Reader’s letters - Friday October 31, 2014

Queues: Traffic jams around Fishergate have been leading to irate motorists
Queues: Traffic jams around Fishergate have been leading to irate motorists
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Fishergate jams inevitable

British motorists have been educated and trained that when driving a car that they give way to the right at a roundabout or obey traffic signals at a junction.

In all other cases the rule to be used is I am on the major road you are trying to join the major road from a side road so I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY .

Taking these rules in mind it is not difficult to realise that the shared space on Fishergate was always going to cause problems (and I don’t have qualifications in traffic management ).

Therefore vehicles trying to join Fishergate from any of the side roads will always have problems and this will increase as Christmas approaches unless traffic lights are replaced or painted mini roundabouts are installed. Of course the amount of traffic will affect the Christmas shopping in the town.

However on a recent visit to the lovely island of Guernsey and using a hire car to tour the island I was impressed by the system of traffic management that is used there, which is at many junctions it is signed very clearly with ‘filter in lane’. Strange as it may seem this system works and traffic flows very freely even at peak times.

I know our planners will say Guernsey is a small island but if looked at properly it is much larger than Preston town centre and traffic is just as heavy at times.

The island also has proper pedestrian-only areas unlike Cheapside that though marked as pedestrian only seems to have more vehicular traffic than pedestrian.

Of course these facts may result in officials going over to the island on a fact finding tour but it may open their eyes to alternative traffic management and if trialled may be of benefit to all

DH Caunce,

Dalehead Road, Leyland

Curb greedy energy giants

We are once again being warned that we could all face power blackouts this coming winter due to lack of spare generating capacity.

What a condemnation of the privatisation of our essential services. The greedy power companies go from one excessive price rise to the next whilst our vital generating capacity is allowed to fall below the minimum levels.

To add insult to injury we are now being told that the cost of all this will be further loaded onto the consumers! Time that these greedy, mainly foreign, power companies were told that if they fail us they will be renationalised without compensation they’ve already had that ten fold, as we cannot let this countries industries and vital services remain in the hands of greedy companies who have no interest in their customers, only their balance sheets!

The last time we were in this situation was during the miners strike. That too was precipitated by an incompetent Tory government. This time it is down to the Tory dogma that only the private sector is capable of running things. Well we can see the lie in that every time an energy bill drops through our letter box. When will someone do something to curb the greed of these energy giants? They would get my vote!

Jeff McCann

Tax discount helps elderly

Wyre residents will be amazed and appalled that the Wyre Labour Councillors proposed and voted for the abolition of the single person council tax discount.

This would hurt hard working single people and the elderly and is both unfair and unjust.

Any single person household in a band D council tax in Wyre would find their council tax bill increase by £376 per year and for many that would be too much of a financial burden.

Wyre Conservatives voted against this iniquitous Labour proposal and I would like to reassure all single Wyre residents that your discount is safe in Conservative hands.

Coun Peter Gibson
Leader, Wyre Council

Housing profits in austere time

Places for People has recently published it’s annual report.

Housing Associations were set up as non-profit making organisations and in its recent report it states that in its revenues is a £20,000,000 + profit.

It seems that probably much of the funds it receives is from ‘housing tenants’ and much from ‘housing benefit’.

Is it right that this should be in these days of austerity and cut-backs on those in social and sheltered accommodation, to whom does the profit go?

Name and address supplied

More serious fracking risks

The impacts of Shale Gas Development in Lancashire may be far more serious than any of us have imagined.

We thought Cuadrilla were applying for 2 sites to drill and frack in Lancashire, at Roseacre and Little Plumpton, but we were wrong.

Cuadrilla have applied for permission for industrial development on a further 184 parcels of land right across the Fylde from Blackpool to Preston.

These applications will be determined by Lancashire County Council on November 19.

If permission is given, Cuadrilla will have the choice to develop any of these sites into fracking sites.

Francis Egan CEO of Cuadrilla said “you need to understand the scale of this – this will be the largest gas field in the whole of Western Europe”.

Now we see how this could become a reality.

The Government however, asked for and received 10 safety recommendations from the Royal Society and to date have only implemented one of them.

Until the Government implement all safety recommendations, hydraulic fracturing for Shale Gas should not go ahead anywhere.

Only one well has been fracked in the UK to date, at Preese Hall, in 2011 when there were two earth quakes. As the people who felt this impact, shouldn’t Lancashire have all the protection recommended.

If all these prospects worry you, with all of their impacts on our health and well being, contamination to water and farm produce, risks to road safety and wildlife, threats to ruin our farming and countryside and devastate house prices etc etc then write to Lancashire County Council to object.

Save Lancashire from the blight of Shale Gas and prevent Lancashire people from becoming the guinea pigs in an experiment of an industry in its infancy.

Elaine Smith