Reader’s letters - Friday April 17, 2015

GENTLEMAN: Reader Allan Fazackerlery will miss commentator Richie Beneaud
GENTLEMAN: Reader Allan Fazackerlery will miss commentator Richie Beneaud
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Wonderful medical staff

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to the staff at Royal Preston Hospital for their loving care, kindness and compassion in my recent admissions and operation.

It’s not easy to be a patient patient and it is so easy for people to be critical these days, everyone seems to want an instant fix to their problem.

I cannot fault the A&E team, all the Drs and nurses on Ward 12 and the Operating team that gave me the best care and advice.

Well done and thanks to all, you’re an example to us all.

Kevin Lonergan

Put up walls against society

I would like to support the statements expressed by Hortense Feuchtwanger in the Lancashire Evening Post, March 30th, in particular her point that Muslim women are victims of their own religion far more than they are of British society at large.

Following are just a few of the teachings from the Koran (written by Mohammed and supposedly with divine inspiration) and hence verifiable by anyone who cares to check.

The Koran incidentally is clearly addressed to men.

If you suspect your wife of disobedience beat her – specific guidance is given as to how to go about beating your wife.

Men are permitted to use for sex their wives, their slaves, and women taken booty in war.

After every Islamist atrocity we are presented with Muslim spokesmen telling us that Islam is a religion of peace.

Not so. The Koran is full of reports of battles. When Muslims win, the angels fight alongside. When they lose it is blamed on their weak faith. Those who find an excuse not to sight are threatened with hell. Mohammed demands 1/5 of all booty for himself, his family and the poor.

In dividing an estate brothers are to be allocated twice as much as their sisters.

In law their testimony has half the value of a man’s.

Both women and men are to be killed if they change their religion.

The list goes on but essentially this religion is incompatible with civilised values.

Mohammed himself was a slave-owner, a criminal offence. Rape is accepted against slaves, prisoners of war and slave marriages are usually arranged. Discrimination against women is widely enforced and in the case of apostasy murder is required.

It may surprise many that the Koran does not condemn alcohol except so far as believers should not pray when they are drunk. One of the rivers in heaven is of wine.

Despite numerous references to the supply of virgins in heaven for men there are no special “treats” for women.

The only way to avoid facing its other contradictions is to put up walls against society. In particular the no alcohol rule and the dress code.

C Deady

Miliband could run the country

Regarding the leaders TV debate, Farage was his usual charlatan self. Miliband looked as though he could run the country. Cameron looked as though he has run the country. Clegg may be developing into the best Liberal leader since David Steele.

Wood proved why only three per cent of Wales wants to leave the UK.

Sturgeon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing - she wants to destroy this country.

The well-intentioned Bennett totally undermines any good the greens could do by embracing the Welsh and Scottish nationalists.

Graham Nelson


Gentleman of cricket world

A very sad day to hear of the death of the great Richie Benaud. My boyhood hero was another Aussie , Keith Miller , who when captain of his state team , spent the pre match night trying to drink Australia dry.

On blearily emerging with his team the following day , one of his team told him there were 12 of them on the pitch .

“Don’t worry” said Miller , “tell one of them to b----r off “. You don’t get quality like that these days !

But back to Benaud, apart from being a great tactician and skipper, he was the supreme commentator, and voices like his and our own Brian Johnston made cricket come into my home . It is said he was a true gentleman . I don’t think there is the slightest doubt of that . A great loss.

Allan Fazackelery, Penwortham

Lack of religion at faith school

All my children attended a faith high school and I was surprised and quite shocked at how little they knew about the Church and its teachings when leaving. They were neither encouraged or expected to attend church or do a bit of private prayer on any regular basis.

Whilst it is essential to learn and respect other religions and ways of life it is also essential to know the gospels, beliefs and how the church and its services can be relevant in today’s society, hopefully making the world a better place to live in.

It seems other faiths religious education is a gigantic part of their schooling, in Christian schools it is minuscule.


Who will pay for promises?

Tuesday 14 April, David Cameron announces more minimum pay workers will have to pay tax!Really ?

How do they pay it now on the pittance they get! 1.3 million families in housing association will be offered the chance to buy their homes? Does he not think they might have been wanting to do that already? Thirty hours a week free child care, at whose expense? Not the council’s, I hope. Now I know who I will vote for and it’s not you, DC .

Mrs B Hughes 
Barleyfield Clayton Green