Reader’s letters - Friday January 30, 2015

Sid James as Dick Turpin in Carry on Dick
Sid James as Dick Turpin in Carry on Dick
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Multiculturalism a failure

In reply to “Name and Address supplied” (letters January 19), in which he or she criticizes the comments of “Sad Old Timer” for his views on multiculturalism, well, I for one, fully agree with “Sad Old Timer”.

He is dead right, and spot on when he asks the question of when did the Labour Party, when in office, ask the electorate to vote on whether or not they wanted multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is the disastrously failed social engineering experiment of the Labour Government at the time to grab cheap votes from ethnic minorities.

The evidence is all around for all to see, that ethnic minorities, mainly Asian Muslims, will never integrate fully into a Western way of life, their religion and culture forbids it for a start.

Ask yourselves a question, in the 1960s, how many Mosques were there in Preston, and how many are there now? Precisely. “Sad Old Timer” is right when he says the Labour Government sold the country down the river on the back of cheap votes.

With all the violence in the world with ISIS terrorist atrocities happening almost daily around the world when did all the so called Muslim “moderates” in our towns and cities take to the streets in their thousands to demonstrate their revulsion at these barbaric acts in the name of Islam.

I am not afraid or sorry to say that to see a woman, dressed from head to foot, in a drab black burka with just the eyes showing in shops and in town, is to me a degradation of, and an insult to women, and it has no place in a Western Christian (for now) country. I would suspect that “Name and Address supplied is a Labour activist, it sure sounds like it.

I have no problem with any, repeat any, immigrants, or ethnic minorities who wish to come and live among us peacefully, and contribute to society, and really, really integrate into our way of life and customs, and not to try and impose their own third world way of life on the rest of us ie Sharia law, arranged marriages, female genital mutation, etc., etc., to name just three.

lt is possible for us all to live together in peace and harmony, but, at the present time, I don’t think that the ethnic minorities are doing enough to integrate.

Concerned Grandma, Chorley

Hands off page three girls

The Sun’s page three topless model is back! My goodness, the feminists must be absolutely furious but what very clever marketing by The Sun’s PR team.

But while watching the BBC TV’s Question Time - UKIP’s Paul Nuttall got his answer about whether or not should the topless page three model be banned from The Sun newspaper spot on when he said, ‘let the people themselves decide whether or not to buy the paper’.

If you would like to ogle at the page three topless model - then buy the newspaper if you find the model with her boobs hanging out and it offends you then simply don’t buy The Sun newspaper. In case you don’t know - The Sun also caters for the woman and it has a topless page three fella.

Nothing is said about that, is there? No matter what any UK newspaper publishes someone will take offence sadly this is now part of the culture in the UK. Some folk are far too easily offended.

For example, while I was watching the carry on film, Carry On Dick about Dick Turpin and it said at the start of the film, ‘The infamous highway man is known only as Big Dick due to the size of his weapon’ at which it showed a picture of a large pistol. Then it showed Sid James come on complete with his dirty laugh.

I bet the PC brigade were squirming just listening to this fantastic, and very bawdy written script.

As for The Sun’s page three topless models just Carry On Flashing!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Labour cannot be handed NHS

I read with interest the letter from Ms Yates (letters January 27). I am deeply disappointed to see the Labour Party locally is scare mongering over the NHS in trying to win votes. In calling for an “end to NHS privatisation” they are being disingenuous, at best, as the figures show that under the last Labour government 4.9 per cent of NHS services were provided by private companies.

In the four years since that has risen by just a further one per cent. On Newsnight Andy Burnham, Labour’s health spokesman, said there was “a role for the private sector” in the NHS, but refused to say what limit he would impose on outsourcing services. The Conservatives were the only party at the last General Election to pledge to protect NHS spending, with Labour’s then Health Secretary, Mr Burnham, saying it was irresponsible to increase the NHS budget.

We have seen the consequences of Labour cutting the NHS budget in Wales. Spending on health services in Wales has been cut, with a devastating impact on waiting times for treatment and limited access to cancer drugs. A&E targets haven’t been met once in five years and for urgent cancer waiting targets it’s six.

As a former nurse I do agree with Mr Burnham on one thing; last November he said on Question Time that “the UK has the best health service in the world.”

The Conservatives over the past five years have increased the NHS budget in real terms, employed an extra 6,500 more doctors and 3,300 more nurses, and created a cancer drugs fund to help save more lives. This would all be put in jeopardy if Labour were to get hold of the reins of our NHS again.

Ann Pearmain,Farrington​

Take fracking to election day

‘Fracking - Lancashire County Council decides’. Oh yes, of course they do - with a government gun to their temples. The outcome was always going to go Cuadrilla’s way and all the play-acting just plain and simple smoke and mirrors.

Cuadrilla never looked like an outfit likely to give in to public demand and why should they when a positive outcome was writ large in their favour long ago. What remains of people power on this issue lies in the hands of the next 100 days.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley