Reader’s letters - Friday July 11, 2014

Brazil's footballers leave the pitch after defat at the hands of Germany
Brazil's footballers leave the pitch after defat at the hands of Germany
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Power from the people

Fracking, wind farms and nuclear power will always be on the agenda until better and safer means of keeping the lights on are found.

Profit is the driving force and, of recent years, overseas wealth the attraction. America, Germany, France, China and Japan all vying for a chunk of our dosh.

It’s almost as though someone somewhere decided to sell off the UK without telling the public. Handing over vital resources to foreign interests without a shot being fired. Napoleon had us down as a nation of shopkeepers now someone seems to think us a nation of fools.

Oh yes, jobs will always be the excuse for capitulation but ‘pots for rags’ seems a rather stupid rate of exchange to me as too does handing over an enormously profitable industry (and potentially the jobs that go with it) to people who don’t necessarily see things our way nor care what we think – so, where might we go?

Well, if the choice were mine, I’d say get together – anti-fracking groups, anti-wind farm groups and anyone else who can see a better way of doing things.

A powerhouse of people intent upon working together, not to confront and complain anymore, but to build and accumulate. The Co-op began this way and if enough people get together then they can influence outcome, raise money, invest in new ideas and force change by legitimate means.

If a new source of energy is to be discovered it won’t be the oil companies, shale gas producers and wind farm owners who bring it to the table - it’ll be a unique body of like minded individuals with an eye to the future.

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell

Time to dip into cash reserves

With the announcement by Lancashire County Council that more than 3,500 ageing street lights in the Wyre Council area have been designated as ‘high risk’, I believe the authority must dip into its reserves and immediately replace those that pose a public health risk or no longer work.

I am particularly worried that the council have suggested that they may choose to remove high risk street lights altogether plunging some streets into darkness.

This will lead to some neighbourhoods becoming crime hot spots and no-go zones for vulnerable people whilst some roads may see an increase in traffic accidents, particularly in the darker winter months. Ageing, dangerous street lighting is costing more money every year to maintain so it makes sense for the council to spend the money now and invest in new street lighting that is not only safer, but cheaper to maintain, otherwise these costs will continue to rise and rise.

Paul Nuttall, UKIP North West MEP

Teamwork is key to success

The World Cup needed a great game for it to go down as the greatest in history.

I doubt anyone would be thinking it was going to be a record defeat for the host nation, Brazil against Germany.

The prevailing style of play has been for individual egotistical brilliance taking precedence over the team effort.

Witness England’s ‘stars’ Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge and Ross Barkley attempting to dribble past everyone before trying to score a ‘worldie’. Well, the Germans blew that idea out of the water.

Unselfish, clinical passing undid a disorganised and overrated Selecao.

Football is a team game. The Germans are the best team left in the competition.

And what was with the BBC’s coverage? Lineker, Hansen and Co made it sound like someone had just died.

Herman the German, name and address supplied

Programme is not working

The UK’s jobs recovery may be well underway, but the government’s work programme is wasting money and failing to help the people who find it the hardest to access work.

The National Audit Office’s report into the Work Programme shows that people who have been out of work for some time and are struggling to find a job, particularly those with disabilities are failing to get the help they desperately need.

What’s worse, taxpayers’ money is being wasted as private firms in the Work Programme are being paid millions for targets they are failing to meet. They also appear to be spending less than half the amount on the work advice and support they said they would.

This poor performance means only half the number of sick and disabled people the Programme was meant to help have actually found work.

The Work Programme is a poor shadow of the job guarantee schemes that went before it.

Unless the government takes the NAO’s criticism on the chin and acts now, vulnerable unemployed people will be left far behind as the jobs market improves.

Derek Barton, Preston and South Ribble Trades Council

Good to see PM stand firm

At last! Our congratulations are due to David Cameron for he has found the courage and tenacity to stand up to the bully boys (and girls) who run the EU.

How wonderful to see our leader standing bravely alone when all but the Hungarians have deserted us.

The scenario being played out is reminiscent of 1939 when we stood alone defying the tyranny of Germany and the weakness of our so-called allies, many whom laughed at us when we trod our lonely path towards freedom and justice despite the overwhelming power of those Europeans opposing us.

Of course, we hear Ed Miliband and other left wing Europhiles chastising Mr Cameron for his brave stand.

But the truth is that the Labour Party and the Lib Dems would sell this nation down the river to ingratiate themselves with our new rulers in Brussels, whose grand plan is to destroy Britain as a free and independent country.

Dick Lindley, address supplied