Reader’s letters - July 09, 2015

A stamp celebrating  Preston's Richard Arkwright  A correspondent suggests a statue of the inventor. See letter
A stamp celebrating Preston's Richard Arkwright A correspondent suggests a statue of the inventor. See letter
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An opportunity missed?

I read in the Post that Winckley Square is to be given £1.2m to be renovated (LEP June 28).

It seems rather a lot to me.

Were Myerscough College approached to play a part, or Uclan? I would think that this would have been right up their street, or it might have made a great project for Alan Titchmarsh.

I note that part of the funding is to restore the Sir Robert Peel Statue.

There are only three statues in Preston. As well as the Sir Robert Peel Statue, there is the Earl of Derby. The other, of course, is the Great Sir Tom. The first two not even being Prestonians.

Have we missed a great opportunity to recognise the talents of probably Preston’s most famous son – the Father of the Industrial Revolution, Sir Richard Arkwright, whose fame is spread far and wide?

The Industrial Revolution started a few hundred yards away, behind the parish church.

Students coming to Preston from all over the world would have something to take back home –a photograph taken with a statue of Arkwright.

What price could you put on the selling of Preston and marketing to such a vast audience?

But as my good friend Wilf Boardman often says to me “what price a Prophet in his own back yard?”

Over to you, Simon Rigby, please come to our rescue and put the statue in front of the Guild Hall. You seem to be the only real visionary and have the necessary clout to make this great heritage city proud progressive Preston.

Tony Slater via email

No litter from anti-frackers

Would Name and Address Supplied, writing in Wednesday’s LEP (July 8) care to itemise the mess left by anti- frackers outside County Hall last week?

At my own expense, I took along refuse bags and, as the demonstration outside County Hall lessened later in the afternoon, went around with other demonstrators collecting any waste that had been left near the premises.

The litter bin filled up early on and, when a council member came to empty it, I pointed out three other filled bags next to the bin waiting to be collected later on.

Almost all placards and banners were removed at the end of the day, with two or three small ones remaining in the traffic cones.

As I passed by on the bus home about 5.30pm, I noticed one demonstrator left who appeared to be finishing tidying up. There were three plastic bottles still remaining on the edge of the pavement.

Several hundred people were at the demonstration that day.

I would challenge Name and Address Supplied to attend any public gathering, be it cinema, football, festival or parade, and find any of these places left litter free.

It appears that the intention of the letter was solely to discredit protestors.

Mrs D Kelk

Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth and Frackfree Lancashire

County Hall staff helpful

It has been quite lively at County Hall in Preston over the last few days, both inside and out, as the development control committee considered applications by Cuadrilla to explore for shale gas here in the Fylde.

I was one of a number of residents allowed to address the committee, and would like to offer my personal thanks to all the staff at County Hall that I met, for being friendly and helpful, and easing the whole process.

The issue is complex and the committee had to read and digest several thousand pages of material in order to come to a balanced decision, so an especial thanks goes to Coun Penney, as I have learned that she suffered more than most, in pursuit of this goal.

T Froud, Lytham

No mention of right regiment

I’d like to comment on the piece in your paper which I found rather insulting to Lancashire’s Own Cavalry Regiment the 14th/20th King’s Hussars. I was reading the article Regiment Prepares for Big March through City Streets (LEP July 3). May I say your post is incorrect in some facts.

Firstly, the freedom of the city was actually given to the 14th/20th King’s Hussars.

Secondly, The King’s Royal Hussars is a regiment formed from the amalgamation of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars (1420H) and the Royal Hussars (PWO) (RH).

Thirdly, The 1420H was formed through the amalgamation of the 14th (King’s) Hussars and the 20th Hussars

Fourthly, the RH was formed through the amalgamation of the 10th Royal Hussars and the 11th Hussars. You neither mention the 14th (King’s) Hussars or the 20th Hussars. More importantly you have not mentioned the 14th/20th King’s Hussars, the regiment that was given the freedom of the city in the first instance!

Paul Baker via email

Females not called by God

I read Called by God, the article about the Church of England priests (and priestesses) (LEP July 7).

These females were not called by God to be ‘priestesses’. If God wanted priestesses, He would have chosen His Mother and Mary Magdalen... but he didn’t.

The priesthood was all male. St Paul stated “Women shall not teach or preach”. The Church of England may be the established church – but it’s not the true church which was founded by Christ in the year 33. These females really should sit down and the New Testament... obviously they have not.

Name and address supplied

I’m seeing more used canisters

Following on from your front page story about laughing gas (LEP July 7), I too found around two dozen of these canisters and balloons in a ginnel in Lostock Hall last week. I didn’t report it, but bagged and binned them.

In the last few weeks I have seen more of the used canisters around the Lostock Hall area.

David Cross via email.

P.S. I was told recently the canisters are also used for air pistols.