Reader’s letters - Friday October 24, 2014

Cartoonist Jack Knight's take on the Eric Morecambe statue vandalism  www.
Cartoonist Jack Knight's take on the Eric Morecambe statue vandalism www.
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Sorry state of jobs market

Gone, it would seem, are the days when one job was enough to keep a family of four.

Nowadays the word ‘job’ for many people simply implies working long hours for little money or short hours for even less. According to many politicians things are on the up and up yet ‘real life’ would suggest otherwise when a brace or more of these so-called jobs isn’t enough to keep the wolf from the door without recourse to benefits and regular visits to a food bank.

Jobs today I suspect have more to do with statistics than the welfare of the nation.

Just look at the number of companies reliant on cheap labour from abroad. UK fruit farmers picking and packing otherwise unprofitable produce for the supermarkets wouldn’t be in business without underpaid staff drawn from Romania and elsewhere. These are not real job but ‘take it or leave it’ occupation for the desperate.

I’d say there are more phantom-jobs and firms on the edge of collapse in the UK than ever before. I, for one, can remember a time when newspapers ran ‘jobs specials’ every Thursday equal in size to the paper itself and until the day arrives when Britain recovers the mountain of skills lost since the 1970s poverty will persist and the bulk of jobs will continue to amount to nothing more than unskilled, low-paid drudgery increasingly reflective of India and the Far East.

Look back to a time of ICI, EMI, BSR, Ferranti and Marconi to name but a few - all once with cash mountains and all with a future - their work shipped abroad now gone forever.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley

Cutting trees not necessary

Regarding the Guild Hall, could someone please explain why the trees were allowed to become overgrown, leading to them being felled (LEP October 21)? Is it another example of neglect by the powers that be? Another part of greenery now gone. Will they be replaced in the future?

Also, further to the letter on re late night drinking,it makes one wonder how these late night drinkers manage to do a day’s work... perhaps they don’t!

And lastly, re the fireworks, it would be better and safer for everyone if they were only used in properly organised displays. This hopefully would reduce the number of call outs for the fire brigade, and A&E emergencies?

I rest my case.

Concerned, Ashton

Comedians all over the place

I reckon the toughest job in the world is that of the comedian. And, compared to so called singers, they don’t get the ultimate accolade.

Only ones I can remember being “Sir” are Norman Wisdom, Harry Secombe, and Bruce Forsyth. So, what’s Eric’s reward? Some numbskull tries to cut down his lovely statue. Would any scrap metal merchant have accepted it?

Compare our Northern hero to the top comic from the South, Lord Freud. His latest one liner, “many disabled don’t deserve the minimum wage”.

He’s the welfare minister. God help us! Still Mr Cameron employs him, and just to look at the full picture, his last employer was Tony Blair! So being great gets you chopped down, being rubbish get the big jobs. Not very fair, is it?

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Offer on classic TV favourite

A few weeks ago a person mentioned the film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

If he is interested I can get the complete series of all 90 episodes for him. The cost is £43.

I have got a copy for myself on DVD if he wants he copy he can ring me on 01772 822853.

B Parkinson, Preston

Political blame game on NHS

Labour candidate Veronica Bennett would do well to get her facts straight before jumping on the NHS bandwagon and attacking the Coalition’s running of the NHS (letters October 17).

She claims the Prime Minister inherited “the best health service in the world from Labour”, I beg to differ severely on this. The current Government inherited an NHS where atrocities like the Mid Staffs scandal happened, an NHS where trusts are facing financial difficulty because of Labour’s PFI schemes and an NHS which allowed GPs to opt out of working unsocial hours or weekends.

It is because of Labour that 22,500 of South Ribble residents can’t see a GP within a week, they introduced the farcical GP contracts. Finally as for “selling off” the NHS, it was Labour who allowed private providers to move in and run NHS services, but to be fair that works well and so it should remain.

I suggest the candidate concentrates on actually learning about her constituency and the issues, rather than towing the party line and trying to score cheap political points.

Name and address supplied

Great to see dad in old picture

Regarding the photo of Larches Club (Looking Back October 17), I can confirm the gentleman second from the right is my late father Bill Southam of Leyton Road, Larches Estate.

It gave me much please to see his face smiling up at me again as he died in the 1980s. Thank you.

Ann Deane, Ashton-On-Ribble

Tough time due to kerb stones

Having reached the age where the body begins to show signs of wear and realizing that I can no longer walk any reasonable distance have decided to treat myself to a mobility scooter.

I am very pleased with the machine, but unfortunately it is almost useless in my location. Low pavement kerb stones are sadly lacking, making access to pavements extremely difficult to achieve. To add to this condition, even when a low kerb is found a car has been parked completely blocking the pavement. I wonder if other scooter users are finding the same difficulty.

Laurence Ward, Preston