Reader’s letters - Friday June 12, 2015

Smoking in cars where there are other passengers should be banned, according to one correspondent
Smoking in cars where there are other passengers should be banned, according to one correspondent
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We need workers’ rights

The Prime Minister urgently needs to come clean with the British public about his plans for EU re-negotiation. His criticism of the Social Chapter should send a chill down the spine of people at work.

UK membership of the European Union has delivered legal rights to paid holidays, rest breaks, health and safety, maternity rights and fair treatment for part-time and agency workers. If Mr Cameron’s strategy for placating his Eurosceptic MPs and donors is to argue for weaker employment rights, then voters deserve to know.

Making people’s working lives worse – and adding to Britain’s already dire reputation as a nation of sweatshops – will lose support for a ‘yes’ vote and make exit more likely.

Europe is at its best when it meets the interests of both business and workers. Abandoning this blueprint would be a disaster for the UK and the EU.

Polling published last month by the TUC revealed that British people are far more likely to want to remain part of the EU if it leads to better pay and rights at work.

The poll of 4,000 UK voters – commissioned from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner – showed that 55 per cent of the public would be more supportive of Britain’s membership of Europe if it did more to help working people get decent pay and conditions at work.

Derek Barton

Preston & South Ribble Trades Council

Clitheroe – the forgotten town

Allegedly, the Chinese have their water torture, the Americans use boards and Lancashire Constabulary just drip H2O upon you as you walk past the side of Clitheroe “cop shop” on your way to the market.

I know it’s not as yet actually a shop, just an access point during opening hours. The leak, from the third storey of the building, has been happening for months.

It is in keeping with the general ambience of that part of 
Clitheroe, with its many potholes, decrepit old physiotherapy clinic and its many refuse bins.

You might find an old King Ed, a dowdy cauli, but not much else.

I suspect that the recent mayor making procession did not visit this neck of the woods!

Some visitors, however, arrive at the interchange and some may use this route to access our alleged 80-stall market. What a negative impression.

In truth, Ribble Valley Borough Council does not like tourists.

The majority of councillors, and maybe administrators, do not inhabit the Clitheroe township.

Let the rubbish remain in Clitheroe. Let the bulk of unwanted houses be built in the town. Then their pristine, jigsaw puzzle villages remain undisturbed, unlike we poor people who live in the Edisford area.

Our MP did not live for long on Whalley Road before moving to the quietude of a small village, adjacent to an unspoilt pub!

Name and address supplied

We should ban smoking in cars

Banning smoking in cars –so what if it’s hard to enforce?

Just get on with banning it and then everyone will know it’s a bad idea, ( as if they didn’t already).

It would not only stop passive smoking for the passengers, but would also reduce the smoke intake of the smoker and reduce the risk of accidents due to distraction.

It would cut the number of deaths from smoking diseases and the amount of the bill 
for the National Health 

We should ban smoking in any vehicle with other people in, ban smoking in any vehicle used by children and smoking in any building used by children.

SD Little, BSc, ARCS

Thank you for your kindness

May I say a very sincere ‘thank you’ to the two ladies – one a lady from Bickerton – and Chris and Sam (employees of E.H. Booth, Longton) for their great kindness when my husband fell in the car park of the store.

They did all they could to make him comfortable whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It is wonderfully reassuring to know that there are such kind people amongst us.

Jackie Brandwood, Penwortham, written on behalf of her husband John Brandwood

‘Detectives’ can give police ideas

Police forces are worried about the low prosecution rate in rape cases. They would do well to study the recent three-part BBC2 TV series called The Detectives.

It showed a Manchester sexual offences squad in operation. They are specialists and very impressive.

In my opinion, the series deserves to win awards.

It should give ideas to other police forces who wish to increase rape prosecutions.

I would also point out that being copied is the sincerest form of flattery.

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

Donations will help animals

I would like to thank everyone for their kind donations when we held our street collection in Preston, on June 6, on behalf of Prevent Unwanted Pets.

I am happy to let you know that we raised £132.30, which will be put to good use helping animals in need in the Preston and Blackpool areas of Lancashire.

Just to clarify, as volunteers for a very small animal charity, we do not take any money for expenses and nor do we want or receive payments.

Best wishes and thanks again.

Kathy M Pate, Prevent Unwanted Pets

Velvet is still woven in Lancs

Re: Velvet days in cotton mills (LEP letters, June 8), velvet is currently woven in Padiham, Lancashire, by British Velvets (formerly in Mosely Street, Preston).

Mr G Kirkby via email