Reader’s letters - Friday January 02, 2015

Is Black Friday the real essence of Christmas
Is Black Friday the real essence of Christmas
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True spirit of the season

I felt I had to write about an experience we had at church this morning. My husband and I went to St Michaels Church, in Egerton Road, Preston,the Nativity play was acted by the Junior Church.

Mary and Joseph arrived and a child with a donkey’s head read the story that he had to share his stable with them because there was no room in Bethlehem, it was alright for him but not a place for a baby to be born.

The story carried on and Jesus was born (real baby was used for Jesus). He was so good just sat there on Joseph’s knee and played.

The shepherds arrived and a sheep, next a camel arrived to tell the story about the three kings, then the angels arrived, three lovely small girls with halos and lovely wings.

Then the children sang a beautiful hymn and at last it was all about the real message of Christmas.

Not Black Friday or any other message we have been getting in the papers, but about a baby born in Bethlehem and there we are all listening to this lovely hymn and the peace and quiet was so real, that is what Christmas is about and I for one felt relieved and peaceful.

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Female bishops to the rescue

So the first woman has been appointed as a bishop. I am of an age when I didn’t think I would like the fact but the men are not doing a good job at listening to the people both RC and C of E.

We have a church in Preston that states there are over 100 people going to mass and it is paying its way, then they shut it and expect people to travel a distance to the next one.

Most are older people who are not driving any more. A church on the outskirts of Preston only has about 40 each week, they have just had to pay out for a new roof because of lead being stolen.

Now they have dry rot, caused because they didn’t act soon enough to stop water pouring in. The vicar has had more time off than teachers this year which means the church has to pay for a stand in.

I am told each week it is not a sermon they get but a plea for money. Most are on the pension and are made to feel guilty because they cannot give any more.

Even at a funeral service out comes the begging talk. We have the Queen on the thrown and doing a very good job.

We had to get Maggie into Number 10 to get things sorted, perhaps women bishops are not a bad idea. We may get people back to Church. We live in hope.

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Engage with shale gas firms

It is misleading for Mr Peter Ward to say the Campaign to Protect Rural England is reported as stating “it was prepared to listen and be convinced about the benefits of fracking” (letters December 31)

That is NOT our position and we do not recognize that statement. CPRE Lancashire is neither for or against fracking. Our policy is to engage with the fracking industry and government to achieve major improvements in the practice and regulation of fracking.

If we are successful fracking in the UK will be much better and safer than fracking in the US. To improve fracking we have produced a six-point plan for government action. I am pleased to announce Cuadrilla has agreed to five of the six points and we are hopeful that this plan will be implemented by the current or next government.

If it is not then CPRE will be a vigorous opponent of fracking contrary to what Mr Ward has implied. CPRE believes it is better to improve fracking rather than oppose what may otherwise happen without the gains we think we can achieve.

Andrew Harris, chairman CPRE Lancashire

Please no ban for chip pan

Reading tonight’s Evening Post I came across an article asking to ban chip pans (LEP December 18).

I was married in 1954, had three children and ten grandchildren who all liked my home-made chips. My chip pan was part of a pan set I was given as a wedding present it was well used but still like new.

Several months ago my rented house was flooded through no fault of my family. I had to move out when I came home some weeks later my chip pan was gone.

Now, I have never had a fire of any kind. But I did have three brothers all firemen who saved many people’s house fires.

Why should we all be penalised for others we still all miss our home made chips and I peeled pounds of potatoes for their chips. We discovered my pan had been stolen and not even a note left.

Angry housewife

Our church is in fine fettle

I am a member of English Martyrs Parish in Preston, and I can assure you that far more than 20 people have started to attend Mass at our church since the closure of St Augustines and St Ignatius Church (LEP December 26).

Our choir has been increased by at least 15 new members and is absolutely magnificent with the addition of new voices and instrumentalists.

The Christmas services had the best attendances for years, and were fabulous. I urge former members of St Augustines and St Ignatius Churches to come along to Mass on Sunday at 9.30am.

You don’t know what you are missing.

Julie Moss, via e-mail

Gift found in shopping mall

A gift was found in the Fishergate Centre in a Bag from Ernest Jones, near to H Samuels on Tuesday December 23.

If you are the person who mislaid this item, please contact the assistant who served you at Ernest Jones who will have my contact details.

Hope you can as I tried my best on the day,to find who it belonged to. Proof of purchase will be necessary.

P Army, via e-mail