Reader’s letters - Friday 24 January 2014

Clitheroe's traditional torchlight procession in 2012 but police will no longer marshall Lancashire's parades
Clitheroe's traditional torchlight procession in 2012 but police will no longer marshall Lancashire's parades
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Praise for kind workman

To start this very big thank you I would like to set the scene. A week ago I took my 91-year-old mum shopping in Preston town centre.

She is in a wheelchair so her mobility is stretched to two or so outings to the shops each week by car.

Last week, as normal, we were shopping at the market followed by a visit to a local shop on Cheapside then down Cannon Street to the hearing centre.

After this we went to Boots the chemist for something for mum only to find she had lost her purse off her knee.

Revisiting the hearing centre and the local shop to enquire if found “No” was the answer.

Asking mum what was in her purse she said she had her bank cards(two),several other cards, personal items and approximately £400 - £500.

She said she was carrying so much to pay for a deposit for new spectacles. We went straight away to the banks Halifax and Santander in Preston to stop the cards and were met with compassion and understanding.

An extremely tearful aged parent was taken home with hope she would be reunited with at least a purse minus the cash.

Thankfully an hour or so after we got home Halifax, in Leigh, contacted us and informed us they had mum’s bank card.

A roofing contractor had been working in Cannon Street and found the purse on the pavement and, not being local, had taken the purse and its contents to his next call in Leigh.

Halifax told us his mobile number and after contacting him he very graciously offered to return the purse to us in Preston at a meeting point.

All the contents were in the purse when returned and for being truthful I would like to say a big thank you from both myself and my mum to the contractor.

So if any of your readers needs a honest and truthful roofing contractor you could not go wrong with S P Roofing from Wigan.

Mike Watson, via e-mail

Police marshall decision wrong

In response to the letter from Mr McAlister regarding the policing of processions (letters January 22) I could not agree more, indeed I tabled in December the following notice of motion for the next full council meeting at County Hall.

“Lancashire County Council regrets reports that the Lancashire Constabulary will no longer marshal traditional parades and walking days which contribute so much to the traditions and life of the county and asks the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner to reconsider this action and requests that in future they will continue to marshal these parades.”

I was motivated to put forward this motion after representations from several churches and organisations.

In my speech regarding this motion I will make reference to the points made by Mr McAlister in his letter and hope to get all party support.

County Councillor Malcolm Barron, West Lancashire North

Bus cuts are political spite

I agree with almost all of Mr McCann’s letter (letters January 22) regarding the disgraceful withdrawal of support for rural bus services by the Labour administration, backed by the Lib Dems, at County Hall. I would not agree this is the council doing “the Tories dirty work”.

The Conservative group is totally opposed to this ill-considered and spiteful attack on rural Lancashire. The Labour/LibDem council has, for political reasons, abandoned schemes which would have saved millions and is instead making cuts which do the most damage to the people who need most help – they will then blame the cuts on everyone but themselves.

County Councillor Graham Gooch, South Ribble Rural West

Greenbelt not being protected

The Conservative-led Coalition certainly have a lot to hide when it comes to rural areas and the preservation of the greenbelt.

First, it was disclosed there are plans to build tens of thousands of new homes in two new cities, in the south. Now, they are drawing up, what will be an assault on planning laws which will undermine the environment and council approval and allow developers powers to bulldoze through their plans.

The reason for this is simply uncontrolled immigration which has caused a severe housing shortage and a demand for new homes. That will increase overcrowding, the demands on education, health care, energy, water, transport and every other part of our infrastructure, which is already struggling. Despite their election promises to protect the greenbelt, the latest disclosures simply confirm they cannot be trusted on anything.

Phil Griffiths, NW President UKIP

New Towns are housing answer

The Tale of Two New Cities located north and south of London,a report carefully hidden by the Tories for fear of losing votes in the next general election, is now being trumpeted by Deputy PM Clegg as the obvious solution to the country’s howling housing deficit.

This proves the Lib Dems to be right this one time. Earlier opportunism by PM Cameron, who voiced his support for just such a move by creating new towns as a means of solving this problem, from which he now appears to have backtracked when the report favoured locating them in Tory southern heartlands.

Rather than creeping increases in granting house building planning permission to existing towns and villages throughout the south east, causing imbalances in community and transport facilities, how much more sensible to design a new town from scratch where these are all incorporated. When we are told a couple has to be 35 before they can afford the down payment on a mortgage, something is terribly wrong.

Affordable post war housing was provided in the 1960-70s by means of New Town provision. If the Government now say this is too expensive, then I suggest they fund it by abandoning the HS2 link which the country neither appears to need nor want.

E J Tilley, Chorley