Reader’s letters - Friday July 25, 2014

This fan had divided loyalties but one reader questions the number of Liverpool fans living in Preston
This fan had divided loyalties but one reader questions the number of Liverpool fans living in Preston
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Support home town club

I am writing about the Liverpool love in on Saturday July 19. I have been a North End fan (sorry fanatic) for 64 years since sitting on the cinders behind the town end goal as a small kid and to be surrounded by Prestonians with Liverpool colours who did not know the names of any of the Liverpool players is beyond belief.

The ones on the Shankly Kop are probably proper fans even with their flares before the start.

I am far from a timid person having followed the whites all over the country, the Old Den on Tuesday night etc in the mid 60s and early 70s surrounded by Millwall dockers. As Dave Seddon said in his article on Saturday, fans from Tanterton not Toxteth in Liverpool Red the nearest they have been to Anfield is Ormskirk Road, Preston.

Big Dave, Longridge

Not all scooter fans a menace

Worry no more. You can rest assured any mobility scooter which is registered with DVLA as a Class 3 vehicle is issued with a tax disc showing the registration number which should be displayed on the scooter (letters July 21).

Insurance also is a necessity just as for motorised vehicles, along with annual service checks. Many disabled scooter drivers once drove cars and are aware of the rules of the road, which apply to ALL vehicles which travel thereon.

We are not some new species to land on the planet to be treated with suspicion and derision, but sadly have problems which necessitate the use of a scooter in order to maintain some independence.

If you are so worried about other folk on the road perhaps it is time for you to consider staying off it – just in case you are also an “accident waiting to happen”.

All that having been said, I personally feel that anyone daft enough to use a mobility scooter on a dual carriageway or similar should be very carefully vigilant and avoid all “worried drivers”!

Erika Baron, Penwortham, mobility scooter driver

Solve the book shop mystery

Sorry to trouble you, I have a query about a bookshop I used to visit as a child in the 70s and 80s which closed down several years ago.

I have tried an internet search, but come up with nothing, I was hoping that with your local knowledge, you might fill in the gaps for me please. I am sure there used to be a bookshop on the corner of King Street and Market Street in Lancaster, either on or near the site of the Bairstow Eves offices, opposite the current Waterstones bookshop.

It might have been called Wigglys, that seems to ring a bell, but I couldn’t find anything under that name either.

I don’t know why I am so bothered about an old bookshop that closed down years ago, but if you could point me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it.

I moved away from the Lancaster and Morecambe area several years ago, yet this always seems to crop up in conversations whenever I visit family there, thank you for your time,

Stephen Burns,

Life of county’s love cheats

Blimey, I couldn’t believe my eyes with one news story in the Evening Post all about Lancashire’s serial mistresses, swingers and sex addicts? It sure did make me smile! I’m just wondering if admission is by ticket only or can one pay at the door?

Doesn’t it all give a new meaning to the saying“having some “crumpet” for breakfast!” But I didn’t know the LEP covered news stories from the Houses of Parliament and their end of parliamentary “celebratory” duties!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Time to act on voters’ behalf

Surely it is better for a voter to do so out of conviction rather than merely to avoid one?

Perhaps politicians need to reconsider our style of democracy if they want to encourage more electors to vote.

Nationally, they seem a bland and uninspiring bunch, and whilst there are so many ‘safe’ seats, the result of an election is hardly in doubt for most


Locally, our councillors are even less inspiring.

Time after time, things

electors don’t want to happen are nodded through – wind farms and endless housing

developments on green field sites. Officials seem to have more influence than constituents. No wonder people don’t vote. It doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Uninspired, Claughton

Business world backs fracking

We are a coalition of representative business and community organisations throughout the North West which welcome recent research by the North West Energy Task Force pointing to the considerable benefits on offer from shale gas development to our communities.

Ensuring we have enough heating and cooking supplies for our homes for the next 100 years is clearly an important benefit in itself. But the North West also cannot afford to ignore the considerable benefits potentially on offer from shale gas development to local communities, including increased revenues and investment, more jobs and higher than average salaries, as well as improved local infrastructure.

All these benefits are clearly laid-out in a recent research paper by the Task Force.

Collectively we represent thousands of job creators in the North West and call on Lancashire County Council and other local decision-makers to support two recent planning applications to assess whether the shale gas development is viable option for our region. It’s time to put aside the politics and focus on the undeniable benefits.

Claire Smith, President, Stay Blackpool; Babs Murphy, Chief Executive, North & West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce; John Kersey, Chairman, Lancashire Institute of Directors; Gary Lovatt, Chairman, Lancashire and Cumbria Federation of Small Businesses

Martin Long, Chief Executive, Blackpool Business Leadership Group