Reader’s letters - Friday March 20, 2015

The roundabout of Stanifield Lane, which is set to get traffic lights and cycle lanes. See letter
The roundabout of Stanifield Lane, which is set to get traffic lights and cycle lanes. See letter
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Latest in line of disasters

We are the latest in City Deals’ long line of disasters and bad planning.

They are fitting traffic lights and pelican crossings to the roundabout junction with Stanifield Lane in Lostock Hall, which in itself should be an improvement. Unfortunately though, for some reason, this means making the roundabout bigger in the centre, even though the lights will be at the intersections and also increasing the size of the islands at the intersections.

To do this, land will be taken in the surrounding area.

Some of the intersection slipways will not be enlarged or improve traffic flow but will have massive pavements that no one will ever walk on, whilst others will repeat other planning disasters already causing accidents in Penwortham by providing slip roads at such acute angles that no one can see what is coming.

We only found out by chance a week before they started work that this was happening and it was going to bring the new slip road right outside our houses and we would lose our parking, leaving nowhere else to park in the immediate area.

We had not had any notification of this as outlined in the City Deal website. It ruined our Christmases and we eventually managed to get an emergency meeting after a lot of fuss.

It was decided that the plan would be scrapped and another one drawn up (at what cost?) and the parking issue would be looked into.

That meeting was on January 7 and, despite repeated emails we have not received answers to our questions regarding parking, we finally managed to get another site meeting.

As we are the only residents living at a junction of a roundabout in the area that has not been given a dedicated access road and parking area, we invited the ward councillor for Lostock Hall and a county councillor, along with representatives for City Deal and Planning.

Scott Hodges via email

Monkeying around tips

We all know we are all being short-changed when we buy certain chocolates, crisps and other items – but now PG Tips teabag makers have also decided to do some ‘monkey business’ of their own!

They decided to shrink the amount of tea leaves in their tea bags.

They say: “It’s to save on packaging and waste.”

Of course it is!

It’s all about making more profits for themselves – while shrinking their products.

I just wonder if the Office of Fair Trading is monitoring this situation and going to challenge these companies who are taking us, the customers, for a ride?

I saw an interview on BBC TV Breakfast News, with Bill Turnbull – but his questions resembled that of a baby’s bottom – way too smooth!

He should have been a lot more forceful in his questioning– and his approach.

Fight for us the customer!

I think Jeremy Paxman and John Humprhys would have been very abrupt with their questioning and quite right too.

It seemed the “professor” of economics who Bill Turnbull was interviewing was actually defending the items that were being shrunk.

I personally, always try to question any unjust price hikes that are not justified when I’m in the store.

Nearly all the managers always pass the blame buck!

I now either buy Typhoo or Tetley tea bags.

Because what PG Tips have done – it really is “too much monkey business!”

And people wonder why I act just like Victor Meldrew when I go out shopping and see how most things have shrunk – and in some cases gone up in price...I don’t believe it!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Visit WW1 battlefields

Each year the Lancs and Yorks Historical Society organises pilgrimages to the Battlefields of the First World War. The tours are in August and September, covering France and Belgium.

This year we plan to visit the Somme Battlefields and the Ypres salient. We can also visit the Battlefields at Arras Vimy Ridge and Loos, if these are requested. This year is 100 years since the start of the second Battle of Ypres and also The Battle of Loos.

The trip specialises in visiting specific cemeteries or memorials on the battlefields, as and when they are requested, and an experienced battlefield guide will accompany each trip, to commentate on the various battles and the many historic events that occurred.

The Historical Society was formed as a charitable hobby in 1990 by ex-servicemen, who have many years of practical experience in conducting visits to the battle areas of France and Flanders. We support a variety of ex-service charities.

These trips are open to anyone who might be interested. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Anyone who requires further information should write to:

Lee Robert,

Castleford, West Yorkshire

Red tape ‘costs £33bn a year’

Ratepayers all over the country struggle to pay their council tax bills and then watch in dismay on an increasingly regular basis as local services, such as libraries and children’s centres, are shut because of budget cuts. There must come a point when councils cannot cut services back any further – though they could and should make cuts in other ways such as reducing top management salaries and councillor allowances, and meanwhile we are handing over £55m a day to the EU.

The Open Europe report shows EU red tape costs Britain £33bn a year and the costs of a quarter of these regulations outweighs the estimated benefits. The more details of waste, unnecessary regulations and lack of transparency that emerges from the EU, whose accounts have not been signed off for 19 years, the more reasons pile up for us to leave. It has been made plain that David Cameron’s much vaunted talk of re-negotiation will come to nought. You cannot negotiate with a body that does not want to negotiate.

UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall