Reader’s letters - Friday November 14, 2014

Is this man a hero? One reader thinks so
Is this man a hero? One reader thinks so
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Solution for road changes

Why can’t our road traffic wizards at County Hall implement a simple solution to the chaotic conditions at the junction of Fishergate, Corporation Street and the two exits from the railway station?

1. No right turn into Corporation Street from Fishergate

2. Traffic from railway station – left turn only into Fishergate

3. Traffic from both 1 and 2 would travel straight down Fishergate, or take the first right turn at the side of the County Hall.

Any inconvenience to staff at the County Hall could well promote action this day, as Churchill might say! It’s no good waiting for the horrendous accident which will take place.

I am a driver with a record of driving in both Europe and the Far East of some 600,000 miles over 60 years. So, I have a little experience of driving problems. It’s time for heads to roll at County Hall.

Peter Hornshaw, Penwortham

Facts on health need sharing

I cannot allow the comments of Mr I Houghton (letters November 10) to go unchallenged. I have also read the letter from Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for South Ribble, MsVeronica Bennett.

The facts stated are scary but cannot be called scaremongering since the evidence shows they are true.

NHS England commissioned the GP Patient Survey which was conducted by Ipsos Mori and which identified that one in six patients experienced a waiting time of one week or more before seeing a doctor.

This would equate to the figure of 22,500 patients from South Ribble and Chorley quoted in the letter. It was these figures that the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr Maureen Baker , referred to when warning this posed a threat to the nation’s health.

The other facts quoted are also easily verifiable, for example the fact that every local NHS service has to be open to private company bidders is enshrined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Whilst these facts have been well reported in the press not everyone, including it appears Mr Houghton, is aware of what this coalition government is doing to our much loved and admired National Health Service.

I believe we all need to know and I applaud Ms Bennett for taking the initiative to bring it to our attention.

Theresa R Yates, Walmer Bridge

Pervert hunter is modern hero

At long, long last, Preston has got herself a very gallant knight. Shaming the police and becoming every mother’s hero, Stinson Hunter (pictured) well and truly should be nominated for a highest award for his courageous and thoughtful deed of pursuing paedophiles (LEP November 3). At last – a man among men.

What other gentleman has even thought of such an imperative deed as this at any time? None!

I, for one, applaud him wholeheartedly. We have needed someone to do this for the children (and women) for centuries.

And Stinson does it all voluntarily too. Police, who are paid, would not do this and are shameful in doing nothing to save children from these monsters in our midst.

B Sherlow, Preston

More needed to prevent war

Today is a poignant occasion, Remembrance Day, mine is tomorrow, when my mother died in 1950, I was aged 10.

She died on Remembrance Sunday. Her father, my grandfather, who I never knew, was killed on the Somme in 1917.

I would prefer that rather than commemorating war, we did more in preventing it.

Denis Lee, Ashton

Make energy firms cut bills

So, the wholesale price of oil has come down now shouldn’t the advantages of this be shared with all of us, the domestic customers on our own fuel bills?

After all when the cost of oil shoots up the energy companies never hold back from hiking up their costs on to us the domestic customers. And here’s the biggest laugh, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, says he will write a “strongly” worded letter to all the oil and fuel companies to “ask” them to reduce the costs and pass them on to their domestic customers?

Ask? No, Mr Alexander, “tell” them to cut the cost. Even better “force” them to pass on the cuts to us customers and we’ll all see our fuel prices falling.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Thank you to kind strangers

I have to write to thank complete strangers for their help when I fell on Tuesday.

At about 4.30pm I was walking to my bus stop from Home Bargains when I tripped over a very raised paving stone almost at the southern entrance of the Harris Library/Museum.

I shouted to my husband that I had broken my arm. There was no way that I could get up but to my absolute surprise two young men and one older man came to my aid and lifted me up.

Absolutely wonderful – I cannot thank these three strangers enough. It carried on with Preston Bus – the driver made certain that I got on to the bus and other Preston Bus staff could not do enough for me. I am 74-years-old and cannot thank everyone enough for the help that was given to me and not forgetting the Royal Preston hospital staff for their wonderful attention.

Anne Bryson, via e-mail

On the road to common sense

A disabled man wins a legal case of discrimination against First Bus in Leeds court for refusing him access to the bus,why was he refused?

A woman passenger would not remove a pushchair and a representative of First Bus said, “their drivers need to know what they are legally required to do”.

No they do not, all they need is a good eye test and, if necessary, eye glasses. The space provided says ‘leave this space for a wheelchair user’!

David Hughes,Bamber Bridge