Reader’s letters - Friday September 05, 2014

An artist's impression of the Tesco store planned for Cop Lane, Penwortham (see letter)
An artist's impression of the Tesco store planned for Cop Lane, Penwortham (see letter)
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Stop men heading to war

This Government, in their wisdom, decided some time ago now, to cancel ‘control orders’ in favour of the Coalition inspired ‘T pins’ legislation which is proving totally inadequate for dealing with the growing problem of preventing young Jihadiists returning to Britain, after fighting in the Middle East, and thus forming a potential threat to our own future security.

No doubt it is all about losing ‘political face’ that they are not prepared to reinstate this order, since it was originally introduced on the Labour Government’s watch.

Meanwhile, we as a country are unable to effectively deal with a problem which means we will be ‘nursing vipers in our bosoms’. Apparently the legal argument is that these people cannot be made stateless,by removing their passports, whereas they have already demonstrated by their actions that they have elected to reject their British citizenship in favour of some Muslim Caliphate citizenship.

Because of the numbers involved (500 plus) it is apparent that neither the police nor our own security force could effectively monitor their future behaviour here, irrespective of the cost involved.

The recently released immigration figures show we are, yet again, still unable to control this immigration, or even now prevent the influx of returning Jihadists (who should not have been given citizenship here in the first place).

So unless they can prove they were there in a humanitarian relief capacity they should summarily have their passports removed and sent back there. Little wonder people are voting for UKIP in their droves.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Radio station a loss to locals

It has recently been reported that Ofcom has found Chorley FM to be in breach of its community licence (LEP August 22).

Please allow me to state on the record that Chorley FM is a credit to our community.

It is run by volunteers and regularly promotes amazing Chorley institutions, including children’s charities and local groups.

I have previously visited the station at its base at Railway House to meet talented young people enjoying media careers that began with work experience and training at Chorley FM.

I keep in regular touch with the broadcast team and find them to be unfailingly professional, committed and generous in their work. One reason given by Ofcom for the threat to Chorley FM is a perceived lack of discussion or debate for targeted groups, including young people and the gay community.

This was apparently prompted by just two complaints, which surely represents a tiny axe-grinding fraction of the listenership.

It defies commonsense for Ofcom to jeopardise the contribution of Chorley FM, in pursuit of what they imagine to be the interests of parts of a community they know nothing about.

Rob Loughenbury, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Chorley

Time store got going on site

I wrote to the Post sometime ago, voicing the concern by locals over the deserted Cop Lane site, abandoned by the Sainsbury plan. It was common knowledge Tesco had reportedly bought the land mainly to stop anyone else using it. It seems questions now may be asked about why this was allowed to happen.

Why any council would sell the land to someone who advocated dereliction is beyond me. I asked a councillor who told me anyone purchasing the land had to right to do what they wanted with it. Like, build a windfarm? I think not. Last week in the Post, there was an artist’s impression of what a Tesco store on that site would look like. Hurry up. I can only hold by breath for so long.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Red letter day for city church

A new young traditional Order of the Roman Catholic Church will take over St Walburgh’s Church, and it will be formally opened as a Shrine to the Blessed Sacrament on September 27, with a High Sacred Traditional Latin mass offered by the Founder of the Order from Italy, the Bishop of Lancaster Rt Rev Michael Campbell will attend servers from Italy and locally will assist with a very beautiful Holy Mass, one for the memory books, perhaps a lifetime event.

The ceremony begins at 12pm followed by refreshments in the parish centre 1.30pm approximately. Booklets will be available in Latin and English so no need to worry about understanding what is going on.

I hope people from locally and wide will come and support the opening of a new Spiritual Chapter in Preston’s history and give a wonderful Lancashire welcome to the new young clergy who are coming to live and serve among us seven days a week, yes, even on Sundays.

Once again I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Bishop Michael Campbell and the Diocese of Lancaster for giving everybody, and especially those of us who love St Walburgh’s such wonderful gift and opportunity. “Faith of Our Fathers” living still.

Jim Aherne, address supplied

Different takes on Muslim faith

Mr Cameron is deluding himself about the true nature of Islam. According to him, there is a good Islam - open, passive, tolerant - and a bad Islam - fundamentalist, intolerant, violent.

The constant interpretation of the Koran and of Islamic law and the examples from the life of Mohammed all come, unfortunately, from fundamentalist Islam.

Islam with a happy face, peaceful and open, is carving the way for fundamentalist Islam. Moderate Muslims are preparing the ground for the Muslims of the Koran who, when they shall be strong and the circumstances favourable, will demand by every means the application of the real Islam.

Then Mr Cameron and his fellow idealists will be surprised that the reality does not correspond to the Islam of their imagination. Happy faced Islam is not the real thing, fundamentalist Islam is.

P Glover via e-mail