Reader’s letters - Monday 03 February 2014

One reader is concerned the veil is a bar to integration in society
One reader is concerned the veil is a bar to integration in society
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Burka a bar to integration

In my opinion, an increasing number of Islamic women in Preston are wearing full Islamic dress, including the veil. This acts as a barrier to integration as it is impossible to make facial communication.

I was in Tesco today and a lady in a burka bumped into me as she was on her mobile phone, but there was no apology. Did she feel that she could not converse with a man? Immigration has been a benefit to this country but it is important that immigrants integrate. Living in isolated areas such as Deepdale and attending only Muslim schools leads to isolation.

Non-faith schools where everybody mixes are surely the way forward. This would ensure that everybody sees other lifestyles and understands their beliefs.

Unfortunately, the Islamic faith indoctrinates from birth with education in madrassas and does not help them to live in an increasingly secular Britain.

Concerned from Fulwood

Tax survey just does not add

Mr Clive Grunshaw naively seems to think almost threequarters of Lancashire’s council tax payers are happy to accept an increase in the police precept - and that’s in addition to other increases by Lancashire County Council and many of its district councils. And this is coming on top of last year’s two per cent hike!

However, the public are not going to see more police on the streets or even a few more PCSOs. Instead, we shall have a further contingent of social workers. And never mind that most rural and quite a number of urban police stations have disappeared.

Just how does he think hard pressed families can find these extra demands? Surely Mr Grunshaw must have heard of the research done by his Labour Party colleague Ms Veronica Bennett, his party’s candidate for South Ribble?

She asserts that families in that area are around £75 a week worse off in real terms than three years ago. No doubt this is the case in most of Lancashire!

Moreover, has he not heard of the growing number of people struggling with mounting debt?

So how Mr Grunshaw can declare that nearly 75 per cent of Lancashire residents are happy with this further imposition is beyond comprehension.

He must have visited an area called Lancashire on the other side of the planet Mars! But why should he worry? With his commissioner’s salary of £85,000 along with his county councillor’s generous allowances he really does seem to be on another planet!

A Underwood, New Longton

Rethink cuts to bus services

I am writing to voice my concerns about the proposed cut in subsidies to many bus services across the county.

I appreciate the current central government is forcing local authorities to make ever more savings and I would not like to have to take these decisions.

However, I feel that cutting bus services is not the way forward when we need to conserve fuel in the light of peak oil.

In my view, what is required is more and better public transport, not less. People need to be encouraged to use public transport rather than cars.

Having fewer bus services, especially in rural areas, is likely to increase the number of cars on the roads and/or to mean some people become isolated, particularly older people and those on low incomes.

The Freehold and Ridge number 10 service particularly affects me but I understand there are a number of other services likely to be affected both across the county.

I hope, therefore, that Lancashire County Council will reconsider.

Name and address supplied

Show dates for drama groups

To avoid further confusion and embarrassment to both our

societies I would like to announce the following:

The Club Players are presenting the Agatha Christie, Miss Marple ,Murder Mystery A Murder is Announced on February 5 to 8 at Broughton Club , Whitingham Lane , Broughton. Telephone the box office 01772 774208 for tickets.

On the same dates, Broughton Players are presenting Murder Weapon at The Playhouse, Market Street West, Preston.

Tickets can be booked on 01772 771744.

We are two separate drama groups . We have no connection other than friendly rivalry and support of each other.

So if you enjoy an excellent night’s entertainment working out whodunnit we would both appreciate your support.

Patricia Coward box office manager and publicity officer, The Club Players.

Charity thanks for aid support

On behalf of Leyland and Cuerden Valley Lions Club I would like to thank the customers of Leyland’s Asda store for their generous donations to our collection at the end of November in aid of the hurricane disaster in the Philippines.

The collection raised £239.45, which the Lions Club topped up to £250. We are also grateful to the management and staff at Asda for allowing us to collect at the store.

The sum of £250 was sent to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to be passed to Lions clubs in the Philippines to administer.

This ensures that sums donated get to the places where they are most needed, with no deductions on the way.

LCIF’s disaster fund is used to mitigate disasters in many parts of the world, with areas in the UK being among past recipients, as in the case of the Cumbrian flood disaster a few years ago.

Leyland and Cuerden Valley Lions has been serving the local community since 1976, and is currently in need of a few more members.

If you would like to know more about the Lions please telephone 0845 833 9857 or email

Derek Westall, President of Leyland and Cuerden Valley Lions Club