Reader’s letters - Friday 09 May 2014

Deepdale bus depot but should passengers have to go there for change
Deepdale bus depot but should passengers have to go there for change
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All change on the buses

Does Preston Bus give their customers change or don’t they. That is the question! Whenever I get a credit issue I take it to the depot on Deepdale Road (a credit issue is what Preston Bus give to their customers instead of change. They accept your money but don’t seem to like giving you real money back for some reason.)

I’m talking about 30p here. That’s thirty pence.

“We’re not meant to give change,” is the customarily reply. But they always have up until recently when I was rudely told not to ask for my change at the depot again with the reply “go to the bus station”.

I asked “was there a problem” and was told “yes, I’ve had to take it out of my own pocket”.

Is that my problem? No. Why not use the petty cash like you have in the past? Where has the customer service gone?

You either do give change or you don’t at the Deepdale Depot. Which is it? Preston Bus is more than keen to take their customer’s money but parting with the customer’s change is a different story.

Name and address supplied

Bikers forced out walkers

I read with great interest the letter in Guild Wheel Cycle Bullies (letters May 7). My husband and friends used to meet up for our monthly Sunday morning walk and coffee.

We would walked from London Road through Avenham Park to Penwortham, then back through Miller Park and finally coffee at the café on the park.

Or sometimes down tram road to Penwortham. Even if you choose to sit outside the café on the park you are surrounded by dogs everywhere.

The last time we did this walk we decided we had had enough of rude bike riders, obnoxious dog owners, allowing dogs off leads, that we now have given up walking and just take coffee in Tesco. This has ruined Avenham Park as we used to know it, and seems such a shame that there has been all this hard work and money spent on it.

Maybe some reader would let me know were we can take a nice walk were dogs and bike are not permitted. Somewhere preferably locally please.

Ann, Hoghton

Petting comes with dangers

Parents, take note, the recent outbreak of E coli at Huntley’s Country Store in Samlesbury should come as no surprise since petting farms are recognised hotbeds of communicable diseases (LEP May 2).

According to the Health and Safety Executive, infections can spread through direct or even indirect animal contact, and in some cases, the illness can be fatal. People who come into contact with E coli can develop bloody diarrhoea, anaemia, chronic kidney failure or neurological impairments such as seizures and strokes. Children and those with weakened immune systems are especially at risk.

Those of us who care about our health, our children’s well-being and animal welfare should steer well clear of petting farms.

Ben Williamson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Why was ‘skull cracker’ out?

How was the person convicted of 13 crimes kept in an open prison and allowed out on licence. No wonder our prisons are full to bursting. These violent and convicted murderers should be dangling at the end of a rope.

The punishment does not fit the crime. There is no deterrent in our country, our prisons are more like holiday camps.

Open prisons are not suitable for murderers and these violent members of our society. Get tough, Britain.

Mrs M Fazakerley, Preston

Claims ‘scam’ costs everyone

On March 4, while driving down a main road, someone reversed out of a side street and rammed my car. The other person admitted responsibility, her insurance company contacted me, arranged for my car to be booked into a reputable body repair shop, provided me with a brand new courtesy car.

Within a week, my car was fixed and everything was handled swiftly and professionally.

Since then, I have been inundated by phone calls on both my landline and mobile phone by firms asking me why I have not claimed the money that has been allocated to me for my injuries.

I explain that I was not

injured. You must have been, they say, surely your seat belt tightened and gave you

discomfort. I inform them that seat belts are there to save and not injure you. and to say that I was hurt would be lying.

I have been assured that sums varying from £1,500 to a guaranteed £3,500 have been assigned to me. Unfortunately, I cannot claim the money because I was not injured. It is not surprising therefore that people do make spurious claims, it is to silence the phone calls.

Ken Addison, Longridge

New rail link is wrong route

The North has been let down by its MPs, of all parties. There is little doubt that the northern part of England will lose out over HS2. In theory, HS2 is supposed to reduce the North-South divide. In reality, it is intended to further benefit London at the expense of the rest of the country.

The best way to boost the economy of the North is to invest in links between northern cities, not with the HS2 high speed connection to London, which could cost anything up to £80bn.

Robert Craig, address supplied

Getting to work an obstacle

Would someone tell the Government that there is genuine unemployment in the North, but that we don’t have the public transport to get us to posts within the one hour 30 minutes travelling time that is set?

Making people sign on daily will not create any extra jobs,

unless they need more DWP

employees to deal with them.

Tim Mickleburgh, address supplied