Reader’s letters - Friday February 06, 2015

Preston North End supporters queue up for tickets for the Coventry City game so they are eligible for Man United tickets
Preston North End supporters queue up for tickets for the Coventry City game so they are eligible for Man United tickets
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Roving FA Cup fans’ plea

We are writing in a plea for help to carry on our FA Cup journey. We’re two young football fanatics from Wallasey, Merseyside, who have set out to attend all of the eight stages from the first round proper of the FA Cup, right the way through to the final of football’s oldest competition.

Having started off at Crewe Alexandra vs Sheffield United early in November we have since embarked on a journey that us seen us attend further games:

Sheffield United vs Crewe Alexandra (first round replay)

Sheffield United vs Plymouth Argyle (second round)

Queens Park Rangers vs Sheffield United (third round)

Preston North End vs Sheffield United (fourth round)

Sheffield United vs Preston North End (fourth round replay)

As I’m sure you’re aware with Preston qualifying they now face Manchester United in the fifth round at Deepdale on Monday February 16.

With the fixture being one of the bigger ties of the round it has become apparent that we will be finding it extremely difficult to access two adult tickets for such a game.

More to the point, we are enquiring about some assistance you may be able to give us in being able to publicise our need for two adult tickets for this fixture so we can carry on this magnificent journey that we have already started as it is clear that the ticketing criteria is out of our reach at this present time.

We very much hope you can assist us in our plea. If anyone can help please e-mail

Jack Brislen and Craig Mooney, Wallasey

Changes which have hit church

Regarding the letter ‘Saddened By View of Church’ by JM (letters January 27 ) by JM. I believe Mr Glover (letters January 23) was referring to the lost generation of Catholics which I think happened 30 years ago.

At one time, the Roman Catholic Church got no financial funding by the Government, the money came from Catholic donations etc. In time, the Government knew this was unfair and started to give whatever.

When the schools were not financially supported, by the Government, whoever came to join the school would have to be Catholic, or be Baptised a Catholic, to join everybody else.

It did not matter whether you were black, white, brown, red, yellow or oatmeal, you were all Catholics together, and received Roman Catholic teaching and every morning was assembly and prayers.

Someone who is now deceased, and would be in his 80s or 90s if alive, told me when the Catholic schools started to be funded by the Government assembly prayers and religious teaching could not be done any more because in came the children of other denominations.

Yes, silly political correctness started then, hence, a generation of lost Catholics. The children of other denominations could have been doing homework or another lesson in another classroom.

I only hope the Catholic children of today are getting what their mothers and fathers did not get at school. JM, I am female also, and elderly. When I try to join in any sung Latin example Credo, Tantum Mego, I’m trying to do it as 57 years ago, when taught at school, and damn it, they have changed the tune.

When a person gets old, one cannot be doing with changing this and that plus the fact most of us have very poor hearing, therefore just attend and go along with it all, even though we do not know what is being said.

But it is the young people that matter now. They are the ones who should be attending church activities and also cleaning of the church etc., not your elderly people. It really is quite disgraceful.

Regards to the English Mass, I cannot fault it except for the sign of peace, were we have all these silly people running around the church.

Name and address supplied.

Time to chop scruffy beards

After glancing at Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Eastenders I couldn’t believe just how scruffy the male actors all looked. With all the mega wages they are paid can they not afford to buy themselves some shaving foam and razor blades?

And why can’t the production say to them all, ‘look, matey, the next time you turn up to rehearsals unshaven looking like a down and out you will be given two options either to be clean shaven or be sent home without pay?’

What is it about the bearded look that some folk find appealing? I find it scruffy and dirty. I also look around me when I’m out and about and I can’t believe how some people look and are dressed. What has happened to society? Have we all lost the will to look smart and presentable? I notice even some of the TV weather forecasters are now sporting beards. Why? They wear a smart suit and then finish the whole thing off by sporting a scruffy-looking beard.

I’m sorry, but I really do fail miserably to see what the attraction is here. Yes, I can well understand if wearing a beard is within your religion but, isn’t it also part of some religion to look smart and more clean and presentable? And especially at work. I do think new contracts should be given out to all the men insisting they should never come in to work unshaven.

Failure to heed this dress code will result in you receiving a verbal warning and, as a last resort, be sent to the barber, Sweeney Todd where I suspect he’ll be more than happy to welcome your facial beard.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Praise for first class hospital

At the end of October, I collapsed and was very ill with a serious heart problem. The ambulance was called, a 999 call, and the paramedics arrived within minutes and immediately took charge of my situation.

I was taken to the A&E department at Chorley Hospital where I was given immediate attention by the doctors and nurses.

When my condition was stable, I was transferred to the Cardiac Unit where again I was given first-class treatment. I have nothing but praise for all the staff who dealt with me at this critical time in my life – even if I had paid privately, I could not have received better treatment.

I would like to say a great big thank you to them all.

Alec Masters, via email