Reader’s letters - Friday January 23, 2015

Bishop of Lancaster Michael Campbell during a school visit (see letter)
Bishop of Lancaster Michael Campbell during a school visit (see letter)
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Rethink needed at church

Too many churches, too few Catholics,and whose fault is that Bishop Campbell (LEP January 20).

You are now seeing the fruits of Vatican II which you hold so dear. There are two reasons for your empty churches. First, the Catholic Faith has not been taught in Catholic schools for over 40 years. Catholic schools are places where parents send their sons and daughters to lose their faith.

I have interviewed school leavers over the years after they have been through the so-called Catholic school system and they have not got a clue what the Catholic Church is or what she teaches.

Second, the true Catholic Mass was taken away from us in 1970 and replaced with a brash protestantised liturgy thrown up in the present by a committee of experts without a thought for the past.

The true, true Catholic Latin Mass was the very centre of our Catholic lives,where once there was everything now there was nothing.

So they went from their churches, their convents, their schools and religious orders with broken hearts. Abandoned Catholics, deserted by their pastors.

This is the way it will continue until they are given back the Mass of their Fathers as they knew and loved it.

I think the time now Bishop is to start the slow process of building up the Faith.

First, indoctrinate our children in the Faith of our Fathers, reintroduce the penny catechism into schools.

It contains the whole of Catholic dogma. Second, confine the new Mass to the dustbin of history and replace it with the true Catholic Latin Mass, the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven, and get rid of all the abuses that have crept in, so-called Eucharistic Ministers, lay readers and altar girls, and the worst abuse of all, Communion in the hand. Every Pope since Vatican II has instructed that Communion be received kneeling and on the tongue, from the consecrated hands of a Priest. While you are closing churches, traditional Catholic Orders are opening them.

While you are closing seminaries traditional seminaries are bursting at the seams and they are having to build new ones.

As Pope Benedict XVI said, “I am convinced that the crises in the church that we are experiencing today largely derives from the disintegration of the liturgy”.

Every kind of dissent is tolerated in the church today, the only crime one can commit is fidelity to Catholic teaching. And what do you think our Bishops’ response is to all of this - more of the same that caused it in the first place. You could not make it up. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Mr S Glover, via e-mail

Reality behind pay for milk

With regard to Tesco’s Statement in the national papers about their policy of paying farmers over the market price for milk, the dairy farmers I have spoken to declare that this is not strictly true. It has been said that this is a smoke screen and these farms represents only a small proportion of the milk intake by Tesco and that they buy a great deal of milk at the lower market prices.

Tesco also demand to see the farm accounts of participants and set up many more hurdles to make participation so onerous that it is not cost-effective.

I think it is time the government stepped in and made the supermarkets and dairy industry act responsibly.

What will happen when all the dairy farms have closed down?

Will we then have security of supply?

British dairy farms are some of the most efficient in the world and we stand back and see it decimated. What are we thinking about?

Richard Dugdale, Clitheroe

Bring courtesy back to country

I have a lot of sympathy with Sylvia Bentham’s problems with horses and shooting (LEP, January 8).

I have hacked around the Ribble Valley for many years and have, on several occasions, been put in a dangerous position because of organised shooting.

On one occasion at Scorton we were riding along a lane when pheasants began to rain down on us. We were made to wait for about five minutes before we could continue to use the public highway.

On another occasion near Chipping I was riding on a bridleway with a child when shots rang out above our heads...again shooting across a public Right of Way. Is this not illegal? There could so easily have been a serious accident. I am not against shooting; as a farmer’s daughter I have supported field sports all my life, and still do. But there does need to be some awareness of and consideration for other countryside users.

The problem seems to be that big money is involved.

Great, if it goes to farmers but how much does? Could shoots put up warning notices on public roads and paths on shoot days?

People with money are coming to country areas for their recreation who know little about the country way of life.

Just as on our rural roads, please may we have some courtesy and consideration shown. Countryside manners should not be a thing of the past. Let’s teach them to be the new countryside users, before there are any more unpleasant incidents, as well as showing them ourselves.

Anne Hutchinson, Ribchester

Where has Ed been since 2010

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has promised to campaign on immigration in 2015, saying a series of surveys and meetings in his constituency had shown the strength of feeling on the matter.

As a member of the previous disastrous government, which had a virtual open door policy on immigration, it is all very well now trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

This just confirms once again, not that any confirmation was really needed, that there is no way this dreadful man should have anything to do with any future administration in our country.

No doubt he will do anything he can to try and claw his way back to power. Let us hope he is spectacularly unsuccessful.

Bob Basildon, address supplied