Reader’s letters - Friday April 10, 2015

Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish with their sons Zachary and Elijah
Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish with their sons Zachary and Elijah
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Who makes good parents?

The recent spat between gay couples Elton John and David Furnish versus Dolce and Gabana, the fashion designers, concerned the undesirability of rearing ‘chemically reproduced children’ which Sir Elton John presumably took to refer to ‘his children’ obtained either by a surrogate mother or obtained by IVF.

Surprisingly, Dolce (a gay man) apparently thinks children should be reared by a mother and a father, a situation which has been in place since the dawn of civilisation and one which most married heterosexual couples would totally endorse.

However, we now learn Dolce has been forced to make a public retraction of his remarks, blaming the primitive way his Sicilian parents had raised him.

Obviously, like the accusation of ‘racism’, this retraction was designed to close down any further debate. Judging by the resounding silence which has greeted his original remarks, anyone holding such socially unfashionable conservative views, is now bordering on the edge of criminality and is totally out of sync with those who now run today’s modern Britain.

These weird ideas that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can now legally claim as their right to have children, regardless of their physical inability to reproduce them, we are beginning to hear online from children brought up in such gay couple communities and how difficult life was for them.

Such ‘liberation’ for the children was never requested by them, but we shall no doubt hear much more about it in the future.

So called ‘normal parental relationships’ can of course also cause great distress to their children, the newspapers are full of such cases, but when we wholesale abandon the normal ‘mum and dad’ relationship in families, things can only get a great deal worse for the children reared in such communities.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Join the fight against a killer

More action is urgently needed to overcome breast cancer. I have a personal interest in tackling this disease and I think my future MP needs to make it a priority because it wrecks people’s lives.

I was diagnosed five years ago at age 41 while still having young children and I can’t imagine not being there for them. Without the treatment I have received, I wouldn’t be here for them today. We need more women to be survivors like me. Every year, around 18 women in my constituency alone die from secondary breast cancer – which is 12,000 women dying from this disease across the UK annually. We can’t afford not to act.

Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer have launched their new joint Stop Women Dying campaign to encourage parliamentary candidates to become Breast Cancer Ambassadors.

I want my future MP to become a Breast Cancer Ambassador and help to improve local treatments and services for those affected by the disease in our area and do more to stop women dying from this disease. I would encourage others to join me and add their support to the campaign by visiting

Christine Procter, Preston

Taking aim at wrong target

It beggars belief anyone could put pen to paper to defend a situation which has seen a disabled child having to sleep on a hospital floor because there is no specialist bed available (letters April 7).

The point is not the care made available by medical staff, which is undoubtedly excellent, it is that a hospital would in any way consider it fit to accommodate any human being in this way.

Heaven help us if these standards are deemed acceptable and those who choose to question them criticised.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood

Piecing tragedy of war together

I’m Mike van Venrooij and I’m a 16 years old air war researcher/archaeologist from Holland.

Currently I’m researching the crash of Lancaster LM118. This Lancaster crashed on June 22 1944 when it was on a raid to Wesseling Germany.

All seven crew members died in the crash. One of them came from Preston. He was 19 year old Eric Stanley Worden, gunner of the plane and his service number was 1589759.

He was the son of George Stanley and Lilian May Worden and they lived in Preston.

For my investigation I’m searching for the families of the crew members. I want to tell them what happened on that tragic night and I want to learn something about the personal life of the crew members. Probably there is still living some of his family in Preston so if anyone can help please contact me at or send a letter to Rijksweg 39, 5391 LJ Nuland, Holland.

Many thanks for your help.

Mike van Venrooij, Holland

Call for class of 1965 reunion

As this is our 50 year anniversary I am trying to contact as many ex Park School class of ‘65 girls as possible for a reunion lunch or dinner to be held in Preston (venue to be confirmed) during the month of September.

If you would like to attend and/or have the contact details of any of the girls, please contact me by email on I look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Law, nee Pilling, Class of 1R 1965, via e-mail

Our candidates should be local

I was recently reading some information on a government website regarding the rules for putting up for election as a councillor or parish councillor.

Eligible candidates must be at least 18 years old and be on the electoral register for the district, or have worked in the district for the previous year, or have lived in the district for the previous year, or have owned or rented land or other premises in the district for the whole of the previous year.

What a pity this doesn’t apply to candidates wanting to become an MP.

Worried, Chorley