Reader’s letters - Friday 14 March 2014

Bad situation: Outside of the property dubbed 'Preston's filthiest house', picture taken last month
Bad situation: Outside of the property dubbed 'Preston's filthiest house', picture taken last month
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Spare ‘messy’ family fury

I am writing regarding your fairly recent article about the deep clean at “Preston’s filthiest house” after fed-up neighbours made a complaint about smells and fly infestations and which cost the council nearly £4,000 (LEP February 6).

Surely I can’t be the only person who perhaps has some sympathy for the elderly lady and her middle-aged son? Perhaps people shouldn’t be quick to condemn, especially as we know very little about them and their circumstances. Do people think perhaps that they enjoyed living at this level of squalor?

Has it not occurred to them that perhaps the elderly lady might be suffering some illness eg dementia or is just too frail to look after her house. Perhaps her middle-aged son has learning difficulties or psychiatric problems. Did any of the neighbours offer to help? Why did they let it get this bad?

Did they contact social services and if so what did they do? I think some of us know that social services are very good at being paid a lot to do not very much at all, being happier to attend endless, pointless, self-important meetings where a lot is said but little done, except when the next pointless etc. meeting will be, I know this from my personal experience. They say you can judge a civilisation by how we care for our weakest, most vulnerable. In this I think the neighbours and social services have failed miserably and should be ashamed of themselves. How did they let things sink to this level before doing anything about it.

Dr Slurptatter, Ashton

Mystery of the long gone pubs

Regarding the letter from Doreen Dawson, ‘Boundaries are always on the move’ (letters March 13). Yes the boundary did go under the railway at the back of St Cuthbert’s Church and joined the brooks of Cadley at Lytham Road andMill Lane and the brook, as previously said, went under 321/3 Plungington Road and under Boundary Road which runs at the back of Plungington off Robinson Street.

Boundary Road is only short and was the given title road because it was the boundary, the mention about the New Cattle Market being at Eldon Street, I have, in 70 years never heard of, and yes I agree the Cattle Market Hotel was also referred to as the big house only because of its size.

If Steve Halliwell can enlighten on the New Cat at Eldon Steet it would be new to me.

Eric Wilson, via e-mail

All hail town hall rat catcher

In these times of funding cuts and the negative feelings that causes, I feel the urge to write and sing the praises of the Pest Control Team in South Ribble Council’s environmental health department.

They give an absolutely excellent service which is free to South Ribble residents whereas many other councils charge for this type of service.

We have had a significant rat problem in our part of Lostock Hall for the past few weeks. We have had rats in the attics of our houses which has caused distress and anxiety on a nightly basis. A number of us contacted South Ribble Council to report problems in individual houses and Paul Bentham, South Ribble’s pest control officer, came out quickly.

He has worked hard to sort the problem out, has been reassuring and has spoken with a number of neighbours to try to ease their anxieties.

He baited the properties individually and he and his colleague spent an afternoon inspecting the drains with CCTV and smoke systems to try to identify where the rats were coming from.

The problem now appears to be sorted and I feel they could not have been more helpful and approachable and they couldn’t have done more to try to sort the problem.

Well done South Ribble.

Name and address supplied

Memories of local heroes

Being rather housebound, I was unable to get to Deepdale for the relay of Sir Tom’s funeral service, but I have been given a service sheet.

I notice that ‘O Mein Papa’ was performed by a couple of trumpeters. How wonderful!

I recall Sir Tom saying that Eddie Calvert, who recorded that, know as the ‘Man with the Golden Trumpet’, was one of his favourite Prestonians.

Eddie lived on New Hall Lane where his father had a shoe shop near the junction with Acregate Lane South (now Arnhem Road). Eddie played with Geraldo’s Dance Band before going solo.

I enclose my favourite photo of him, with Sir Tom, Sammy Sullivan (Preston boxer), Cardew Robinson (a TV star) and Alderman Tom Singleton, the then Mayor of Preston, who had a newsagent shop on Blackpool Road, Ribbleton and lived on Ribbleton Avenue (see above).

I seem to recall the occasion was the Mayoral Charity Ball, but cannot remember the year. Rest in peace my two great acquaintances of over 80 years ago.

Gertrude Lonsdale (nee Giddins), Ribbleton.

Looking for our wedding guest

It is our golden wedding anniversary on April 4 and we are trying to trace someone who was at our wedding all those years ago.

A man called David Houghton, living we think in the Fulwood area, with a person called Charles Blackburn. We wondered if you could put a bit in your paper so we may contact him or anyone who knows his address. Our phone number is 01704 212936.

Colin and Joan Hardwick, Southport

Living an active life at home

In reply to article (LEP March 10) we also live in a sheltered housing scheme under Gateway Community and despite residents’ age range from 60 up to 95 we make the most of our centre.

We organise activities five days a week, but can use it at the weekend if we need to ,we also have the use of the minibus and get a driver supplied for us. The scheme manager is part/time but will help us all she can if we need it. We just got new fences and gates which are really nice.

Norman Woodhead, via e-mail