Reader’s letters - Friday February 13, 2015

Whalley Weir, in the Ribble Valley, which is home to a hydro dam (see letter)
Whalley Weir, in the Ribble Valley, which is home to a hydro dam (see letter)
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Preserve planet for future

How much methane escapes during the exploration and production of shale gas? Does shale gas bring carbon benefits?

Burning shale gas could set the world on course for a catastrophic climate change. It would also put the UK’s climate change targets at risk by underpinning George Osborne’s (not in my back yard get it up the desolate north) plans to continue using gas to generate electricity.

Globally the International Energy Agency (IEA) has calculated that a “golden age of gas” with “an accelerated global expansion of gas supply from unconventional resources” which more than triples to 2035. This puts CO2 emissions on a long term trajectory consistent with a probate temperature rise of more than 3.5 degrees celsius in the long term”.

This is well above the threshold for triggering catastrophe climate change: as the IEA admits: “We are not saying that it will be a golden age for humanity - we are saying it will be a golden age for gas”.

And who was it that said we are all in this together? We certainly are as it will affect the rich as well as the poor, it will affect your house prices as well (and they can go under your property).

Ask the people of Australia about the devastation that it has caused there. Also, Canada and the US, have a look at the truth about gas. Ignorance of risk is not proof of safety. Just think if this started 200 years ago how much devastation would it have caused to the planet? We must look after the plant, then the planet will look after us.

In Britain, we have no excuse for not using renewable resources to their full potential. We are surrounded by tidal waves and are one, if not the windiest place in Europe.

In the long term, we will have to use these natural resources, even the Rock Offer Institute has invested interest in green energy so he is saying the future is with renewables.

Let’s all work together for a cleaner, greener future. Find banks that are ethical, e.g Co-op and Triodos. After all, what legacy are we going to leave our grandchildren who can’t vote and the future generations.

That is if there is a planet worth saving after the greedy destroying it, or trying to, for their own selfish means.

We have seen schools which have solar panels on roofs and also on car parks. All around the country people are beginning to research on the Internet about the usefulness of renewable hydro power.

In the Ribble Valley there is a hydro dam and it will produce electric for all the villages.

Name and address supplied

Praise for town hall tax freeze

I’m delighted that once again that the controlling Conservative group at South Ribble Council is freezing council tax for the benefit of residents.

This is the fifth time in six years, with the support of government through grant funding that we’ve been able to halt this tax burden that accelerated so dramatically under Labour’s ill-fated Blair/Brown years.

The budget is again positive with investment in parks and village centres while producing excellent resident satisfaction surveys.

Our long-term economic plan both locally and nationally provides a platform for businesses to invest in the borough, resulting in an unemployment rate of only 0.9%.

The tax freeze is in stark contrast to other local authorities, Labour run Preston City Council has turned down £336k grant from the government to freeze their tax.

Lancashire County Council has turned down a whopping £4.3m in order to raise taxes the maximum allowed under Government rules, they didn’t even include this government financial support information when revealing their budget proposals.

Coun Warren Bennett, South Ribble Council

Secret is just my cup of tea

I am not sure whether you have published an article about the Mystery Tea House, in Cannon Street before but this is a hidden gem in Preston.

This is a tea house which would not be out of place in Beijing. It sells a huge variety of teas, including the black tea that we are used to in the UK, but also many, many more varieties such as different types of jasmine, green, white oolong and many other varieties.

The ambience is great and the staff are friendly and helpful. I had a wonderful butterfly jasmine tea and my daughter had some great high mountain green tea. My pea and ham soup was the best this side of Amsterdam and hit the spot on a damp, cold and foggy Sunday in Preston.

This is a gem hidden away in Preston and is a tea room which would be the envy of any capital city outside China. Let’s celebrate this as part of Preston’s hidden cosmopolitan culture.

Martin Myers, e-mail

Killing method not acceptable

In reference to the anonymous letter, the writer has missed the point somewhat of Concerned Grandma (letters February 5). I am sure she, as I, doesn’t have a problem with others’ clothes, choice of religion and indeed the erection of suitable premises to gather and practice in peace with other like minded individuals.

The problem lies in the pushing of religious practices down the throats of others who do not want it . I have a problem with killing of animals for human consumption but accept others do not, however, the Halal way of killing to me is appalling as it no doubt is to a lot of people.

The mistreatment of anything either human or animal I do not and will not be forced to accept. The appalling stance of supermarkets to promote Halal meat for a lot of their products instead of stocking it separately has happened and is an example of religion infiltrating normal society.

Perhaps the writer will welcome the promotion of religiously lead laws as are practiced in many countries where a lot of Britain’s everyday life is not acceptable. People have died so we can have a free society, a free choice that makes me grateful to those people and for one I hope I never see the day that takes us back to medieval times.

Concerned of Preston