useful though they be) but is actually a mixture of physicist, mathematician, chemist, and a big dollop of ingenuity.

All arts subjects must be fully paid for by the student. No subsidy of any kind. The nation can get by nicely without them for the time being. Just how many poets do we need?

Make clear that to be closely associated with a productive exporting entity is the pinnacle of social hierarchy.

It would probably help if Britain became a federal state of about six or seven regions of approximately equal population, each having its own state senate and Westminster being reduced to a rump of 50 to deal with federal matters.

Eventually this would put a stop to the absurd concentration in the south east.

Given time, the effete southerners (I was one) would never be able to keep up with a flourishing, inventive, productive, profitable, north!

Nigel Taylor, Fulwood

Blame plight on the politicians

Lovely letter from the admirable Jim Walker, wondering where yesterday’s values had gone, and ending “where did it all go wrong?” It went wrong when our all politicians made it a career, not a calling.

The days of the Bevans, Bevins etc are gone and we have socialists like Kinnock and Blair who have worn a path taking their buckets to the trough.

It went disastrously wrong when Heath put the poison pen to sign up for the EU. So now we have today’s “values”. Huge cuts are still being made. Still, I am awaiting foreign aid from super powers China and India. Who’s holding whose breath?

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Sign of times now long gone

Regarding signs (LEP January 7), I wonder if Mr Lucas also spotted a few other advertising signs around our town (whoops) city, for venues long gone ?

I mentioned to my grandchildren the football museum must be coming back to Preston where it belongs as the signs are still advertising the venue, near the Preston North End football ground.

Could it be they may have a long wait. I had better make other plans just in case.

J Farnworth, Grimsargh

headline head line

Help catch the badger baiters

Lancashire Badger Group is calling for your help in protecting badger setts within your area.

Unfortunately in 2013 we received more than 20 incidents relating to badger persecution within Lancashire. From December to April our reported badger persecutions rise, due to the increase in badger baiting activities.

Badgers spend longer underground, and as cubs are present the adult badger will put up a greater fight.

We have highlighted certain areas of Lancashire where incidents have occurred frequently. We are asking that over the coming months you look out for potential signs of badger persecution, or individuals/groups of people who may be going equipped to carry out such activities.

Here’s what to look for: If you see people with dogs and spades, perhaps while you are out walking in the local area, please dial 101 (the police non-emergency number) and also notify Lancashire Badger Group (0844 8707908).

Do not approach these individuals. Instead, if you can, make a note of their descriptions, registration plate and colour and make of any vehicles they may be travelling in. Do not put yourself in danger.

If you have any information you can also contact us anonymously. We thank you for your support in protecting Lancashire’s badgers; should you require anymore information please contact us.

Ian Scott, sett protection officer, Lancashire Badger Group (

Health service was first class

We often read negative reports to do with the NHS. This letter must be a rare exception. I recently had a health scare which was dealt with due haste.

I visited my local surgery was offered an appointment at the same day clinic. That was booked for 5.30pm, I was told I would be contacted by the appropriate clinic the next day, yes I did think, I’ll believe it when I see it!

The clinic rang me at 3pm the next day with an appointment for the same evening and within 24 hours of my initial visit to my surgery I had been examined then finally told there was a problem but nothing to be too worried about. My treatment by everyone I came in contact with was swift and thorough.

Joan Ashworth, address supplied