Reader’s letters - Friday July 18, 2014

Achieved: Mayor Nicholas Pomfret organised his own mayoral church service
Achieved: Mayor Nicholas Pomfret organised his own mayoral church service
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Lack of support for role

On Sunday, Father Timothy welcomed everyone to the “informal” church service for the beginning of the Mayoral year.

He stated it may be informal but as far as he was concerned it is business as usual.

The Labour administration has decided that the mayor cannot have an incoming service if he has an outgoing service. Our new Labour Mayor Coun Nick Pomfret therefore organised his own. The mayor’s employer James Hall provided refreshments and the ladies from St Catherine’s, the Mayor’s charity for the year, helped with these. The service was excellent and well up to the standard that we have been used to with rousing hymns.

We ended with the Battle Hymn of the Republic which is a fitting overture to a year when the Mayor will have to make great efforts to carry on the traditions of the Mayoralty in Preston.

As former mayors, we know how important it is to begin the year with family, friends and colleagues at the Minster with a service dedicated to the success of the forthcoming year. Our new mayor has achieved this through his own initiative and it would appear he will be doing things his way and not being dictated to by those who really do not wholly support the role of Mayor in our city.

Cllr Christine Abram and Cllr Bobby Cartwright, Former mayors of Preston

Fire cuts will affect service

The Lancashire Combined Fire Authority decision to reduce cover at Lancaster Fire Station from two full-time appliances to one appliance with the other appliance being staffed by retained (part-time firefighters) resulting in a five minute slower response time, will inevitably impact on the service.

This is a major cut in service provision that is being inflicted on one of the most vital services in the district in terms of life saving and it will inevitably impact on service delivery.

It needs to be highlighted that we are likely to see more housing development within our district over the next few years so cutting vital services and leaving fewer full-time on call is hardly a step in the right direction.

The root of the problem is the savage cuts that this Government is implementing on front line services like the fire service.

The fire authority has no option but to carry out these cuts because the pay settlement the fire authority is receiving from central government will not enable the service to continue like it has been doing. Jobs will be lost and staff will be working with fewer numbers.

A motion to full council from the Labour Group next week will seek to lobby our two MPs affirming our belief that funding cuts should be reversed but, most importantly, we are seeking to join with other Lancashire councils in conjunction with the Lancashire Combined Fire Authority to campaign for proper funding for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Coun David Whitaker, Labour Group, Harbour Ward

Separate faith and politics

Imagine... I settle down to read my LEP on Good Friday after attending a Last Hour Meditation service.

I read the letters and find G Marlow has turned the un-Christian/ Christian debate on UKIP into ‘let’s bash the Anglicans as a ‘sect’ with no direction. ‘

G Marlow might be interested to know that I, as an Anglican also say the Creed every Sunday.

I was baptised aged 34 and confirmed at 37.

I don’t vote UKIP. Jesus accepts all who believe in his message.

We are judged for who we are, not which church we belong to or for that matter who we vote for, so Rev Nelson also needs to separate religion from politics.

C Turner

Charles is just a meddler

So now we have it on good authority that the unelected and indeed unelectable Charles Windsor has been interfering in the democratic government of this country.

It has been obvious for many years that this man is not fit for purpose, which is simply to wait for his mother to die.

He thinks that from his position behind the walls of his family’s palaces he is free to lobby all and sundry on anything he fancies and keep it all secret.

Charles thinks he knows better than our elected representatives.

Well he would, wouldn’t he?

I mean he lives in the real world so much more than the rest of us.

This is the man who thinks that Vladimir Putin is comparable to Adolf Hitler and isn’t afraid to say so.

Charles knows his opinions may cause diplomatic incidents and that he can act with impunity because his mother’s government is stupid enough to let him.

It is obvious that Charles has a political agenda which is at odds with many voters.

We, the people, have a right to know if and how his agenda has influenced and is influencing government decisions.

It is time the government came clean and published all his letters and records of all other communications.

It’s also time the government came clean on the true cost of the monarchy, which includes maintaining their security.

Their true cost is estimated to be over £200m per annum. Not bad for touring, attending functions and pretending that they have anything in common with the rest of us.

The sooner we are a republic the better.

Furthermore, with regards to the LEP story about missed hospital appointments costing £1m in three months, my dad just “missed” an appointment that he wasn’t even given!

A letter came through the door yesterday informing him he had missed his appointment but the only letter he had been sent previously was to inform him to expect an appointment letter – so in this age of “technology” mistakes are still happening.

Joanne Buck, via Facebook