Reader’s letters - Friday May 16 2014

The Jive Aces concert at Walmer Bridge Village Hall last year
The Jive Aces concert at Walmer Bridge Village Hall last year
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Leave surgery staff alone

I do think it’s time someone somewhere came to the rescue of health centre receptionists now charged with the extra job of defending the NHS against bad mannered recalcitrant individuals led to believe that they can instantly see a doctor at the drop of a hat and insist on harassing health centre staff with arrogant ten minute or more phone calls designed specifically to upset.

Who told these people that they are above everyone else, who told them that there is an immediate appointment available set to fit snuggly into their sad little daily routines and who told them that hard working staff on the other end of the line are prime targets for unfair abuse which later brings misery to partners, living rooms and bedrooms. My wife came home in tears today and I can do nothing about it. I don’t know who has upset her - she can’t tell me given NHS confidentiality - but at least I can vent my anger at a system which allows women and girls to be treated in this way by grossly misled clever Dicks prone to consult diaries as to when and if they plan to be sick enough to visit their doctor.

What’s needed is a real deterrent - a fail-safe system set to instantly redirect troublesome phone calls protecting both receptionists and genuine patients leaving abusive callers in no uncertain terms as to the likely outcome, ‘find another doctor...’

I am incandescent and will make sure someone in government does something about idiots who think abusing women is clever - we’ve had enough of ‘are you going to apologise for being a woman’ attitude. No job should ever leave a woman in tears!

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Showman Tom is much missed

I wonder if anyone knows what happened to the fantastic entertainment which was organised by local milk man Mr Tom Shorrock at Walmer Bridge Village Hall. The people of Walmer Bridge should be very proud of Tom and his wife who worked extremely hard to bring the community together by organising such great acts such as The Swing Commanders, Jimmy Cricket and The Jive Aces.

Many fantastic acts have appeared and pie and peas were usually served up for supper followed by apple pie for pudding. All at a very reasonable price.

My husband and I are not from the New Longton area but along with our friends from Colne, Blackburn and Preston we always looked forward to Tom’s next do and attended almost all of the events knowing we would have a good night out if Tom had anything to do with it.

Now, it appears there is very little entertainment at the Village Hall. What has happenend? We say bring back Tom and his fabulous entertainment and lets all have a “reet good neet out”

We like to Boogie, name and address supplied

Time to bring back hanging

I believe our justice and penal system needs a drastic reform. Just look at what happened the other day when Michael Wheatley walked out of an open prison after being given 13 life sentences?

What was he doing there in the first place? Who is to blame for him being placed in the open prison?

Whenever the topic arises about bringing back hanging, the do-gooders always bring up about the past miscarriages of justice regarding hanging. But in today’s world of forensic science, miscarriages of justice are very rare indeed.

We, the taxpayers, pay more to keep a prisoner in the penal system than we do to look after an aged person in a nursing home, hence I believe it is time for us – the general public – to have a vote on whether to bring capital punishment back into this country.

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Day another Finney played

I remember Roy Finney from Deepdale Primary School (looking back May 12).

Roy was on a school camp trip to Staithes, in the north east, and we played a game. Our side included Roy and word got around Staithes that ‘a Finney’ was in our team.

Quite a crowd came, I can’t remember much about the game or the score. I was down to keep goal but overnight a dreaded boil on my wrist came up. Happy times.

D S Carroll, Fulwood

Security ‘is not up to scratch’

I am sat in a library using one of the computers, the “Sophos”antivirus system says it was last updated in 2007 and the operating system is Windows XP.

I asked a member of staff if Lancashire County Council, like the NHS etc., was paying Microsoft for security updates to XP, but they did not know and showed little enthusiasm for finding out.

My question is, if a member of the public is doing some online banking at a library and due to the PC having little or no security their details are stolen and the account raided who is to blame?

Geoff Anderton, via e-mail

Poppy tribute a great idea

I would just like to say what a great idea it is to plant poppy seeds to mark the centenary of the First World War. I see some parish councils and schools are taking part in the Royal British Legion initiative advertised on their website.

If planted around June 1, they should be in bloom for August 4, the anniversary of the start of that terrible war.

J Nicholls, address supplied

Looking for old pals’ details

My grandfather Percy Kessell and his wife Marjorie lived at The Mews, Hollybank, Caton, Lancaster. He died in 1989, she in 1991.

I never knew him but would love to get in contact with anyone who might have known him.

I can be contacted on

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