Reader’s letters - Friday October 10, 2014

Cars parked along driveway at Chorley Crematorium pictured by reader Kenneth Chapman (see letter)
Cars parked along driveway at Chorley Crematorium pictured by reader Kenneth Chapman (see letter)
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North End on the march

It’s tough being a realistic but totally committed PNE fan these days.

I’m every so often subject to a contemptuous appraisal of North End from local “sophisticates” who consider themselves football experts on the basis of following an exclusion diet of Sky broadcast Premiership or European matches.

Their sat nav doesn’t have Deepdale’s post-code available. In addition, as a regular reader of the LEP’s post-match reports and comments, I’m often left speechless by the sheer inanity of some of the views expressed.

John Roper, who can generally be relied upon to give a thoughtful and perceptive assessment of the game, gave credit to Colchester for their contribution to a thoroughly entertaining match.

Most of the e-mailers were equally positive but two didn’t appear to watch the same game that John, myself and I suspect more or less everyone else witnessed.

“Clueless” is an appropriate word to use in the context of their remarks, to describe their judgment.

Don’t expect the opposition to come to Deepdale and lie down. You wouldn’t anticipate PNE doing that on away soil.

Chesterfield and Colchester, along with other teams yet to visit, will use the stimulus of our superb playing surface and fine stadium as an incitement to express themselves. Get used to it!

And when we rise to the challenge and “bag” the points just feel (and enjoy) the sense of relief.

As I’ve indicated, I find John Roper’s assessment of matches credible and fair. John Smith could do to eschew his extended and contrived use of word play inspired by films, TV programmes or whatever, in favour of some decent analysis.

John Roper mentioned the disappointing attendance on the back of two clean sheet wins – the third best in League One on the day but not good enough!

While there has been the odd scrappy match over the past 18 months there have been many more tense, hard fought and frankly exciting ones.

Rottherham, Forest in the cup and yes, Chesterfield spring to mind. We have a good management team, top players like Tom Clark, a leader in every sense, Joe Garner, the complete striker and a superb team player, Gallagher, a class act, lethal on his day and with Humphrey, Reid and young Callum supplying serious pace.

I’m cursing the international break for delaying the next league game, Bring it on!

Andrew Sumner, New Longton

Funeral traffic needs resolving

Regarding the letter from Margaret Watkinson (letters October 4), I was one of the many mourners at the following funeral Margaret Watkinson refers to.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I approached the crematorium from Euxton (see picture).

I had to drive past the hearse which was in the middle of the road so as to avoid traffic coming from both directions and then found a parking space near the top of the hill on the Charnock Richard side of the crematorium meaning that after the funeral we all had to pull out into the oncoming traffic and then had to find somewhere to turn round as the reception was being held in Euxton. It was just fortunate that the weather was fine.

Kenneth Chapman,via e-mail

Midwives more vital than MPs

Small wonder our midwives are to go on strike. We are, of course, all in this together. Our revered Members of Parliament do not, of course, have to worry about their salaries, their cronies take care of that for them.

Midwives, of course, are nothing like so precious, so way down the pecking order. Truly a case of, for those that hath plenty, ‘here is more’. For those that hath little, ‘tough’!

Bob Swallow, address supplied

Searching for long lost family

I am searching for Kathleen A Crooks, this is her maiden name as I do not know if she ever married.

She would be 58 now having been born in the January, February or March of 1956.

She was taken into care at a very young age and I believe spent some time in an orphanage in Salford before being fostered aged around seven so roughly around the early 1960s when she would have moved to Preston.

The last I know of her she was still using her birth/maiden name in Preston in the 1970s when she was in her 20s.

If anybody knows her or where I might be able to contact her then please let me know.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. My telephone number is 07908 304611.

Mary Crooks, Swinton

Bakers need to clean up act

Once again the new series of the Great British Bake Off has drawn in an audience of millions and yet, at the time of writing as it approaches the final stages, I am still waiting to see the participants wash their hands prior to creating their amazing concoctions.

I appreciate that within the time constraints of filming the programme the producers will probably state that hand-washing is carried out ‘off camera.

However, I believe that having donned their aprons the contestants should be seen to wash their hands.

June Wilkinson, address supplied

Find a new use for old building

I was very surprised to see in today’s Evening Post that Amounderness House has been empty for eight years (LEP October 1).

I spent a few “happy” hours in there being called twice for jury service in that building.

So that’s now as empty as the old central post office. It does look like this old town is suffering.

Last year Ann and I were in Cardiff and that is a good example of a forward looking city. In fact I felt quite ashamed when we got back here.

It’s amazing in some ways that these two beautiful buildings have no purpose. Might make a nice indoor market of one of them?

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham