Reader’s letters - Monday 05 May 2014

Richard Fulford Brown, pictured with MP Mark Menzies at Lytham railway station. Mr Brown is upset at the decline of local rail services
Richard Fulford Brown, pictured with MP Mark Menzies at Lytham railway station. Mr Brown is upset at the decline of local rail services
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Saying ‘yes’ to new homes

As a resident of Morecambe, I’m concerned about the lack of serious local debate on the homes we need in our community when there’s clearly a big problem.

Many of us are finding it really hard to save enough money to get on the housing ladder, or are struggling with increasing rents while our salaries are staying the same.

I am part of the Yes to Homes campaign which is helping to create a lifeline for the people who are renting, trying to get on the housing ladder, and stuck at home with only dreams of moving out.

We all need to be prepared to join in the local debate with our local councillors to tackle this problem, and think about how we can get the right homes in the right places at prices that are affordable for everybody in Morecambe.

But our community leaders can only deliver those homes if more local people speak up and tell them things must change. The community must join the Yes to Homes campaign, together we can make them listen.

Please sign the petition for more of the right homes, in the right place, at the right price at

Steven Ogden, Morecambe

Last chance to register to vote

On Thursday May 22 2014 European Parliamentary elections and local elections are taking place across the North West.

It’s crucial in the run up to the elections that the public know how to exercise their right to vote.

Whether you’ve already decided who to vote for or are still thinking about how to cast your vote, there’s one vital step you need to take. You need to register to vote now as time is running out. The deadline for registration is Tuesday May 6.

Why does this matter? If you’re not registered by the deadline then you won’t be able to have your say on election day. You must be on the current electoral roll in order to cast a vote.

Our research shows that 44 per cent of people who are not registered to vote mistakenly believe they are. Many people believe that if they are registered to pay council tax then they are automatically registered to vote. This just isn’t true.

Registering to vote is free, easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Visit and print off a registration form, fill in your details and send it back to the local Electoral Registration Officer.

Remember: it’s your vote, don’t lose it!

Sir Howard Bernstein,

Regional Returning Officer North West

We need rail as much as roads

As we in South Fylde know, the rail authorities have always been against the local service since the dreadful days of Thatcher and Beeching.

What was once a perfectly good service was deliberately run down, local stations demolished, excellent train carriages replaced by sub-standard rolling stock – the list of vandalism is endless.

One of the busiest stations was Blackpool Central on the South Fylde line, used by thousands of holidaymakers as it opened right on to the Promenade.

There were masses of rolling stock, taking holidaymakers right to the main beach.

The closure of the station made no sense, except for the Blackpool businessmen and their cronies in the Town Hall smelling money to be made.

In time to come, people willrealise that we need rail as well as roads and we should therefore plan for an integrated and vital rail system.

Richard Fulford Brown, South Fylde Community Rail Partnership

Keeping our rural areas tidy

I am resident in St Michaels and as we fight with the wind farm, I came home to the new Maple Timber erected sign outside the entry to my home, 25 foot high looks horrendous on the A586/5.

No planning permission, looks like a motorway sign how can this be right? Residents in Wyre are given a really bad deal. I have complained to the council but have little confidence they will do anything makes you wonder why we pay our council tax rates and why they are in place.

Residential areas in the Wyre are becoming spoilt and unattractive; Wyre Council is driving residents out of the area as they fail to control people doing what they want in semi and rural areas.

Look at the rubbish in hedges and in some of the garbage in gardens have we no pride in where we live – I am ashamed to say where I live to some people as the area is becoming a rubbish dump.

Mrs Williams, St Michael’s on Wyre

Euro elections are a giveaway

So, PM David Cameron says: “If we all want to see real change in Europe, we must vote for Conservative in the European elections on May 22.”

In other words, if we all vote Conservative, we can then hand even more powers to Brussels!

I can now hear them all laughing on the Brussels gravy train!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Film crew look for tax issues

I work for Tiger Aspect and we’re currently producing a documentary series on tax for Channel 4.

We’re filming behind the scenes with HMRC in various departments and we’ll be coming to Lancashire as a result. We’re looking to hear local tax payers stories to potentially feature within the series.

We would like to speak to anyone in Lancashire with an ongoing tax problem.

Filmed over the course of 2014, the series will follow people as they try to deal with a broad range of tax issues. Please contact Ruth Newton on or 0208 222 4891 for more information.

Ruth Newton, via email