Reader’s letters - Friday 17 January 2014

Would the unused Bluebell Way park and ride site, in Preston, make a perfect place for fracking? One reader thinks so
Would the unused Bluebell Way park and ride site, in Preston, make a perfect place for fracking? One reader thinks so
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Park a fracking site here

The Evening Post (January 19) has displayed an array of comments in response to the county council’s published decision to appoint consultants to consider and make recommendations about the best way forward in dealing with the Bluebell Way debacle.

It is to be hoped the consultants of choice will at least note the range of public opinions when deliberating the challenge (one imagines they would preferably not be starting from where they are), but responsibility for deciding a course of action sits with the county council and time is clearly of the essence.

My own published ‘plan’ for establishing a driver training centre on the Bluebell Way site received no apparent support or action. I am not crushed but now, and just to show how fickle ‘public opinions’ can be, I think the answer has been staring everyone in the face from the pages of the Evening Post.

A previous front page displayed the barren Bluebell Way accompanied by the headline ‘Stumped’. Another page displayed an equally barren exploration site with the headline ‘Fracking may happen in city’. Preston Council is considering its position on fracking in Preston, and Lancashire County Council is involved with partner agencies in monitoring the activity. Surely all concerned accept this industry is part of the future and Cuadrilla Resources are not going away. So perhaps the county council should give them a licence to explore at Bluebell Way and let them get fracking!

Grandad George, via email (name and address supplied)

Shame of store over favour

I am writing about a recent experience I had while shopping in Sainsbury’s. On going to a till to purchase an item with a £20 note there was no problem. But when I asked if they could give me a £10 note and two £5 notes for another £20 they refused, saying it might be fake. Could some one please explain their logic to me?

If you’re spending money it’s fine, if you want change, it could be fake. I thought they could check notes with a machine these days. Could the notes given back in your change be fake?

I think they just don’t like doing anything unless there is a profit in it for them and is just another example of poor customer service.

The policy was probably thought up by some pen pusher who spends most of his time in an office sat on his bottom where most of his brain is situated.

Gravis Mushnick, Ashton

Hope all enjoyed charity carols

During December, my husband and I, along with our friends, played carols in St George’s Shopping Centre, Asda in Chorley, Morrisons in Leyland and Sainsbury’s in Bamber Bridge. Our charity was Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula Support, for children born unable to swallow. We had first hand experience of this condition when our granddaughter, Holly Redman, was born and rushed to Manchester Children’s Hospital for a lengthy, life-saving operation to join up her oesophagus, and then, spending days in the Intensive Care Unit. This condition was unknown to us until it touched our family.

Our son and daughter-in-law Carl and Stephanie Redman received a lot of help from this society and we felt we would like to give a bit back. We would like to thank fellow brass players Neil Edwards, Nich Holme, Cliff Gregson, Dave Appleton, Ruth and Dom McIver and Harrison.

Our collectors were Jonathan and Linda Cooper and Grodon, Karen and Charlotte Brow. We raised £454.80 and would like to thank the generous people of Preston, Bamber Bridge, Leyland and Chorley for their kind donations. We hope our music brought some Christmas cheer.

Dave and Wendy Redman, Lostock Hall

Have your say on bus routes

Many readers will be aware of a proposal by Lancashire County Council to cut subsidised evening and weekend bus services. As a councillor who opposes this move, I’d like to urge people to respond to the council’s consultation which ends January 17 (today). The consultation is at

Many of these proposals will badly hit people who do not own a car, people on low incomes and those in rural areas. Overall, the cuts proposed would make a relatively small budget saving, but will massively raise the cost of travel for poorer people.

As a county councillor, I am fully aware of the budget pressures facing all local authorities, and I know there will be claims that some bus services are not currently well used.

However, at a time when the council can commit to spending £10m on the Lancaster northern bypass, a road that will not ease congestion or bring economic benefit, a blanket cut of all evening and weekend end services is not the right course of action. The council should instead be doing all it can to improve and promote public transport use and be lobbying for re-regulation of the bus services.

County Coun Gina Dowding, Lancaster Central

Thank you for saving service

I am really pleased with Archway Travel stepping in and saving the 80 bus route. It is my lifeline getting to work and back. Thank you to everyone involved for working hard to get it back.

Everyone, please get on the bus and use it now or lose it.

Sharon Grisenthwaite, Elswick

Bus drivers a credit to firm

As a regular user of the No 80 bus to Poulton from Rosemary Lane, I would like to thank the Cumfy bus drivers as they were so friendly and wish they would come back.

I would willingly pay to use the bus as Poulton was just big enough for me to shop, now I feel lost. To get a taxi it is £25 one way, but I miss the company of others on the bus.

Please get it sorted soon as there is also the Priory Hospital and nursing home on this lane.

Name and address supplied