Reader’s letters - Friday, September 11

The LEP report on the charity fund-raiser of Gordon and Barbara Smith's son Michael. See letter
The LEP report on the charity fund-raiser of Gordon and Barbara Smith's son Michael. See letter
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Undermining Guild Legacy

Dear Coun Jennifer Mein, we and most of our children, and now grandchildren, have enjoyed cycling virtually all our lives, mostly around the scenic quiet country lanes and villages around Preston and around Lancashire.

Just over two years ago, one of our sons, Michael, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and given six months to live.

Michael was always larger than life and decided to do all in his power to fight this disease.

He changed his lifestyle, took all the best advice – medical and holistic – and led a healthy lifestyle.

It was some time since he was a cyclist, but he decided to start again.

One of the major ways he used to regain fitness and confidence was riding regularly, with friends around the Guild Wheel which he enjoyed, and it inspired him to achieve his goals.

He also fully utilised the safety and pleasure features of the Guild Wheel to encourage others to join him, and raised thousands of pounds for charity for St Catherine’s Hospice.

Many family and friends, including children and some who were not experienced cyclists, were able to feel safe and enjoy these charity rides!

Our son recently passed away in St Catherine’s.

He lived longer than six months originally diagnosed.

He lived well for much of the time, and fought this cancer hard for two years.

However, he would have been upset and concerned, had he read the article and letters in the LEP, about the new and dangerous junctions and access routes, asked for by developers and approved by LCC highways.

These are to several planned housing estates and major road crossings onto a short section for about five miles of the popular Guild Wheel.

Last Sunday, a rare sunny day, we cycled safely via the Guild Wheel to ride around the quiet country lanes to Bretherton, Martin Mere, Mawdesley and Croston.

Then we cycled back onto the Guild Wheel near Broadgate and on to our homes in Fulwood.

On the Guild Wheel we saw more cyclists and walkers, especially families and young children, than on the rest of our 50-mile ride.

We firmly believe the new dangerous junctions and motor vehicles planned to go onto the Guild Wheel will greatly deter its use, especially by many of the vulnerable road users who now enjoy using it.

Our family urges the county council to urgently reverse the above dangers to the Guild Wheel.

If this action is not taken soon, it will greatly undermine the best safety, health and other significant qualities of Preston’s famous 2012 Guild Wheel legacy.

Gordon and Barbara Smith via email

Please tell cats to warn birds

I opened my curtains in the morning to reveal a scene of devastation in my garden.

Feathers were strewn all over the lawn, including beautifully marked quill tail feathers.

A cat had clawed a wood pigeon to death.

It had severed the soft snow-white downy feathers from under its wings and torn out the tail feathers.

It had then dragged the body under some bushes, scattering another volume of feathers on the way.

When I thought of the acute suffering which that bird with its noble head and beautifully sculptured body had endured, I felt a kind of anguish.

It would be unkind to expect owners of cats to keep them always within their own domain.

Therefore, may I here appeal to all owners of cats to tell them to warn our lovely birds of their savage approach.

Julie, Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley

Giving rebate to a good cause

My husband and I will be donating our £50 United Utilities water rebate to charity.

After showing our children the crisis regarding Syria, our daughter was most upset, so suggested we donated our cheque.

So this is what we are doing, splitting the money between Water Aid and a charity that’s relevant to helping the refugees.

After seeing all the bad feedback from people complaining on their social media sites regarding the water issue, we feel it’s the right thing to do. It was an accident, yet everyone is hung up on being paid out and being so selfish, when people are dying and suffering.

I own a business in Preston and nobody has a good thing to say about the refugees crisis and the water issues.

There’s too much negativity I hear on a daily basis.

Katie Robinson via email

Search for war hero’s relatives

I have a British war medal belonging to Joseph McCamish, who I believe died in 1948 in the Barton area of Lancashire.

It is a First World War medal and, I believe, earned as a result of him serving on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918.

I don’t know where the medal came from.

Until last year I thought it was my grandfather’s, but I then learned there was writing on the rim which led me to discover the true owner. I am hoping to find any living relatives.

Any assistance is gratefully received.

My email address is and my phone number is 0755 115 1697.

Nik Hill via email

Average isn’t good enough

I’m not sure whether it’s the BBC that does it or the politicians themselves, but the recent intense exposure of Cooper, Corbyn, Burnham and Kendall reveal them all to be no more than average well-meaning individuals suitable for general office duties but no more.

Average and well-meaning material will not save the Labour Party from extinction.

Joseph G Dawson, Chorley