Reader’s letters - Friday August 22, 2014

Fellow ex-servicemen pay tribute to old soldier John Beardwood (see letter)
Fellow ex-servicemen pay tribute to old soldier John Beardwood (see letter)
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Bring back drinking hours

In my opinion the solution to Preston being deserted before 10pm is so simple I’m surprised that even the council leaders haven’t thought of it themselves (LEP August 18), close all the pubs and clubs earlier... end of.

Preston used to be buzzing before midnight before drinking hours were extended. What is wrong with having a good night out and being home before 3am?

It’s a no brainer to me or are the businesses so greedy that they want 24-hour opening to mean 24 hour spending?

They can’t have it both ways and they would save a fortune on staff, entertainment and electricity. Try it for six months and see.

Watty, via e-mail

Fitness not key to good policing

The revelations from the professional standards body of the College of Policing that Lancashire officers are among the least fit in the country, coming second bottom in the results table is most disturbing.

During my service I always maintained that fitness levels should be an essential criterion in the annual appraisal scheme.

There is, of course, a counter argument that an unfit proactive detective carrying out that traditional role of regularly visiting pubs and other like establishments, cultivating contacts, obtaining information and solving crime is worth his weight in gold.

A detective is only as good as the criminal intelligence he receives.

The new fitness levels were introduced by the new Chief Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor, an industrialist with no prior knowledge of Policing prior to his appointment. I am afraid he would not recognise a burglar if he stumbled into one in his living room!

Jim Oldcorn, Great Harwood

Help hunt for pet’s attackers

I have a seven-month-old puppy. She didn’t have a good start to life. She was under weight and in a right state. So I’ve just got her back to good health. She was also really scared of other dogs and I was just getting her a bit better with that.

I took her on Haslam Park. I was sitting on a bench speaking to a lady when two staffies came running up to us and the owner said ‘they’re OK.’ How wrong he was, they just tore straight into her. It took us a good 10 minutes to keep them away from her. They just wanted to kill her and she laid on the ground. I thought they had at one point. Then he got them off so I went as fast as a nearly 70-year-old who walks with a stick can go. Took her to her vet on Blackpool Road. She had bite marks all over her belly and one on her throat, my finger was bit and I’m black and blue.

She had to have injections and tablets, that wasn’t cheap.

I took her out for the first time on Monday and she’s back to being scared of other dogs again. All this happened on the August 14 afternoon. He’s about 6ft 2ins tall, dark hair, said the dogs weren’t his, didn’t believe him for one minute, he has two staffies, both have their long tails, brindle colours, white chest. He lives on the Ingol Estate. I’ve been told he never has them on leads and they are his dogs. They should be classed as dangerous dogs and he should be made to pay the vet bill.

Sky is on the mend now, if she had been a small dog she would be dead. Can anyone help find this person as the police have been informed.

Name and address supplied

Great respect for a lone hero

Well done to everyone who answered the call attend the funeral for John Beardwood (LEP August 21). It goes to show there are still many caring people out there.

Name and address supplied

Pride found in being bald

Michael Swarbrick through the medium of your letters page, recently sold the benefits of `hair solutions` rather than wigs (letters August 21).

It reminded me of something I read in a magazine about 30 years ago, about baldness in men.

The article said, that recent research had pointed towards the reason being the level of testosterone in the body.

If the research was correct, it had discovered that the hormone was known to damage the hair follicle and cause problems later in life.

As a natural semi-skinhead, I find the testosterone link a great comfort to me in the decrepithood of my life.

James Walker, Preston

Kate is right on candid cameras

It seems singer Kate Bush isn’t actually ‘beating about the bush’ where her new concerts are concerned.

Kate is actually scaling new heights and banning all types of mobile phones, including iPhones, iPads and cameras - Kate says she would rather interact with her audience on a more personal way, rather than with cameras or phones.

I actually do agree with her on this occasion. So, good luck to you Kate Bush. And I just wonder if more singers will also follow this route – and ban all phones and cameras from taking any pictures or filming any of the concert in hope they can post them on to social media sites? I do agree with the ban.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Guild absence a sad reflection

It was a bit disappointing to see my observations on Andrew Flintoff’s allegiances to Preston branded ‘ignorant’ (letters August 12) when all I claim is he is not the Proud Prestonian portrayed.

In Mr Nelson’s haste to hail Mr Flintoff and his loyalty to Preston I was reminded of the occasion Freddie agreed to be an ambassador for Preston Guild and duly turned up for the photo shoot in Preston.

Unfortunately when the Guild itself came around there was no sight of the event’s ambassador who failed to attend a single event. I have no axe to grind with Freddie who was a fine cricketer but he is not the role model Mr Nelson portrays.

M Roberts, Fulwood