reader’s letters - Friday September 12, 2014

Representatives of Preston businesses try the new look Fishergate 'shared space' (see letter)
Representatives of Preston businesses try the new look Fishergate 'shared space' (see letter)
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Dangers of new look road

I am responding to your request for opinions on the new layout on Fishergate, Preston (LEP September 10).

Like Mr Ibison I am a guide dog owner and am visually impaired. I do not like the new layout, it is extremely dangerous and somebody is going to be killed sooner or later.

I cannot go on Fishergate now as I don’t feel safe, which is a shame because I went down there daily and visited a lot of shops along there. I find it too frightening to go along there any more and it does confuse my guide dog.

The new sidewalks and road surfaces are very confusing to guide dogs and their owners. Guide dogs are trained to approach the kerb and stop, indicating you are at the roadside and your dog shows you where the button is for the pelican crossing.

Drivers do not stop for you now because they know with there being no traffic lights they don’t have to stop.

I have lots of visually impaired friends who are all of the same opinion.

The council need to put this right, they knew it was dangerous as a councillor said she was dicing with death with a pushchair.

Mr Barrett, of Lancashire highway services, claims they have consulted with groups representing visually impaired and disabled people. This is a load of rubbish.

Anybody from guide dogs will say the same thing Mr Ibison and myself say about the importance of kerbs and pelican crossings. Even sighted people hate it too.

What about the elderly? They struggle as it is to cross roads, like us visually impaired people they find drivers are ignorant and intimidating.

In all honesty this so called improvement scheme is yet another waste of taxpayers money.

A very expensive waste at £3.4m.

Miss Newton, Preston

Plenty to show parking chaos

I read the article on parking charges with some amusement, especially the comments of Miles Timperley (LEP September 5).

Mr Timperley may not be aware that the reason a large number of roads in the area are subject to controlled area access is a council response to the large number of hospital staff and visitors parking off the hospital site to evade the parking charges.

Unfortunately the access control order not only inconvenienced the residents affected but resulted in the problem moving to the next roads outside the controlled area.

Parking has been the hot topic at the Sharoe Green PACT meetings for the past two years. During that time we have had discussions with city and county councillors, the police and the highways department.

There have been articles in the LEP and earlier this year Radio Lancashire broadcast from one of the streets most affected by the problem.

Although the trust have been invited to the PACT meeting to discuss concerns over parking they have declined to attend. Councillors have though had meetings with the trust management.

Following one such meeting Mr Timperley provided a FAQ sheet covering the issues of parking in the area and the effect on parking of new building work within the hospital site which was distributed to residents in the area by a councillor.

With this background to the problem it is stretching creditability to claim there is little evidence people park on residential roads.

I was also surprised the article included quotes by the Preston MP, Mark Hendrick.

Apart from Mr Hendrick not being the MP for the Sharoe Green area I would be interested to see the evidence that people would travel to the hospital to park before commuting into Preston to their workplace. This sounds like another urban myth.

Jim McConnell, via e-mail

Besmirching of a great patriot

Pete Hanslip’s contribution to the letters’ column (September 9) regarding Labour government left a mess behind is not only inaccurate and contradictory, but also derogatory to the late trade union stalwart Jack Jones, who Mr Hanslip wrongly insinuates was on the KGB payroll.

Jack Jones was a true patriot who chose to fight fascism in Spain under the banner of the International Brigade, at a time when the British government of the day chose to appease fascism, by refusing to sell arms to the democratically elected Spanish Republican government.

His entire life was dedicated to improving the lot of working people, and the ridiculous notion that he was a KGB mole is a myth generated by the right wing media who wish to discredit the life of a great man.

As for the crisis of the late 1970s that Mr Hanslip refers to, yes the dead did go unburied. They went unburied because a number of local authorities thought it unreasonable that grave diggers demanded proper toilet facilities and an adequate area for lunch breaks protected from the inclement weather.

Yes, rat infested rubbish did pile six feet high on pavements when the price of oil tripled overnight, causing rampant inflation, and local authorities thought refuse collectors had a cheek for trying to secure a living wage.

Yes Mr Hanslip, you are also quite right that the Labour government of 2008 allowed bankers to crash the economy and their lies the lesson, never again should we allow the free market to dictate economics, and never again should we allow individualism, greed and selfishness to destroy people’s lives.

James Leigh, Fulwood

Right names but wrong date

Regarding the article about an event at the Pubic Hall from 25 years ago (Retro September 10), I make it this dates from approximately 34 years ago.

Denis Kehoe was Mayor of Preston 1979/1980, not 25 years ago, and Violet Carson died in December 1983.

My son – shown on the photos – would be nine or 10 years old at the time and has turned 43.

I don’t think that I have changed too much, apart from the sideburns and a little thinner on top!

Geoff Pakeman, via e-mail