Reader’s letters - Friday August 29, 2014

Anti-fracking protesters on Blackpool Promenade earlier this month (see letter)
Anti-fracking protesters on Blackpool Promenade earlier this month (see letter)
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Lift secrecy around shale

David Cameron constantly tells us ‘he’s clear on this’ and ‘clear on that’.

In fact, if he’s not careful in the coming days he’ll be so clear we’ll all be able to see straight through him.

Standing tall this statuesque ‘trust me’ political figure brings an air of redoubtable honesty and respectability to the table.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls can only look on in wonder at the clarity and perspicacity of this towering powerhouse of impeccable authority and diplomacy.

Words associated with ‘tomorrow, future success and opportunity just around the corner’ flow freely and there is nothing he won’t promise voters as next year’s general election draws near.

In contrast – out on the streets honest hardworking people vote and get back to work, pay their taxes, bring up their kids, forego wage rises certain that ‘things can only get better’ if they tighten their belts and go without for a while longer.

Meanwhile, miles away someone is compiling a highly sensitive report on fracking and when this 13 page document is ready off it goes to a policy unit where it is literally hacked to death - censored no less than 63 times - and the spooky thing is that the author’s name has been redacted too.

So we don’t know what was in the report and we don’t know who wrote it.

But what we do know is that there lies on record somewhere in an office in London at least 63 good reasons why people are right to be suspicious about shale gas drilling and exploration - especially those living in rural communities.

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Market needs quick progress

On my usual visit to Preston indoor market last week I talked to some of the traders who were still in shock at reading the article headlined ‘Doomed’ concerning the closure of the market (LEP August 20).

Everyone knew about the axe hanging over them but to read the site had been earmarked for a the development of a cinema, hotel spa etc. came as a complete surprise.

I think Peter Rankin and the rest of the council have treated the traders abysmally and should hang their heads in shame.

But of course these people don’t have much of a conscience and it’s all about money at the end of the day.

The letter sent to the stall holders bleated on about keeping everybody in the link and once a decision is made there would be a meeting with all concerned (I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting!).

This is about people at the end of the day. Some business will have to close therefore putting more people out of work.

I do hope this gets resolved soon and people are not left in limbo and that everyone can come up with a solution which benefits traders and people of Preston as whole and put the proud back in Preston.

Wammy46, name and address supplied

Hope nurse can return to work

I was delighted to read that the Nursing and Midwifery Council had cleared John Murray of all allegations against him (LEP August 22).

It is so sad that an unblemished career in nursing can be tarnished by the unfounded accusations of one person. The NMC were very specific in their belief in the answers given by John. Having worked as a nurse I have often encountered resentment by auxiliary nurses/care assistants to agency nurses.

I worked with John on numerous occasions during my career and always found him to be a caring and conscientious nurse. I hope he decides to return to nursing in the future.

Retired Nurse, name and address supplied

Tragedy of war hero executed

On a recent visit to the Imperial War Museum, in London, I noticed in a cabinet along with info on Nurse Cowell, similar material on Captain Fryatt (see photo above).

I was familiar with the story of the execution of the nurse but knew nothing of the captain’s local connection. I am sure there is a greater story to be told.

Paul Baron, Ashton

Thousands out of dole queue

It’s great news that there are 32,000 fewer young people out of work, education or training here in the North West since 2010.

These aren’t just numbers on a graph; every young person taken off the dole is someone with new self respect and security for the future. This hasn’t happened by accident. It’s happened because the government has a long term plan to build a healthier economy in Britain, helping businesses to create more jobs.

These figures show the long term plan is working, securing a brighter future for young people in South Ribble.

Seema Kennedy, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South Ribble

Pensioners hit by reforms

The government wants people to think their welfare reforms have targeted so-called scroungers, while pensioners have been spared the pain. The reality is very different. Pensioner families have had been hit hard by the Chancellor’s social security axe with their incomes set to be slashed by over £6bn a year. For many pensioners the worst is yet to come. Universal Credit will make unemployed men and women in their mid-60s (the new work-shy scroungers) unable to claim Pension Credit and suddenly subject to the government’s sanctions regime.

Poor pensioners with no private income will also lose out as a result of the Chancellor’s stealth cut in the uprating of vital benefits such as the state pension.

The government’s welfare reforms are undermining the extra support we need when we have children or retire, and the safety net we rely upon if we lose our job or become ill. It is time to stand up for the social security system we all pay into and will all need at some point in our lives

Derek Barton, Preston and South Ribble Trades Council