Reader’s letters - Friday 25 April 2014

Preston's One Voice choir opening last year's Harris Flights festivities
Preston's One Voice choir opening last year's Harris Flights festivities
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New road needs courtesy

How, really, just how on Earth, did this stupid traffic scheme at Fishergate and Corporation Street ever get past the drawing board stage?

People and vehicles need to be clearly separated for safety reasons.

It is no coincidence or fluke that the system of well-defined road carriageways and kerbed elevated footpaths have been successfully used for many, many decades.

Also, since the death of common sense and common courtesy and decency, vehicles also need the discipline of traffic lights and other guidance systems.

At least with traffic lights everyone ‘gets a go’ at moving, but the new system will rely on good manners in letting others out and giving way – a road rage, and very dangerous, hotspot waiting to happen, in my opinion.

Whoever allowed this silly and very dangerous, not to mention hugely expensive, plan to progress from design to reality needs to be pilloried on the Flag Market for a month for wasting public money.

John A Hewitt, address supplied

Pop up pavilion for Preston

I enjoyed the Harris Flights programme last year. I was thinking, how about a yearly pop-up Preston Pavilion?

This could host, for example, small outdoor theatre, street artists and food stalls.

One year a national design or architectural practice could design this, and the next perhaps students from UCLan could design it, alternating every two years.

The Pavilion could be on the Flag Market, Winckley Square or another part of central Preston.

This could be a great way to promote local talent and national designers to Preston.

S Webberley, via e-mail

Country is not Christian

I see our Prime Minister David Cameron is in trouble for having the audacity to say Britain is a Christian country.

Good for him I say, he’s right, but, I predict that in less than 50 years, this once green and pleasant land of ours will be a satellite state of Pakistan.

You have only to ask yourselves how many new mosques are being erected across the country every year.

You have only to read the news of the schools in Birmingham, Leicester and London, preaching hardline Islam to pupils. In some schools, females are segregated from males.

Even what are called “moderate Muslims”, dare not speak out about wanting to integrate for fear of reprisals in their own community.

You only have to ask yourselves this question, do you honestly believe Muslims who came to live in this country and enjoy all the benefits it offers want to integrate and be part and parcel of a Christian way of life?

No, neither do I. I never thought that in my lifetime that I would have to accept it is perfectly OK for a woman to dress in all black from head to foot with just the eyes showing.

I worry and fear for my children and grandchildren, I really do.

Worried Christian Grandma

Sad farewell to a good friend

It was with shock and sadness that I learned of the death of Mubarak Adam.

He was a work colleague and good friend of mine for many years, whenever we met he cheered me up with his spontaneous friendliness and kind words.

He always cared for others more than himself, he will be very sadly missed by all who knew him.

I am proud to say that he was a friend.

Coun Peter Pringle, Ingol Ward

Resort not dog friendly place

I have lived in Morecambe for several years now, and I have come to the conclusion that this is the most dog unfriendly place I have ever been.

The only places I have found where I can go with my dog are the indoor market, Briggs Shoes and the Midland Hotel.

These establishments get as much custom from me as possible.

The much quoted health and hygiene laws do not prohibit dogs in pubs, restaurants and shops – only in food preparation areas.

Frankly, in some of the premises I have been turned away from, I would have worried that the lack of cleanliness might have been a threat to my dog’s health.

If the best hotel in town can admit dogs surely others can do so?

Ms H Beeley, Morecambe

Charity does a brilliant job

Earlier this month I took part in the brilliant Rainbow Ramble sponsored fun run, in support of The Legacy Rainbow House, a disabled children’s charity near Mawdesley.

In February I visited Rainbow House to see for myself the exceptional care provided for children with disabilities and to learn how this helps them towards greater independence.

The commitment of the staff is an inspiration and witnessing the strength of the relationships they share with the children is a moving experience.

During my visit I learned the work of Rainbow House depends on funds raised in the community, with the annual Rainbow Ramble playing a big part in meeting this need.

This year I took on the 11 mile course. A few hardier souls toughed it out over the 18 mile option.

Everyone shared in the community buzz, with more than 450 taking part, many of them running in fancy dress. It was great to catch up with friends from Rainbow House and meet new people.

I strongly encourage your readers to find out more about this unique charity and the vital services it provides.

You have fair warning of one year – and then why not get ready to ramble?!

Rob Loughenbury,

Prospective Conservative Party candidate for Chorley