Reader’s letters - January 13, 2015

Palestinian flag flying over Preston Town Hall last summer (see letter)
Palestinian flag flying over Preston Town Hall last summer (see letter)
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March of private health

Watching the crisis unfolding in our hospitals in Lancashire and across the country, I thought readers might like to know a little bit of background to what’s happening to our NHS.

We’ve given orthopaedic services for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals to Richard Branson (via Virgin Care); we’ve given ambulances to a bus company ambulances (Arriva); and around £7.4m in Lancashire alone is lining the pockets of private firms rather than getting staff onto the frontline.

Meanwhile, Royal Preston and Chorley and South Ribble hospitals have missed their A&E waiting time targets, cancer treatment waits are spiralling, and dedicated NHS staff are having their leave cancelled.

I hope people realise that handing NHS services out like goody bags to private companies is wrecking our health services.

I doubt Mr Cameron is going to admit blame for this disaster, of course: lives at risk looks like a price he was always willing to pay for his ideological assault on our public services.

Mr N Laverick, via e-mail

Doctors under great pressure

Whilst patients and politicians worry about not being able to see a doctor in 10 seconds flat does anyone bother to think about those working in the health industry?

The unsociable hours, the friction at home, the broken marriages, the children waiting whilst a mother or father does an extra shift.

The loneliness of it all, seeing life pass by at what seems to be an abnormal rate; death on the doorstep every day with its long term psychological effects that those witnessing it keep to themselves before one day exploding in exasperation. Successes are many - but the pressure relentless. Is there a miracle cure for NHS staff? Are politicians in their corner when election time comes round? Of course not - their job is to pile on more pressure to win votes.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley

Time for fly the French flag

I am concerned that my post on the official Preston City Council Facebook page was removed within minutes of my posting. In them I called on the council, and officials responsible for this type of request, to show the city’s total solidarity with our French and fellow European citizesn against the barbaric violent attack on ‘freedom of speech’ and the imposition of Sharia Law and Muslim blasphemy laws which will destroy the civilisation as we know it.

I requested that to show Preston’s solidarity the flags of Great Britain, France and Europe be flown from the Town Hall buildings and other appropriate places. You have already set this precedent by bowing to minority Muslim pressure in June to fly the Palestinian flag, as an act of solidarity during the Israel/ Palestine struggles. What is happening now is far more important to our nation, our city and our civilisation. In this 100th anniversary of the FirstWorld War, the time has come to show our true colours and support our long term ally in the defence of freedom then and now, France! Fly the flags, be brave, be fair and be true to all our values that are under threat.

By saying nothing, by doing nothing we are allowing the men of fear and violence to win. The moderate voice of decent people, including Muslims to be silenced and not supported.. fear to rule and hold sway.. and future generations to be subjected to unimaginable horrors.

I urge you to raise this issue now.. and speak out for the freedoms Preston and Lancashire folk have given their lives for. Fly the flags.. stand up for all the good people of Preston and show courage in the face of terrorism from any source.

Francis George Bedding, Preston

Gifts appeals well supported

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in the Child Action North West appeal in Chorley this Christmas. People were so generous in donating gifts for children who would otherwise have gone without on Christmas Day.

The weekend before Christmas, I collected a big pile of gifts donated at local businesses who partnered with the charity to publicise the appeal and be a drop-off point for donations.

Enormous thanks to Frederick’s Ice Cream Parlour in Heath Charnock and Massa’s Ice Cream Parlour in Chorley town centre, as well as to children’s activity play centre Tiny Rockers and The Hub, both in Buckshaw.

My favourite donation was some Frozen pyjamas - it was hard to Let It Go (a joke for my fellow parents, who suffer this song on a daily basis.)

Rob Loughenbury, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chorley

A message from The Greatest

Muhammad Ali is one of the most talented, charismatic and eloquent sportsmen of his or any other generation. Born in the racist, redneck American deep South he changed his name and converted to Islam. He had a heated interview on the Michael Parkinson Show in the 1970s.

Parky asked him why he had a deep dislike and distrust of white people ( many US states were still virulently racist at the time ). Ali replied that if he opened the door to a room and 10,000 rattlesnakes came at him, but Parky said 1,000 of them wouldn’t bite him what should he do ? Hope that the 1,000 would form a ring around him for protection, or should he slam the door? Classic Ali logic. In light of recent atrocities at Mumbai, Ottowa and Paris, Islam seems intent on creating a mirror image of Ali’s analogy.

A conservative three per cent of the UK’s 3m Muslims have expressed a keen empathy with the perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7. That’s 90,000 potential Jihadists among us.

Over 120,000 have viewed or downloaded Al Qaeda websites from the net. How long before your average white joe sees a Muslim with a rucksack and thinks ‘ I wonder if ... ?’

Islam could ask itself whether Newton’s Third Law might apply in the future ? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Pete Hanslip, Lostock Hall