Reader’s letters - Friday, September 04

Charges at Preston's Household Waste Recycling Centre have angered one reader
Charges at Preston's Household Waste Recycling Centre have angered one reader
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Put waste charges in bin

Last week I took a few bricks, a small flag and a few old tiles and a bit of rubble I’d dug up from my drive, to the recycling centre on Tom Benson Way, in Preston, to dispose of.

I was sternly informed there that, because I didn’t have a permit, I’d have to pay £3.50 for every 25kg bag.

The amount of stuff I was tipping I would assess as about no more than the 25kg mark I was informed was the “agreed” amount of the allowance per £3.50 of charge.

“Agreed”,who agreed this ridiculous charge on council tax payers, oh yes, I forgot, our wonderful Labour controlled council which will no doubt justify the money grabbing scheme on the “savage Tory cuts”.

I was told I could apply for a free permit of 10 25kg bags of inert waste to take there over a 12 month period, which I was told should be enough for the average householder.

I declined to pay the charge and disposed of my waste by other means.

The charges for taking trailers there with inert waste, range from a staggering £17.50, to more than £50 for larger trailers.

Do these thick-headed councillors not realise most council tax payers will simply not pay for the “service” of following the government’s advice to recycle whenever possible?

It is utterly counter productive and will almost certainly lead to an explosion of fly tipping. Surely, the cost of producing, printing, sending out and monitoring these permits is a costly undertaking and coupled with the inevitable clean up of fly tipping, the council will lose revenue, rather than gain it?

There is no facility for weighing what you take anyway, as I was told that it is assessed by the operators at the centre and what they decide is the end of the matter.

It certainly seems to be a typical Labour ill thought out amateurish attempt to extract as much money as possible from council tax payers. Shame on you LCC.

Ex recycler, Ashton, Preston

Send the water cash overseas

Every day a ten-year-old girl, a heavy plastic carboy strapped to her back, trudges several miles under the blazing sun to fetch water for her family.

Elsewhere a little boy scoops up water in a rusty tin can from a rapidly shrinking mud hole.

May I suggest that all those due to receive compensation for the inconvenience of being unable to get drinkable water from their taps, donate the money to one of the charities helping to provide clean water to families in Africa.

After all, having to boil water for a few weeks pales into insignificance compared to the problems faced by others.

D.Walker, Barrowford

Councillors did the right thing

I want to congratulate the councillors who were brave enough to block the shale bid. Thank you. It is important to bear in mind that shale gas will not go away and will be available some time in the far future if we desperately need it (which we don’t at the moment). Why use it up now?

Meanwhile, it is up to all of us to support our councillors and make real efforts to live sustainably. I am reviewing my life and will try and be more careful even over very small things like not leaving unwanted lights on.

Even one small alteration in our life styles may be very small but if all of us tried, then it would make a real difference to out carbon consumption.

Lancashire is a wonderful county and we are now open for business in the food production and tourist businesses which have been under threat. We no longer need to worry about our homes losing value. All good news!

The world has been watching us and the councillors decision has set a global standard we should be very proud of.

Rachel Rogers, Garstang

Seaside day was a brilliant treat

I would like to express my thanks to all the staff for a superb themed open day that took place at Crystal Hall Care and Residential Home on July 4.

The event, which was held for family and relatives of the residents of Crystal Hall, was themed to resemble the British seaside and featured traditional stalls and painted backdrops that created a unique look and atmosphere for the open day.

The weather was sunny, the event was well attended and to finish the day they had a superb singer who sang outdoors and who included traditional seaside songs in his repertoire.

As a recent resident to Crystal Hall, I would like to say thank you and offer my congratulations to the staff for all their hard work during the day and also for several months prior to the event to make it visually spectacular.

I would also like to say thanks on behalf of all the residents and I’m sure the families and relatives would also like to say thanks for what was a very enjoyable day.

Margaret B, Crystal Hall Care Residential Home, Goonsnargh, Preston

Shame of cruel care workers

I am writing regarding the closure of Briarwood residential home (LEP August 19).

I have been a carer for 38 years and was absolutely disgusted when I read about what happened to the residents there.

They are very vulnerable – the elderly that is – I felt sick. Those residents are someone’s mother or father. How would the stuff feel if one of their parents were treated in such a bad way. I have worked with the owner at another establishment and was not surprised really when I saw that about it.

Name and address supplied

Gardeners put pride in city

I am writing in reply to “concerned resident” (letters August 20), the parks department, like many areas these days are understaffed.

I am a regular, daily walker in Avenham and Miller Park. The people who created the display at Tatton gave up their own time to do the work.

This was to put a bit of pride into Preston and should be thanked for it.

Angry resident of Preston, name and address supplied